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50 Water Sports Icons


Water Sports icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.

Water Sports icons png/svg/eps


50 Water Sports Icons

This set of water sports icons can be used for websites or applications related to water activities, sports, and recreation. These icons depict various water sports equipment, activities, and safety measures, making them suitable for surfing, swimming, diving, kayaking, and water safety apps or websites. The colorful and detailed designs enhance user interfaces, making them more engaging and informative.

1. Diving Mask and Snorkel
– A diving mask with a snorkel on a blue background.
– Snorkeling, diving equipment.

2. Crossed Paddles
– Two crossed paddles on a red background.
– Canoeing, kayaking, paddle sports.

3. Surfboard
– A surfboard on a green background.
– Surfing, water sports equipment.

4. Life Ring
– A life ring on a yellow background.
– Safety equipment, swimming, boating.

5. Diving Tanks
– Two diving tanks on a purple background.
– Scuba diving, diving equipment.

6. Diver with Tank
– A diver carrying a tank on a blue background.
– Scuba diving, underwater exploration.

7. Inflatable Raft
– An inflatable raft on a green background.
– Rafting, water rescue, leisure activities.

8. Water Polo Player
– A person playing water polo on a white background.
– Water polo, aquatic sports.

9. Sailboats
– Three sailboats on a red background.
– Sailing, regatta, water sports.

10. Rowing Team
– Two people rowing on a pink background.
– Rowing, team sports, boating.

11. Kayaker
– A person kayaking on a turquoise background.
– Kayaking, paddle sports, adventure sports.

12. Boat Shoe
– A boat shoe on a green background.
– Boating, casual water sports wear.

13. Life Jacket
– A life jacket on a yellow background.
– Safety equipment, boating, water sports.

14. Sailboard
– A sailboard on a red background.
– Windsurfing, sailing, water sports.

15. Swim Cap and Goggles
– A swim cap and goggles on a blue background.
– Swimming, competitive swimming, pool activities.

16. Surfboards
– Three surfboards on a turquoise background.
– Surfing, beach sports, water sports equipment.

17. Surfer with Board
– A person holding a surfboard on a pink background.
– Surfing, beach activities, water sports.

18. Diving Fins
– A pair of diving fins on a red background.
– Diving, snorkeling, underwater activities.

19. Swimmer Doing Backstroke
– A swimmer doing the backstroke on a turquoise background.
– Swimming, competitive swimming, water sports.

20. Person Surfing
– A person surfing on a blue background.
– Surfing, water sports, beach activities.

21. Fishing Rod
– A fishing rod with a lure on a green background.
– Fishing, recreational fishing, angling.

22. Depth Gauge
– A depth gauge on a pink background.
– Diving, underwater navigation, safety equipment.

23. Speedboat
– A speedboat in the water on a red background.
– Boating, speed racing, recreational watercraft.

24. Swimming Goggles
– Swimming goggles on a purple background.
– Swimming, competitive swimming, water activities.

25. Shark Fin
– A shark fin in water on a blue background.
– Marine life, safety warning, ocean activities.

26. Fishing Spear Gun
– A spear gun on a yellow background.
– Spearfishing, underwater hunting, diving equipment.

27. Person Floating on Water
– A person floating on water on a turquoise background.
– Swimming, relaxation, water activities.

28. Shark Warning Sign
– A triangular shark warning sign on a red background.
– Safety warnings, beach safety, ocean activities.

29. Volleyball with Waves
– A volleyball with waves on a pink background.
– Water sports, beach volleyball, beach activities.

30. Person Windsurfing
– A person windsurfing on a blue background.
– Windsurfing, water sports, adventure sports.

31. Diving Table
– A diving table on a yellow background.
– Diving safety, underwater diving, diving activities.

32. Diving Fins
– A pair of diving fins on a turquoise background.
– Snorkeling, diving, underwater activities.

33. Person Paragliding
– A person paragliding over water on a pink background.
– Paragliding, adventure sports, water activities.

34. Kayaking
– A person kayaking with a paddle on a red background.
– Kayaking, water sports, adventure activities.

35. Water Temperature Sign
– A sign indicating water temperature on a blue background.
– Swimming, water conditions, safety updates.

36. Swimsuit
– A one-piece swimsuit on a pink background.
– Swimming, beachwear, aquatic sports.

37. Swim Trunks
– A pair of swim trunks on a yellow background.
– Swimming, beachwear, water activities.

38. Hydrofoil Board
– A hydrofoil surfboard on a blue background.
– Surfing, hydrofoiling, water sports.

39. Person Kiteboarding
– A person kiteboarding on a turquoise background.
– Kiteboarding, water sports, adventure sports.

40. Walkie-Talkie
– A walkie-talkie on a blue background.
– Communication, safety equipment, water sports.

41. Swimmer with Cap
– A swimmer with a cap on a purple background.
– Swimming, competitive swimming, pool activities.

42. Diving Hook
– A diving hook on a turquoise background.
– Diving safety, underwater equipment, diving tools.

43. Diving Board Ladder
– A ladder attached to a diving board on a yellow background.
– Swimming pools, diving, water sports facilities.

44. Binoculars
– A pair of binoculars on a blue background.
– Marine navigation, water safety, observation.

45. Underwater Helmet
– An underwater helmet on a purple background.
– Diving, underwater exploration, safety equipment.

46. Person on Paddleboard
– A person standing on a paddleboard on a blue background.
– Paddleboarding, water sports, leisure activities.

47. Swimming Pool Lane Hook
– A hook for swimming pool lanes on a red background.
– Competitive swimming, pool organization, water sports.

48. Buoy
– A buoy on a blue background.
– Safety markers, marine navigation, water activities.

49. Swimming Goggles and Cap
– Pair of swimming goggles and a cap on a turquoise background.
– Swimming, competitive swimming, water gear.

50. Safety Whistle
– A safety whistle on a blue background.
– Safety equipment, swimming, water sports.

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50 Water Sports Icons set includes:

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