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Religion icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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50 Religion Icons:
This set represents a variety of religious symbols, leaders, and objects. These icons are ideal for educational content, religious websites, mobile apps, or any design project requiring religion-themed graphics. Each icon is in a circle, making them easily integrable with modern web and mobile designs.

1. Crescent Moon
– A crescent moon on a stand, depicted in black and brown against a pink background.
– Islam, Islamic holidays, lunar symbols.

2. Christian Cross
– A Christian cross in blue on a brown stand, with a yellow background.
– Christianity, churches, religious ceremonies.

3. Star of David
– A blue Star of David on a stand, with a yellow background.
– Judaism, synagogues, Jewish events.

4. Menorah
– A golden Menorah with seven branches, on a purple background.
– Judaism, Hanukkah, Jewish festivals.

5. Religious Figure (Prophet)
– A bearded man with a white and yellow attire, against a blue background.
– Biblical events, religious teachings, prophets.

6. Dome of the Rock
– Depicts the Dome of the Rock with a golden dome and white base, on an orange background.
– Islamic architecture, significant religious sites.

7. Tablets of Stone
– Two stone tablets on a red background.
– Judaism, Ten Commandments, Biblical references.

8. Buddha Statue
– A sitting Buddha in white, against a blue background.
– Buddhism, meditation, temples.

9. Buddha Head
– A golden Buddha head on a turquoise background.
– Buddhism, spiritual practices, art.

10. Jesus Christ
– A depiction of Jesus with brown hair and attire, on a pink background.
– Christianity, Biblical stories, Easter.

11. Praying Hands
– Two hands in a praying position, on a purple background.
– Christianity, general prayer, religious services.

12. Religious Texts
– Three religious books, the Torah in white, the Bible in black, and the Quran in yellow, on a red background.
– Study, religious education, scripture.

13. Hamsa Hand
– Symbolic hand with an eye, on a green background.
– Protection icon, Jewish and Middle Eastern cultures.

14. Bible with Cross and Ribbon
– Bible with a golden cross and a red ribbon, on a teal background.
– Christianity, church services, religious study.

15. Nun
– A nun in traditional black and white attire, with a teal background.
– Christianity, Catholic Church, convents.

16. Christian Worship
– Cross set between two praying hands, on a purple background.
– Christianity, prayer, religious gatherings.

17. Muslim Praying
– Depicts a person praying (salah) in white, on a blue background.
– Islam, daily prayers, mosque activities.

18. Female Muslim Worshipper
– A woman sitting in a prayer position wearing white, against a green background.
– Islam, religious devotion, prayer spaces.

19. Muslim Woman in Hijab
– A smiling woman in a black hijab, on a pink background.
– Islam, modesty, cultural attire.

20. Muslim Woman in Burqa
– A woman in a burqa, fully covering her face, on a red background.
– Islam, cultural traditions, modest dress.

21. Allah Symbol
– The word “Allah” written in Arabic script within an orange, star-shaped pattern on a blue background.
– Islam, religious writing, prayers.

22. Raised Hands in Prayer
– Two hands raised in prayer, on a yellow background.
– General prayer, worship, spirituality.

23. Quran
– The holy book of Islam with ornate cover designs, on a green background.
– Islam, religious study, prayers.

24. Mosque Icon
– A mosque with a golden dome, against a dark blue background.
– Islamic architecture, place of worship.

25. Jewish Scholar
– A person wearing traditional Jewish scholar attire and glasses, on a green background.
– Judaism, religious teaching, yeshivas.

26. Hindu Scripture
– A book with the Om symbol, on an orange background.
– Hinduism, spiritual texts, meditation.

27. Yin-Yang Symbol
– Traditional black and white Yin-Yang symbol, on a blue background.
– Taoism, balance, harmony.

28. Chinese New Year Lantern
– A red and gold lantern, against a magenta background.
– Chinese festivals, New Year, cultural celebrations.

29. Pagoda
– A traditional Asian pagoda, on a red background.
– Buddhism, Shintoism, Asian religious sites.

30. Xtian Cross and Book
– A book crossed by two rods in an ‘X’ shape, on a peach background.
– Christianity, study, spiritual texts.

31. Candles with Ribbons
– Three lit candles with black ribbons, on a purple background.
– Christian ceremonies, memorials, prayer.

32. Church Building
– A church with a cross on top, on a light blue background.
– Christianity, religious services, weddings.

33. Prayer Beads (Rosary)
– Red prayer beads with a cross, on an orange background.
– Christianity, prayer, meditation.

34. Religious Leader (Pope)
– A man in a religious leader’s attire including glasses, on a pink background.
– Christianity, Catholic Church, Vatican.

35. Golden Cross
– A large golden cross, against a dark blue background.
– Christianity, decoration, symbolism.

36. Incense Burner
– A bowl with incense sticks, on a cyan background.
– Buddhism, Taoism, meditation practices.

37. Chinese Symbol
– Circular red symbol with intricate patterns, on a yellow background.
– Chinese culture, festivals.

38. Chinese Dragon Artwork
– Circular artwork representing a Chinese dragon, on a green background.
– Chinese New Year, cultural celebrations.

39. Khanda Symbol
– A symbol associated with Sikhism, gold in color, on a blue background.
– Sikhism, temples, cultural events.

40. Om Symbol
– Red Om symbol, on a green background.
– Hinduism, meditation, spiritual practices.

41. Baby Jesus in Manger
– A baby wrapped and lying in a manger, on a purple background.
– Christianity, Christmas, Nativity.

42. Wudu’ Device
– A device used for Wudu’, on a turquoise background.
– Islam, ritual purification.

43. Hand Holding Rosary
– A hand holding red prayer beads (rosary), on a beige background.
– Christianity, prayer, meditation.

44. Golden Dome
– Dome of a religious structure, on a white background.
– Islamic architecture, churches.

45. Prayer Beads Close-up
– Red prayer beads in a ring, on a red background.
– Various religions, meditation, prayer.

46. Swastika Symbol
– A golden swastika symbol with a pink arrow background, on a purple background.
– Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, auspicious symbols.

47. Namaste Gesture
– Hands in a namaste gesture, on a yellow background.
– Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, greeting.

48. Religious Leader
– A person in ceremonial leader attire, on a pink background.
– Christianity, Catholic Church, religious events.

49. Torii Gate
– A red Torii gate, symbol of Shintoism, on a blue background.
– Shintoism, Japanese culture, sacred spaces.

50. Dharma Wheel
– The Buddhist Dharma Wheel in gold, against a blue background.
– Buddhism, spiritual teachings, meditation.

Religion icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Access a comprehensive library of religion icons that cater to different religions and cultural traditions


You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Religion Icons set includes:

Faith, Worship, Devotion, Belief, Spirituality, Sacred, Rituals, Divinity, Prayers, Enlightenment, God, Deity, Salvation, Rituals, Scriptures, Miracles, Reverence, Ceremonies, Mythology, Temple, Mosque, Church, Synagogue, Karma, Pantheon.

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