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50 Health Pharmacy Icons


The 50 Health Pharmacy Icons pack includes:

+ Medical Icons
+ Pills icons
+ Hospital icons
+ Medical Examination Icons

50 Health Pharmacy Icons


The image displays a collection of 50 health and pharmacy-related icons. These icons are colorful and rounded, each depicting various elements associated with healthcare, medical treatment, and wellness. Suitable for use on health websites, pharmacy apps, and wellness blogs, these icons provide visually appealing representations of health-related concepts.

1. Medication Bottle with Heart and Pills
– A bottle with a heart symbol and two pills.
– Pharmacy, medication, health supplements.

2. Yoga Woman
– A woman in a yoga pose with a pink background.
– Wellness, fitness, stress relief.

3. Fruit and Vegetable Plate
– A plate with assorted fruits and vegetables.
– Nutrition, healthy eating, diet plans.

4. Doctor with Clipboard
– A doctor holding a clipboard with medical records.
– Medical consultation, healthcare services.

5. Blender with Smoothie Ingredients
– A blender with smoothie ingredients like fruits and vegetables.
– Nutrition, healthy recipes, smoothie preparation.

6. Blood Donation
– An arm giving blood into a blood donation bag.
– Blood donation, hospital services, healthcare.

7. Hand Holding Pills
– A hand holding various colored pills.
– Medication, health supplements, pharmacy.

8. Healthcare Network
– Two hands holding a first-aid symbol.
– Healthcare services, medical support, first aid.

9. No Smoking
– A crossed-out cigarette.
– Anti-smoking campaigns, health warnings.

10. Prescription
– A medical prescription document with an apple graphic.
– Pharmacy, medical prescriptions, health advice.

11. Blood Transfusion
– An intravenous drip with a blood bag.
– Hospital care, blood transfusion, medical procedures.

12. Blister Pack
– A blister pack containing medication tablets.
– Pharmacy, medication, health management.

13. Shower Hygiene
– A person taking a shower.
– Personal hygiene, daily routine, cleanliness.

14. Herbal Medicine Preparation
– A mortar and pestle with leaves.
– Herbal medicine, alternative healthcare, health remedies.

15. First Aid Kit
– A first aid kit with a cross on it.
– Healthcare, emergency preparedness, first aid.

16. Hand with Bandage
– A hand with a bandage on the palm with a blue background.
– Injury care, first aid, wound care.

17. Vitamin C Bottle
– A bottle labeled “C” with oranges around it.
– Vitamins, health supplements, nutrition.

18. No Fast Food
– A crossed-out burger and soda.
– Healthy eating, dietary restrictions, health warnings.

19. Nurse
– A nurse in uniform holding a document.
– Healthcare, hospital staff, nursing services.

20. Heart Monitor Watch
– A smartwatch displaying a heart symbol.
– Fitness tracking, health monitoring, wearable technology.

21. Sun with Child
– A smiling sun with a child.
– Wellness, outdoor activities, mental health.

22. Dental Care
– A tooth and dental tools.
– Dental hygiene, oral care, dentist.

23. Heart in Hands
– Hands holding a heart symbol.
– Cardiology, healthcare support, well-being.

24. Hand Washing
– Hands being washed under water.
– Hygiene, disease prevention, cleanliness.

25. Sleeping Person
– A person sleeping in a bed.
– Sleep health, relaxation, mental wellness.

26. Leg Cast
– A leg in a cast with a blue background.
– Injury recovery, orthopedic care, accident care.

27. Medical Report
– A medical report with medication and a prescription bottle.
– Healthcare documentation, patient records, medical information.

28. Pain Relief Drink
– A glass of water and a tablet dissolving.
– Medication, pain relief, health remedies.

29. Head Injury
– A person with a bandaged head.
– First aid, injury care, healthcare.

30. Nutritious Meal
– A healthy meal with milk, eggs, and cheese.
– Nutrition, healthy eating, meal planning.

31. Toothpaste
– A hand squeezing toothpaste onto a brush.
– Oral care, dental hygiene, daily routine.

32. Arm Injury
– An arm with a bandage and sling.
– Injury care, first aid, medical treatment.

33. Herbal Tea
– A cup of tea with mint leaves.
– Herbal remedies, relaxation, wellness.

34. Surgeon
– A surgeon in scrubs and mask.
– Surgery, medical procedures, hospital care.

35. Pills
– Various colored pills on a plate.
– Medication, pharmacy, health supplements.

36. Adhesive Bandages
– Two crossed adhesive bandages with a blue background.
– First aid, wound care, minor injuries.

37. Healthy Salad
– A bowl of salad with vegetables.
– Nutrition, healthy eating, diet plans.

38. No Alcohol
– A crossed-out wine glass.
– Alcohol-free campaigns, health warnings, dietary restrictions.

39. First Aid Box
– A first aid box with a red cross.
– Emergency preparedness, healthcare, first aid.

40. Heart Check on Wearable Device
– A hand showing a heart on a smartwatch.
– Health monitoring, wearable technology, fitness tracking.

41. Doctor’s Appointment
– A calendar with a doctor’s appointment noted.
– Healthcare appointments, medical consultation, patient care.

42. Pill Organizer
– A pill organizer with various medications.
– Medication management, health planning, pharmacy.

43. Nutritional Supplements
– Bottles of nutritional supplements and pills.
– Health supplements, nutrition, pharmacy.

44. Sun Protection
– Sun, lotion bottle, and a hat.
– Skincare, sun protection, outdoor activities.

45. Dropper Bottle
– A medical dropper bottle.
– Medication, health remedies, medical care.

46. Prescription Bottle
– A prescription bottle with pills.
– Pharmacy, medication management, healthcare.

47. Pill Box
– An organized pill box containing different pills.
– Medication management, pharmacy, health monitoring.

48. Milk and Cheese
– Bottle of milk and a chunk of cheese.
– Nutrition, dietary planning, healthy eating.

49. Prohibited Food
– A crossed-out bowl of junk food.
– Healthy dieting, food restrictions, wellness campaigns.

50. Nail Care
– A hand with manicured nails.
– Personal care, nail hygiene, beauty and wellness.

These icons can be used in a variety of healthcare-related contexts, such as medical websites, pharmacy apps, wellness blogs, and educational materials on health and nutrition.

Get the 50 Health Pharmacy Icons and design exquisite projects. The medical avatars and icons are perfect to decorate a pharmacy or to make a science presentation a bit friendlier.

Health Pharmacy Icons list

Design ready Health Pharmacy Icons

Drag and drop vector Health Pharmacy Icons

Health Pharmacy Icons with colored backgrounds

Full vector Health Pharmacy Icons

Customizable and vector Health Pharmacy Icons

 full vector Health Pharmacy Icons

Compatible Health Pharmacy Icons pack

 Health Pharmacy Icons

You will download the health pharmacy icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 individual files Health Pharmacy icons
– SVG, 50 individual files Health Pharmacy icons
– PNG, 50 individual files Health Pharmacy icons

Icons included in this 50 Health Pharmacy Icons Pack:

Symbol, outline, line, heart, design, flat, stroke, lined, thin, disease, chemistry, tablet, healthcare, microscope, first, medicine.

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