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50 Mother’s Day Icons


Mother’s day icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.




The image contains a set of 50 icons themed around Mother’s Day. The icons include various elements such as gifts, flowers, medals, and more, intended for use in design projects, websites, and apps related to Mother’s Day celebrations.

1. Mother’s Day greeting card.
A card with “MOM” written on it, decorated with hearts.
E-cards, social media posts, invitations.

2. Heart-shaped balloons.
Two balloons with “MOM” and hearts on them.
Celebration announcements, online invitations, e-cards.

3. Flower bouquet.
Vase with flowers.
Florist websites, gift shops, celebration blogs.

4. Baby bottle.
A baby bottle on a green background.
Parenting blogs, baby product websites, mother-care tips.

5. Perfume gift.
Wrapped perfume bottle as a gift.
E-commerce stores, gift idea blogs, shopping apps.

6. Gold medal with “MOM”.
A gold medal inscribed with “MOM.”
Award presentations, recognition posts, celebratory greetings.

7. Portrait of a woman with curly hair.
Woman’s portrait in a yellow shirt.
Mother’s Day articles, social posts celebrating moms, avatars.

8. Portrait of a woman with straight blonde hair.
Woman’s portrait in a green shirt.
Similar to icon 7, celebrating moms in articles and posts.

9. Pink dress.
Pink dress with a bow.
Fashion blogs, e-commerce sites for clothing, Mother’s Day posts.

10. I love mom mug.
A white mug with “I love MOM” written on it.
Gift shops, DIY gift idea blogs, Mother’s Day promotions.

11. Heart with a mom’s portrait.
Portrait of a woman inside a red heart.
Social media avatars, greeting cards, celebratory posts.

12. Wrapped baby (blue and pink).
Cartoon baby snugly wrapped in blankets.
Parenting blogs, baby announcement posts, e-cards.

13. Layered cake.
Three-tier cake with “MOM” written on the top layer.
Bakery websites, celebration announcements, party planning blogs.

14. Wrapped baby (orange and brown).
Cartoon baby snugly wrapped in blankets.
Same as icon 12.

15. Medal with red ribbon.
Medal inscribed with “Best MOM” on a red ribbon.
Recognition posts, celebratory greetings, award presentations.

16. Trophy.
Gold trophy with the phrase “1 MOM”.
Award ceremonies, recognition posts, celebratory announcements.

17. Headshot in a heart.
Woman’s face inside a red heart.
Avatars, social media profile pictures, celebration posts.

18. Red Gift Box.
Red gift box with yellow ribbon.
E-commerce sites, celebration announcements, gift idea blogs.

19. Hands holding a heart with “MOM”.
Two hands holding a golden heart with “MOM”.
Support groups, Mother’s Day appreciation posts, community forums.

20. Red handbag.
Modern red handbag.
Fashion blogs, shopping apps, gift idea posts.

21. Happy Mother’s Day card.
Greeting card with “Happy Mother’s Day”.
E-cards, invitations, celebration websites.

22. Heart with balloon.
Heart balloon with superimposed letters “Best MOM”.
Party planning blogs, social media posts, e-cards.

23. Heart-shaped chocolate.
Heart-shaped chocolate piece in a striped wrapper.
Candy shops, DIY gift ideas, celebration announcements.

24. Best mom badge.
Badge with “Best MOM” written on it.
Recognition posts, awards, celebratory greetings.

25. Red rose.
Single red rose on a purple background.
Florist websites, Valentine’s Day posts, romantic celebrations.

26. Flower bouquet.
Bouquet of red flowers.
Similar to icon 3, gift shops, celebration blogs, florist websites.

27. Heart-shaped envelope.
Yellow envelope with a red heart seal.
Greeting cards, e-cards, celebration posts.

28. Smartphone with heart.
Mobile phone with heart image on the screen.
Messaging apps, social media, dating apps.

29. Diamond ring.
Gold ring with a diamond.
Jewelry stores, engagement announcements, gift ideas.

30. Love letter.
Red envelope with heart and “MOM” written on it.
E-cards, celebration announcements, invites.

31. Red gift bag.
Orange gift bag with a heart design.
Shopping websites, gift ideas, celebration posts.

32. Portrait of a mother and baby.
Woman in a purple dress holding a baby.
Parenting blogs, baby product promotions, mother-care tips.

33. Portrait of a mother and baby.
Woman in a white dress holding a baby.
Same as icon 32.

34. Portrait of a woman with a red ribbon.
Woman dressed in white with a red bow.
Celebratory social media posts, avatars, greeting cards.

35. Happy Mother’s Day badge.
Black badge with “Happy Mother’s Day” written on it.
Celebration announcements, e-cards, social posts.

36. Makeup kit.
Pink and purple makeup kit.
Beauty blogs, cosmetic e-commerce sites, gift ideas.

37. Red high-heeled shoe.
Red stiletto shoe.
Fashion blogs, shopping sites, celebration posts.

38. Pale rose (potted).
A single red rose in a blue pot.
Florist websites, gardening blogs, celebration posts.

39. Eyeshadow palette.
Multicolor eyeshadow palette.
Beauty and fashion blogs, e-commerce sites, gift ideas.

40. House with heart.
House with red roof and a heart.
Real estate, home care tips, lifestyle blogs.

41. Wrapped baby (green and brown).
Baby snugly wrapped in blankets.
Parenting blogs, celebration posts, baby announcements.

42. Wrapped baby (light blue and orange).
Baby snugly wrapped in blankets.
Similar to icon 41.

43. Shopping bag with gifts.
Purple shopping bag with gifts.
E-commerce sites, gift idea blogs, shopping promotions.

44. Baby pacifier.
Orange pacifier.
Parenting tips, baby product websites, mother and baby care blogs.

45. Blue earrings.
Pair of light blue earrings.
Jewelry stores, beauty blogs, gift ideas.

46. Cupcake.
Red cupcake with frosting and a heart.
Bakery websites, celebration announcements, cooking blogs.

47. Portrait of a woman (blonde).
Woman wearing a blue shirt with “Love” written on it.
Avatars for social media, celebration posts, profiles.

48. Portrait of a woman (brunette).
Woman wearing a blue shirt with “Love” written on it.
Same as icon 47.

49. Portrait of a woman with a baby.
Woman in green dress holding a baby.
Parenting blogs, baby announcements, celebration posts.

50. Portrait of a woman with a baby.
Woman in purple dress holding a baby.
Same as icon 49.

These icons can be employed on websites, blogs, social media posts, e-commerce platforms, and various other digital spaces to celebrate the spirit of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Enhance your Mother’s Day projects with our high-quality and versatile icons.



You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Mother’s Day Icons set includes:

Motherhood, Love, Gratitude, Appreciation, Celebrate, Cards, Flowers, Family, Gifts, Heartfelt, Joy, Happiness, Embrace, Nurturing, Connection, Affection, Caring, Bonding, Memories, Special, Sentimental, Tribute, Woman, Support, Inspiration.

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