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The 50 Labor Day Icons pack includes:

+ Worker Icons
+ Job icons
+ Career characters icons
+ 1st May icon

50 Labor Day Icons


Labor Day Icons Set Description
This is a set of 50 icons themed around various occupations and labor-intensive professions. Each icon is contained within a circle and uses vibrant colors, creating a cohesive and attention-grabbing design. This set can be used in websites, applications, or any digital media focusing on Labor Day, worker appreciation, or career-related content.

Icons Description

1. Construction Workers
– Two construction workers in yellow hard hats and safety vests.
– Construction companies, labor safety, teamwork.

2. Engineer with Blueprint
– Engineer holding a blueprint with green background.
– Engineering, planning, architecture.

3. Carpenter with Saw
– Carpenter holding a plank and a saw.
– Carpentry, woodworking, home improvement.

4. Machinery Operators
– Two workers operating machinery.
– Manufacturing, factory work, industrial equipment.

5. Photographer
– Individual with a yellow hard hat holding a camera.
– Event photography, media, construction site documentation.

6. Police Officer
– Police officer with blue uniform and sunglasses.
– Law enforcement, security, public safety.

7. Housekeeper
– Housekeeper with apron and feather duster.
– Cleaning services, domestic work, hospitality industry.

8. Blacksmith with Hammer
– Arm holding a hammer.
– Blacksmithing, metalwork, craftsmanship.

9. Traffic Control Cone
– Safety cone with yellow and black stripes.
– Roadwork, traffic control, construction zones.

10. Traffic Light
– Traffic light with green, yellow, and red lights.
– Traffic control, urban planning, driving safety.

11. Firefighter
– Firefighter with helmet and hose.
– Firefighting, emergency services, public safety.

12. Mechanic with Wrench
– Mechanic holding a wrench.
– Auto repair, mechanics, industrial maintenance.

13. Construction Superintendent
– Person directing traffic cones and holding a stop sign.
– Construction management, site supervision, safety.

14. Construction Worker (Female)
– Female construction worker with a hard hat and safety vest.
– Gender equality in labor, construction.

15. Security Guard
– Security guard with blue uniform and badge.
– Security services, safety, event security.

16. Chef
– Chef in white uniform and toque.
– Culinary arts, restaurants, cooking.

17. Road Work Barrier
– Barrier with red and white stripes and lights.
– Road construction, safety barriers, road closure.

18. Lumberjack with Axe
– Arm holding an axe.
– Logging, lumber industry, forestry.

19. Archaeologist
– Person handling soil samples or artifacts.
– Archaeology, historical excavation, research.

20. Seamstress
– Person with sewing materials, possibly illustrating a seamstress.
– Tailoring, sewing, fashion design.

21. Construction Worker with Hammer
– Construction worker with a red helmet and a hammer.
– Construction, home repair, craftsmanship.

22. Farmer with Pitchfork
– Farmer with a green shirt and a pitchfork.
– Agriculture, farming, rural work.

23. Transport Worker
– Person in blue uniform.
– Transportation, logistics, delivery services.

24. Factory Workers
– Individuals working with gears.
– Manufacturing, industrial labor, engineering.

25. Waiter Serving Drinks
– Waiter holding a tray with drinks.
– Hospitality, food service, restaurants.

26. Waiter Serving Food
– Waiter holding a dish.
– Restaurants, catering, events.

27. Painter
– Person painting with a roller.
– Home improvement, artistry, renovations.

28. Construction Worker Digging
– Worker with a shovel.
– Excavation, construction, groundwork.

29. Road Worker with Vest
– Worker wearing a safety vest and helmet.
– Road construction, safety, infrastructure.

30. Carpenter’s Hammer
– Arm holding a hammer.
– Carpentry, woodworking, home improvement.

31. Construction Worker with Wheelbarrow
– Worker pushing a wheelbarrow.
– Construction, gardening, manual labor.

32. Doorman
– Doorman with a red uniform.
– Hospitality, luxury services, customer service.

33. Baker
– Baker holding a loaf of bread.
– Bakery, culinary arts, food industry.

34. Factory Engineer
– Worker with tools and gears.
– Manpower, engineering, handyman service.

35. Dump Truck
– Dump truck filled with dirt.
– Construction, transportation, excavating.

36. Head Chef
– Chef with a uniform and a big hat.
– Culinary arts, food service, kitchen management.

37. Jackhammer Operator
– Worker using a jackhammer.
– Construction, demolition, ground breaking.

38. Labor Union Leader
– Arm holding a wrench with a ribbon.
– Labor unions, worker rights, advocacy.

39. Labor Day Calendar
– Calendar with “1 MAY” marked.
– Labor Day, holidays, scheduling.

40. Construction Helmet
– Yellow construction helmet.
– Safety, construction, industrial work.

41. Labor Day Barrier
– Barrier with red and yellow stripes used to signify Labor Day.
– Roads, construction, caution.

42. Chef and Cooking Tools
– Chef holding kitchen tools.
– Culinary arts, cooking, food service.

43. Construction Worker with Tools
– Worker holding tools with apprentice symbol.
– Skills training, mentoring, construction.

44. Heavy Vehicle Driver
– Driver behind the wheel of heavy equipment.
– Transport, construction, logistics.

45. Farmer Harvesting
– Farmer harvesting crops.
– Agriculture, farming, crop production.

46. Wrought Iron Worker
– Worker welding with protective gear.
– Welding, metalwork, industrial labor.

47. Delivery Worker
– Delivery person with a blue uniform.
– Courier services, e-commerce, logistics.

48. Nurse
– Nurse with white uniform and medical tools.
– Healthcare, nursing, medicine.

49. Doctor
– Doctor or medical professional with stethoscope.
– Healthcare, medicine, hospitals.

50. Mechanics Working
– Worker using a jackhammer.
– Maintenance, repair, roadwork.

These icons can be utilized in various labor or career-focused digital projects including educational materials, informational websites, job boards, and worker appreciation events.

Illustrate a variety of professions and jobs with this 50 Labor Day Icons – they are all ready to use in your design presentations. You can also use them in any project related to working, jobs and hiring, offline and online.

Labor Day Icons list

Design ready Labor Day Icons

Drag and drop vector Labor Day Icons

Labor Day Icons with colored backgrounds

Full vector Labor Day Icons

Customizable and vector Labor Day Icons

 full vector Labor Day Icons

Compatible Labor Day Icons pack

 Labor Day Icons

You will download the labor day icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 individual files Labor day icons
– SVG, 50 individual files Labor day icons
– PNG, 50 individual files Labor day icons

Icons included in this 50 Labor Day Icons Pack:

Celebrate, hammer, patriotism, flat, safety, helmet, builder, construction, architecture, drill, gear, usa.

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