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Jungle icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


Set This set includes 50 jungle-themed icons, ideal for usage in contexts like travel websites, adventure apps, educational resources, ecological tourism platforms, and wildlife conservation campaigns. The icons are vibrant and detailed, making them perfect for conveying specific information related to jungle flora, fauna, and adventure equipment.

1. Toucan
A colorful toucan perched on a branch against a purple background.
Wildlife, birds, adventure.

2. Tapir
A tapir standing on green grass beneath yellow trees.
Jungle animals, wildlife observation, nativeness.

3. Pineapple
A pineapple plant with green leaves and a ripe fruit against a colorful background.
Tropical fruits, jungle flora, food.

4. Parrot
A parrot sitting on a vine with a pink background.
Birds, jungle, wildlife.

5. Backpack
A brown backpack on green grass with a blue sky background.
Travel, adventure, hiking.

6. Gorilla
A gorilla sitting on grass with green trees in the background.
Wildlife, animals, jungle.

7. Machete
A red-handled machete against a pink background.
Adventure, survival tools, exploration.

8. Knife
A blue-handled knife against a blue background.
Tools, survival, adventure.

9. Ferns
Fern leaves in green set against a beige background.
Jungle flora, plants, conservation.

10. Map
A map with different routes and locations, on a purple background.
Adventure planning, trekking, navigation.

11. Compass
A compass with a red and white arrow on a yellow background.
Navigation, hiking, adventure.

12. Binoculars
A pair of binoculars on green grass.
Wildlife watching, exploration, observation.

13. Rucksack
A rucksack with straps and buckles against a blue background.
Hiking, travel, adventure.

14. Water Bottle
A brown water bottle on green grass.
Hydration, travel, adventure.

15. Vines
Green jungle vines on a purple background.
Jungle flora, plants, exploration.

16. Purple Panther
A purple panther in the jungle on green grass.
Wildlife, big cats, jungle.

17. Tiger
A tiger with green foliage around it against a purple background.
Wildlife, big cats, jungle.

18. Pitcher Plant
A pitcher plant with a carnivorous trap on a yellow background.
Jungle flora, carnivorous plants, ecosystems.

19. Spider
A large spider on a yellow background.
Wildlife, insects, jungle.

20. Rhino
A grey rhino on green grass.
Wildlife, animals, jungle.

21. Swiss Knife
A multi-tool Swiss knife on an orange background.
Tools, survival gear, adventure.

22. Sloth
A sloth hanging from a branch against a yellow background.
Wildlife, jungle animals, calm.

23. Palm Trees
Two palm trees on a sandy beach against a red background.
Tropical, beach, jungle.

24. Grass
Tall grass and reeds against a green background.
Jungle flora, plants, scenery.

25. Dense Jungle
Dense trees in a jungle landscape.
Scenery, jungle, nature reserves.

26. Fern
A fern leaf in green gray against a lavender background.
Jungle flora, nature, plants.

27. Jungle Canopy
The canopy of dense jungle trees.
Forest cover, ecology, jungle.

28. Green Leaf
A large green leaf against a black background.
Flora, plants, nature.

29. Waterfall
A waterfall flowing between rocks against a pink background.
Scenic, nature, jungle.

30. Caterpillar
A green caterpillar on a plant.
Insects, wildlife, jungle.

31. Hut
A small wooden hut in the jungle.
Ancient tribes, shelters, exploration.

32. Jungle Path
A clear path through the jungle.
Adventures, exploration, trekking.

33. Spider Web
A spider web with an orange spider.
Wildlife, insects, jungle.

34. Indigenous Person with Tribal Marks
A person with traditional marks.
Indigenous cultures, anthropology, jungle.

35. Indigenous Person with Piercings
Another indigenous person with visible piercings.
Indigenous cultures, anthropology, jungle.

36. Vines with Leaves
Several tall vines with foliage.
Jungle plants, flora, scenery.

37. Rhino in Jungle
A rhino in the lush greenery.
Wildlife, jungle animals, nature reserves.

38. Spider Web in Jungle
A spider web among trees.
Ecology, wildlife, jungle.

39. Jungle Reflection
Reflection of jungle trees in the water.
Scenery, nature, jungle views.

40. Dense Foliage
Dense foliage in a dark setting.
Forests, jungle scenery, nature.

41. Tree with Liana Vines
Tree covered with liana vines against a sky-blue background.
Jungle plants, adventure, scenery.

42. Ripe Fruits
Red ripe fruits similar to guavas against a pink background.
Jungle fruits, flora, food.

43. Monkey Swinging
A monkey swinging from a vine against a green background.
Wildlife, jungle animals, nature.

44. Black Panther
A black panther in the jungle against a red background.
Wildlife, predators, jungle.

45. Snake on Tree
A green snake curled on a tree branch.
Reptiles, jungle animals, wildlife.

46. Thicket
Dense thicket with green leaves.
Jungle, plants, scenery.

47. Vines Crawling
Vines crawling on dark background.
Flora, jungle, nature.

48. Jungle Clearing
A small clearing of the jungle with wild grass.
Jungle pathways, exploration, scenery.

49. Jungle Canopy with Sunlight
A jungle canopy with sunlight filtering through.
Forest, nature scenery, jungle.

50. Jungle Sign
A wooden signboard with “JUNGLE” written on it.
Adventure, hiking trails, travel.

These icons can add a vibrant and informative touch to projects involving jungle themes.

Let the beauty of the jungle inspire your designs. Our carefully crafted icon collection showcases the wonders of the jungle, including vibrant wildlife and enchanting foliage.

Download today and embark on a creative adventure! 🌟

You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Jungle Icons set includes:

Wilderness, Flora, Fauna, Adventure, Tropical, Foliage, Wildlife, Exotic, Greenery, Rainforest, Safari, Botanical, Verdant, Canopy, Vibrant, Serene, Untamed, Ecological, Biodiversity, Scenic, Majestic, Natural, Verdant, Atmospheric, Enchanting.

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