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The 50 Petshop Icons set includes:

+ doggy icons
+ cat icons
+ petshop icons
+ pet food icons

50 Petshop Icons


50 Pet Shop Icons

This set consists of 50 colorful and engaging icons, each representing various pet-related items, services, and activities. Perfect for use in websites, mobile applications, and printed materials related to pet shops, veterinary services, pet care, and pet supplies.

1. Cat with Fish Bowl
– A cat sitting beside a pink fish bowl.
– Pet shop, cat products.

2. Delivery Truck with Paw Print
– Pink delivery truck with paw print in a blue circular background.
– Pet delivery service, e-commerce.

3. Cat Bed
– A cat sleeping on a cozy pink bed.
– Pet furniture, cat accessories.

4. Pet Grooming Supplies
– Various grooming products with paw prints.
– Pet grooming, pet care supplies.

5. Pet Food Bag
– A bag of pet food with a fish illustration.
– Pet nutrition, pet shop.

6. Pet Medal
– A gold paw print medal.
– Pet competitions, awards.

7. Poop Scoop
– Pink scoop with poop.
– Pet hygiene, poop scooping.

8. Syringe with Paw Print
– A green syringe with a paw print on it.
– Veterinary services, pet health.

9. Veterinary Ambulance
– Ambulance with paw prints.
– Emergency vet services, pet health.

10. Pet Carrier
– Pet carrier with a paw print.
– Pet travel, pet transport.

11. Pet Food Cans
– Two cans of pet food with a cat picture.
– Pet shop, pet supplies.

12. Pet Store Clerk
– Clerk with a shelf of pet products.
– Customer service, pet shop.

13. Cat Playing with Ball
– Cat having fun with a ball.
– Pet toys, pet activities.

14. Cat Sitting on Grooming Table
– Cat on a grooming table with scissors.
– Pet grooming, pet services.

15. Fish Tank
– A fish tank with plants and fish.
– Aquariums, pet shop.

16. Pet Collar with Tag
– Pet collar with a bone-shaped tag.
– Pet accessories, pet identification.

17. Pet Playing with Ball and Bone
– Pet toys; a ball and bone.
– Pet toys, pet activities.

18. Pet Training Certificate
– Certificate with paw print and ribbon.
– Pet training, certifications.

19. Pet Leash and Collar
– Blue collar and leash.
– Pet accessories, walking gear.

20. Dog Head
– Cute dog face with a red background.
– Pet shop, dog grooming.

21. Vet Surgery
– A surgeon with pet.
– Veterinary services, surgery.

22. Food for Hamster
– Pouring food into a hamster cage.
– Small pet supplies, pet nutrition.

23. Hamster Wheel
– Hamster on a blue exercise wheel.
– Pet exercise, small pet accessories.

24. Parrot on Branch
– Colorful parrot perched on a branch.
– Bird supplies, pet shop.

25. Cat with Collar
– Cat wearing a blue collar with a bell.
– Pet accessories, cat care.

26. Cat Watching Fish
– Cat looking into a fish tank.
– Pet interaction, pet shop.

27. Large Pet Store Building
– Large store with a paw sign.
– Pet shops, retail businesses.

28. Dog House
– Red dog house with a bone sign.
– Pet housing, pet furniture.

29. Pet Medicine
– Pet medicine bottle with a comb.
– Veterinary care, pet health.

30. Ball of Yarn
– Red ball of yarn.
– Cat toys, pet play.

31. Dog Food Bag
– Bag with dog food illustration.
– Dog food, pet nutrition.

32. Vet Showering Dog
– Pet being bathed by a veterinarian.
– Pet grooming, veterinary care.

33. Female Vet
– Woman wearing a doctor’s coat and holding a clipboard.
– Veterinary services, animal care.

34. Dog Bow
– Green and red decorative bow.
– Pet accessories, pet dressing.

35. ID Tag
– Paw print ID tag.
– Pet identification, security.

36. Pet ID Card
– Blue ID card with a pet picture.
– Pet identification, pet information.

37. Dog with Bone in Mouth
– Happy dog holding a bone.
– Dog behavior, pet care.

38. Rabbit in Garden
– Rabbit sitting outside in the garden.
– Small pets, outdoor pet care.

39. Cat Tree
– A red and yellow cat tree.
– Cat furniture, pet activities.

40. Dog Bowing
– Dog in a bowing position.
– Dog behavior, pet training.

41. Pet Shopping Bag
– Shopping bag with paw prints.
– Pet shop, retail business.

42. Pet Food Bowl
– Food bowl filled with kibble.
– Pet supplies, pet feeding.

43. Cat Playtime
– Cat with a ball of yarn and toys.
– Pet play, cat activities.

44. Vet Medical Form
– Veterinary medical form with paw print.
– Veterinary services, pet health.

45. Pet Spray Bottle
– Bottle of pet spray.
– Pet cleaning, pet hygiene.

46. Bacon Flavored Treats
– Icon of dog treats shaped like bacon.
– Pet treats, pet rewards.

47. Pet Collar with Bone Decoration
– Red collar with a bone detail.
– Pet accessories, pet fashion.

48. Sleeping Cat in Bed
– Cat sleeping in a red bed.
– Pet furniture, cat care.

49. Pet Health Certificate
– Health certificate with paw print and red cross.
– Veterinary services, pet health records.

50. Vet Services
– Veterinary healthcare icon including a tablet with content.
– Veterinary services, animal health information.

A lovely icons pack to decorate any petshop! Make your business a little brighter and friendlier with vectors that you can use both in a physical store and online.

Petshop Icons list
Design ready Petshop Icons
Drag and drop vector Petshop Icons
 Petshop Icons with colored backgrounds
Full vector Petshop Icons
Customizable and vector Petshop Icons
 full vector Petshop Icons
Compatible Petshop Icons pack
Petshop Icons

You will download the petshop icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Petshop Icons set includes:

dog, cat, bunny, fish, collar, pet meds, crate, bones, pet accesories, dog tags, cat house, pet shampoo, pet id, wet food, dry food, fish food, cat supplies, dog supplies, vet, veterinary, petshop, pet store, litter box, treats, fish tank, parrot, hamster, pet bowls, pet toys, doggy bag, flea & tick treatments.

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In addition to all of this, all our icons are 100% vector, so you could freely customize and scale the icons.

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