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50 Wedding Icons

This is a collection of 50 wedding-themed icons useful for various contexts such as wedding planning websites, apps for couples, invitations, and event management tools. The icons are colorful and depict common wedding motifs and activities.

1. Champagne Celebration
– A bottle of champagne with two filled glasses and floating hearts.
– Wedding toasts, celebration announcements.

2. Drink Table Setup
– Two bottles and three glasses on a table with a cloth.
– Reception planning, beverage services.

3. Bride and Groom Face
– Cartoon faces of a bride and groom.
– Couples profile, wedding invitations.

4. Bridal Shoes and Earrings
– A pair of bridal shoes and a set of earrings.
– Bridal attire, accessories shopping.

5. Bride Avatar
– A bride in a white dress with a tiara and necklace.
– Bridal profile, fashion illustration.

6. Wedding Venue
– A decorated venue with archway and flowers.
– Venue booking, event décor.

7. Wedding Bouquet
– A bouquet of pink and white flowers with a red ribbon.
– Florists, decoration planning.

8. Engagement Ring
– A hand holding a ring with a diamond in a box.
– Engagement announcements, jewelry.

9. Bridesmaid
– A woman holding a bouquet, dressed as a bridesmaid.
– Bridal party planning, dress selection.

10. Wedding Cake
– A tiered wedding cake with heart decorations.
– Cake design, dessert services.

11. Love Birds
– Two doves with hearts.
– Wedding invitations, romantic themes.

12. Wedding Invitations
– An envelope with an invitation peeking out, decorated with hearts and flowers.
– Invitations, stationery design.

13. Groom Suit
– A groom’s suit with a boutonniere.
– Men’s attire, suit rentals.

14. Wedding Car
– A car decorated with hearts and ribbons.
– Transportation services, wedding cars.

15. Wedding Bells
– Two golden bells with red ribbons.
– Ceremony announcements, festive decorations.

16. Candelabra
– A three-armed candelabrum with candles.
– Event décor, lighting.

17. Gift Boxes
– A set of wrapped gift boxes with ribbons.
– Gift registries, wedding showers.

18. Couple Silhouette
– A silhouette of a bride and groom holding hands.
– Wedding websites, logos.

19. Layered Cake
– A dessert cake with layers and cherries on top.
– Cake selection, dessert options.

20. Bride in Dress
– A full illustration of a bride in a wedding gown.
– Bridal fashion, dress shopping.

21. Wedding Bells and Hearts
– Two bells with hearts.
– Wedding icons, invitation decorations.

22. Tiered Cake
– A large multi-tiered cake with heart decorations.
– Cake design, dessert planning.

23. Flower Basket
– A basket full of flowers.
– Floral arrangements, event decor.

24. Wedding Date Calendar
– A calendar with a heart marking the date.
– Event planning, save-the-date announcements.

25. Engagement Ring Close-up
– A single ring with a large diamond.
– Engagement announcements, jewelry.

26. Champagne Glass Toast
– Two champagne glasses clinking with a heart background.
– Wedding toasts, celebration icons.

27. Wedding Rings
– Two interlocked gold rings.
– Engagement, wedding bands.

28. Champagne Pyramid
– Several glasses of champagne stacked in a pyramid.
– Reception, celebration.

29. Bridal Lingerie
– A set of bridal lingerie.
– Bridal preparation, fashion retail.

30. Wedding Chapel
– A small chapel with a cross.
– Ceremony venues, religious weddings.

31. Wedding Favors
– A party favor box tied with a bow.
– Favors, gift ideas.

32. Love Lock
– A heart-shaped lock with a ribbon.
– Symbols of love, secure relationships.

33. Place Setting
– A formal place setting with knife, fork, and ribbon.
– Reception planning, catering.

34. Officiant
– An officiant holding a book.
– Officiant services, ceremonial leaders.

35. Balloon Decoration
– Balloons with heart designs.
– Event decoration, venue setup.

36. Honeymoon Suitcase
– A suitcase with wedding rings.
– Honeymoon planning, travel.

37. Marriage Certificate
– A clipboard with a marriage certificate and rings.
– Legal documents, marriage registration.

38. Wedding Bed
– A bed with heart-shaped pillows.
– Honeymoon, bridal suite decor.

39. Wedding Photographer
– A camera with a heart on the screen.
– Photography services, media.

40. Greeting Card
– A greeting card with a ribbon.
– Invitations, thank-you cards.

41. Ice Bucket with Champagne
– An ice bucket with a champagne bottle and glass.
– Beverage services, toasts.

42. Garland
– A garland with heart decorations.
– Decoration, event setup.

43. Hands with Hearts
– Hands holding floating hearts.
– Celebration, love symbols.

44. Wedding Picture Frame
– A framed picture of a bride and groom.
– Keepsakes, photography.

45. Map Pointer
– A map pointer with a heart and flowers.
– Venue location, invitations.

46. Wedding Dress Display
– A wedding dress on a mannequin.
– Dress shopping, bridal fashion.

47. Bridal Shoes
– Bridal shoes with a bow.
– Accessories, bridal wear.

48. Gift Box with Flowers
– One wrapped gift box with floral decoration.
– Gift-giving, weddings.

49. Wedding Bible
– A Bible with a cross.
– Religious ceremonies, readings.

50. Just Married Sign
– A sign with the text “Just Married” and decorations.
– Newlywed announcements, car decor.


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