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50 News Broadcasting Icons


News Broadcasting icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


This image showcases 50 news broadcasting icons, which can be utilized in various contexts such as online news platforms, television broadcasts, radio stations, journalism websites, and mobile applications. These icons visually represent different aspects of news broadcasting and journalism.

Icon Descriptions:

1. Live Television Broadcast Icon
A television screen displaying “LIVE” in bold red letters.
Live news broadcasts, real-time reporting, breaking news.

2. Female News Anchor Icon
A female news anchor on a television screen with the text “NEWS”.
News programs, journalism, media presentations.

3. World News Broadcast Icon
A television screen showing “WORLD NEWS” with a female news anchor and a globe in the background.
International news, global journalism.

4. Newspaper Icon
A folded newspaper with “NEWS” as the headline.
Print media, journalism, news articles.

5. News on Smartphone Icon
A smartphone displaying a news interface with a headline.
Mobile news apps, digital journalism.

6. Fake News Icon
Red circle with the bold white text “FAKE NEWS”.
Media literacy, awareness campaigns, digital misinformation.

7. News Anchors on Computer Icon
A computer screen showing two news anchors and “NEWS” label.
Online news platforms, e-broadcasts.

8. Weekday Calendar Icon
A calendar displaying days of the week (SAT, SUN, MON).
News scheduling, editorial calendar.

9. Global Location Pin Icon
A globe with a red location pin on it.
Global news, geo-tagging, international reporting.

10. Mobile News Update Icon
A smartphone showing a news update screen.
News notifications, real-time updates.

11. Satellite Dish Icon
A white satellite dish against a blue background.
Satellite broadcasting, telecommunications.

12. Broadcast Tower Icon
A tall broadcast tower with signal waves emanating from the top.
Radio broadcasts, TV transmission.

13. 24/7 News Icon
A globe with “24H” label indicating around-the-clock news.
Continuous news coverage, live updates.

14. News Microphone Icons
A hand holding a red microphone with “NEWS” label.
On-the-field reporting, interviews.

15. Black Microphone Icon
An isolated black microphone.
Podcasting, radio shows.

16. Speech Podium Icon
A podium, often used for public speaking or press conferences.
Press conferences, public addresses.

17. Broadcast Signal Icon
Broadcasting signals icon resembling a globe with emanating lines.
Signal transmission, telecommunications.

18. Radio Console Icon
A person operating a control panel with dials and switches.
Radio broadcasting, audio engineering.

19. Live Broadcast Microphone Icon
Two microphones with a “LIVE” label.
Live reporting, field journalism.

20. Video Camera Icon
A professional video camera in use.
Television broadcasting, video journalism.

21. Photography Camera Icon
A DSLR camera on a red background.
Photojournalism, media photography.

22. Satellite Icon
A satellite in orbit around Earth.
Satellite communications, global broadcasting.

23. News Globe Ribbon Icon
A globe with a red ribbon that says “NEWS”.
International news, world events.

24. Books and Logs Icon
A stack of books and logs.
Reference materials, archive journalism.

25. Information Network Icon
A network with an “i” in the center, surrounded by nodes.
Information dissemination, data networks.

26. Broadcast Equipment Icon
Various broadcast equipment including a microphone and audio systems.
Newsroom setups, broadcasting infrastructure.

27. Smartphone Microphone Icon
A smartphone with a microphone icon indicating voice recording.
Mobile journalism, podcasting apps.

28. Remote Control Icon
A hand holding a TV remote control.
Television viewing, media controls.

29. News Desktop Icon
A computer monitor displaying the word “NEWS”.
Online news sites, digital newsrooms.

30. Recording Smartphone Icon
A smartphone screen displaying a “REC” icon, indicating recording.
Mobile reporting, video journalism.

31. Radio Broadcasting Icon
An old-fashioned radio with antennas.
Traditional radio shows, news podcasts.

32. News Program Schedule Icon
A laptop screen showing a program schedule for different days.
TV programming, news scheduling.

33. Notebook and Pencil Icon
A notebook page with lines and a pencil.
Note-taking, news writing, journalism.

34. Male Journalist Icon
An illustration of a male news journalist.
Journalism profession, news reporting.

35. Live Streaming Computer Icon
A computer monitor displaying “LIVE” in red letters.
Live streaming, digital broadcasts.

36. News Website Icon
A computer screen with a cursor clicking on “NEWS”.
Online news portals, web journalism.

37. News Building Icon
A high-rise building with a news label.
News agencies, media headquarters.

38. Press Pass Icon
An identification card with the word “PRESS”.
Media access, journalist identification.

39. News Website Header Icon
A web browser screen with “NEWS” as the primary search.
Online news, web portals.

40. News Van Icon
A van with antennas often used for mobile reporting.
On-the-ground reporting, live broadcasts.

41. TV News Anchor Desk Icon
Two news anchors sitting at a desk.
TV news shows, live reporting.

42. Breaking News Banner Icon
A screen with a “BREAKING NEWS” banner.
Urgent news, alerts.

43. Sports News Broadcast Icon
A TV screen showing “SPORTS NEWS” with an image of a basketball game.
Sports journalism, broadcast sports news.

44. Female News Reporter Icon
An illustration of a female news reporter with a microphone.
Field reporting, journalism.

45. Globe Live Icon
A globe with “LIVE” written on it.
Live global news, international reporting.

46. Smartphone Live Stream Icon
A smartphone with “LIVE” labeled on the screen.
Mobile live streaming, on-the-go reporting.

47. Computer News Update Icon
A computer screen showing a news update with a red label.
Digital news updates, breaking news.

48. Satellite Transmission Tower Icon
A tall antenna with transmission waves.
Satellite communications, live broadcasts.

49. Smartphone News Alert Icon
A smartphone showing a red news alert banner.
Instant news notifications, alert systems.

50. Mobile News Site Icon
A smartphone screen showing a webpage with news articles.
Mobile journalism, news apps.

These icons are widely versatile, adding visual clarity and appeal to various news-related applications, websites, and media projects.

With a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of icons to choose from, our collection is a must-have for any news broadcaster aiming to create a visually compelling experience for their audience.

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– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 News Broadcasting Icons set includes:

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