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Baseball icons png/svg/eps


50 Baseball Icons

A detailed collection of 50 baseball-related icons, perfect for websites or applications focused on sports, particularly baseball. These icons are ideal for use in sporting event websites, fantasy sports apps, sports news websites, and sports analytics platforms.

1. Baseball
– A simple baseball with red stitches.
– Baseball equipment, sports merchandise.

2. Crossed Bats and Shield
– Two crossed baseball bats with a shield in the center featuring a baseball.
– Logos, team symbols, and baseball clubs.

3. Umpire’s Clicker
– A black baseball umpire’s clicker for counting strikes, balls, and outs.
– Umpiring equipment, scorekeeping.

4. Player Swinging Bat
– A baseball player swinging a bat.
– Player actions, sports training.

5. Baseball Glove
– A brown baseball glove.
– Baseball gear, catching.

6. Catcher’s Gear
– A catcher’s mitt and mask.
– Catcher’s equipment, protective wear.

7. Pitcher
– A pitcher in a throwing motion.
– Player positions, pitching techniques.

8. Trophy
– A golden trophy with a baseball on top.
– Awards, competitions.

9. Swinging Bat
– A baseball bat hitting a ball.
– Batting, game actions.

10. Baseball Field
– An overhead view of a baseball field.
– Stadiums, field layouts.

11. Pitching Machine
– A pitching machine throwing a ball.
– Training, practice equipment.

12. Right Fielder
– A baseball player catching a ball in the right field.
– Field positions, gameplay actions.

13. Umpire
– An umpire signaling with both hands.
– Officiating, game rules.

14. Catcher’s Mask
– A blue catcher’s mask.
– Protective gear, catching.

15. Catchers Chest Protector
– A chest protector in blue.
– Protective gear, catchers’ equipment.

16. Slid into Base
– A player sliding safely into a baseball base.
– Gameplay actions, base running.

17. Uniform with Bat
– A baseball bat leaning against a uniform shirt.
– Team equipment, player uniforms.

18. Fan Cheering
– A fan holding a sign with an exclamation mark.
– Spectators, fan engagement.

19. Baseball Ticket
– A ticket for entry into a baseball game.
– Event access, game tickets.

20. Stars and Baseball Circle
– A baseball surrounded by stars.
– Champion symbols, awards.

21. Crossed Bats
– Two crossed baseball bats.
– Baseball teams, logos.

22. Gold Medal
– A gold medal.
– Awards, achievements.

23. Scoreboard
– A digital scoreboard displaying innings and scores.
– Game results, scorekeeping.

24. Baseball Emblem
– An emblem with a baseball bat, stars, and laurel leaves.
– Club badges, team logos.

25. Sliding into Base
– A player sliding into base with dirt flying up.
– Base running, game actions.

26. Pitcher Winding Up
– A pitcher about to throw a ball.
– Pitching techniques, player actions.

27. Baseball on TV
– A TV screen displaying a baseball game.
– Game broadcasts, sports channels.

28. Award Ribbon with Baseball
– An award ribbon with a baseball in the center.
– Awards, competitions.

29. Umpire Close-Up
– An umpire signaling an out.
– Officiating, game rules.

30. Golden Shield and Bats
– A shield with baseball bats and laurels.
– Team logos, sports achievements.

31. Baseball Cap
– A baseball cap on a stand.
– Player uniforms, merchandise.

32. Team Photo
– A photo featuring two baseball players holding a ball.
– Team spirit, memorabilia.

33. Baseball Card
– A collectible baseball card.
– Collectibles, fan memorabilia.

34. Pitcher Throwing Ball
– A pitcher in the action of throwing a ball.
– Pitching, game play.

35. Alarm Clock and Bat
– An alarm clock and a baseball bat.
– Game schedule, timing.

36. Play Strategy Board
– A board showing baseball play strategies.
– Coaching, strategy planning.

37. Hand Pointing Down
– A hand pointing downwards.
– Directions, emphasis.

38. Hand Pointing Left
– A hand pointing left.
– Directions, navigation.

39. Hand Pointing Right
– A hand pointing right.
– Directions, guidance.

40. Baseball with Wings
– A baseball with wings, symbolizing speed.
– Fast plays, dynamic sports.

41. Batter Ready to Hit
– A player in a batting stance.
– Batting, game play.

42. Whistle and Laurel
– A whistle inside a laurel wreath.
– Coaching, officiating.

43. Baseball Field Layout
– A detailed layout of a baseball field.
– Field design, stadium planning.

44. Customer Support with Baseball
– A person with a headset holding a baseball.
– Customer service, fan engagement.

45. Coach Cheering
– A coach celebrating a win.
– Team spirit, motivation.

46. Pitch Counter
– A pitch counter showing the pitch count.
– Statistics, game tracking.

47. Player Celebrating
– A baseball player jumping in celebration.
– Winning moments, achievements.

48. Sport Watch
– A watch displaying a timer during a game.
– Game time, tracking.

49. Tactic Board
– A tactical strategy board for planning plays.
– Coaching, strategy.

50. Pitching Motion
– A player in the act of pitching.
– Game play, pitching techniques.

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– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Baseball Icons set includes:

Baseball, ball, referee, player helmet, jersey, bats, catchers helmet, trophy, medal, catchers gloves, baseball ball, baseball cap, baseball hand gestures, scoreboard, baseball field, baseball ticket, baseball trophy, baseball logo, and sports stadium.

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