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Trains icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


Common Set
The image showcases a set of 50 vibrant train-related icons. These icons cover a wide range of elements tied to trains and railways, including train types, station facilities, tickets, and railway signals. The set is highly versatile and can be used for websites, apps, educational materials, and travel-related content.

Icon Descriptions:

1. Control Panel Icon:
A train control panel with a red background.
Train operation, simulation games, educational purposes.

2. Steam Engine Icon:
A traditional black steam engine on a yellow background.
Historical information, train history, transport museums.

3. Steam Locomotive Icon:
A steam locomotive with a black body and red details on a pink background.
Railway history, train collectibles, travel blogs.

4. Toy Train Icon:
A colorful green, red, and yellow toy train on a green background.
Children’s websites, toy stores, educational games.

5. Rail Tracks Icon:
Wooden rail tracks on a light blue background.
Railway construction, train modeling, transportation infographics.

6. Modern Train Icon:
Modern train with multiple cars in light blue on a green background.
Modern transportation, travel websites, public transport information.

7. Train Location Pin Icon:
A dark blue pin with a train symbol in white on a dark blue background.
GPS services, travel apps, route planning.

8. Train Door Icon:
Red train doors with glass windows on a red background.
Train interior, design, travel blogs.

9. Station Building Icon:
Yellow and grey station building with a sign on a purple background.
Train stations, transportation hubs, travel content.

10. Barrier Icon:
A barrier in yellow and black with a light blue background.
Railway safety, crossing signals, public information.

11. Clock Display Icon:
Digital display showing “09:15” with purple background.
Train schedules, station info, travel apps.

12. Train Station Clock Icon:
Analog clock on a pole showing time on a white background.
Train timing, station aesthetics, historical stations.

13. Train Front Icon:
Front view of the red train on a white background.
Train manufacturing, design, public transport promotion.

14. Metro Icon:
Front view of a metro train with blue background.
Urban transit, metro systems, city travel.

15. Seating Icon:
View of three train seats in blue on a yellow background.
Train comfort, interior designs, passenger guides.

16. Seat Side View Icon:
Side view of red and yellow seats on a pink background.
Train interior, passenger comfort, seating arrangements.

17. Schedule Ticket Icon:
Train ticket with time mentioned on a white background.
Ticket booking, train schedules, travel information.

18. Bullet Train Icon:
White and red bullet train on a blue background.
High-speed trains, modern travel, transportation blogs.

19. Wooden Rail Icon:
Wooden railway sleeper sections with grey rails on a light blue background.
Railway construction, historical info, model railroading.

20. Ticket Window Icon:
Traditional train station ticket counter with a red window on an orange background.
Ticket purchasing, older train stations, travel history.

21. Conductor Male Icon:
A male train conductor in uniform with a blue background.
Railway staff, service information, transportation business.

22. Intersection Warning Sign Icon:
A crossing sign with train tracks on a yellow background.
Railway signs, traffic safety, public awareness.

23. Conductor Female Icon:
A female train conductor in uniform on an orange background.
Train service, hospitality, travel guides.

24. Platform Cover Icon:
Train platform with a red roof and green background.
Station facilities, travel planning, transit hub design.

25. In-Train Service Map Icon:
Map of train services and stations showing next stops with blue background.
Train routes, in-service information, travel apps.

26. Updater System Icon:
Digital train ticket update system with yellow and blue background.
Ticketing systems, train tech, railway station organization.

27. Cargo Train Icon:
A cargo train labeled with a black housing on rail background.
Goods transportation, trade, long-distance logistics.

28. Signal Light Icon:
Traffic control signal with three colors on purple background.
Train signals, railway safety, public transit awareness.

29. Railroad Crossing Icon:
Animated railroad crossing signal with red barrier.
Crossing safety, public awareness, transportation systems.

30. Multi-sign Post Icon:
Traffic direction post with many directional signs on a green background.
Station directions, wayfinding tools, public transport guidance.

31. Fluttering Signal Icon:
Train station alert signal with red alarm on a red background.
Station alerts, safety systems, travel apps.

32. Station Direction Boards Icon:
Assorted station direction boards with yellow background.
Station information, passenger guides, travel tools.

33. Ticket Booth Icon:
Automated ticket dispensing machine with blue background.
Ticketing, station facilities, public transport services.

34. Luggage Trolley Icon:
Luggage trolley with suitcase on a pink background.
Passenger service, travel logistics, train station facilities.

35. Coal Icon:
Icon showing a cart filled with coal on a purple background.
Historical trains, mining transport, industrial railway applications.

36. Level Crossing Sign Icon:
Level crossing warning sign in red and white.
Railway crossings, traffic safety, public transportation.

37. Single Platform Sign Icon:
Single-sided platform sign with blue edges.
Station signs, passenger information, travel guides.

38. Rail Gate Sign Icon:
Traditional train station gate in brown with yellow and grey background.
Historical train stations, access points, travel history.

39. Train Icon:
Train in blue with headlights and white decorative design.
Online booking, train tracking, travel planning.

40. Railway Logo Icon:
Icon with curving railway track path in red and white.
Railway websites, corporate branding, transportation content.

41. In-Service Map Icon:
An active navigation map for train services with blue background.
Travel route planning, GPS services, passenger guidance.

42. Restroom Sign Icon:
Traditional male and female W.C. sign with green background.
Station facilities, passenger comfort, public info.

43. Storage Icon:
Railway storage area with a yellow door.
Train station logistics, goods handling, facilities.

44. Train Routes Icon:
Routes marked on map showing pathways for different trains.
Travel route planning, ticket booking, tourism apps.

45. Large Bag Icon:
Larger suitcase with orange graphic.
Travel luggage, passenger information, train station services.

46. Standing Ticket Icon:
Single stand-up ticket with green background.
Ticket purchasing, travel arrangements, passenger guide.

47. Service Phone Icon:
Mobile phone showing train services logo with purple background.
Mobile apps, service bookings, passenger information.

48. Subway Train Icon:
Subway train with streamlined light and red details.
Urban transit, metro systems, commuter information.

49. Luggage Cart Icon:
Luggage cart loaded with suitcases on green background.
Station services, travel logistics, passenger facilities.

50. Luggage Platform Icon:
An outlined platform showing luggage on yellow background.
Railway station facilities, luggage service, travel planning.

These icons can be essential for designing user interfaces, creating informative visuals for transportation-related content, or engaging educational resources and applications.

Elevate your design game with our Train Icons Pack. Carefully curated to meet the highest design standards, this collection includes a range of sleek and modern train icons. Whether you’re working on a website, app, or presentation, these icons will help you make a bold statement.

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– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Trains Icons set includes:

Locomotive, Railway, Train, Caboose, Steam, Diesel, Tracks, Carriage, Engine, Wagon, Freight, Passenger, Express, Metro, Transit, Commuter, Monorail, Subway, Electric, Boxcar, Junction, Conductor, Railroad, Platform, Trackside.

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