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Charity icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.

Charity icons png/svg/eps


50 Charity Icons: This set features a collection of vibrant and expressive icons related to various aspects of charity, including community support, donations, volunteering, health care, and social services. These icons are ideal for websites, apps, and materials focused on nonprofit organizations, fundraising events, social causes, and community outreach programs.

1. Happy person
– A smiling individual with a heart symbol, depicting happiness and compassion.
– Charity websites, mental health campaigns, volunteer recruitment.

2. Donation card with heart
– Two hands holding a card with a heart symbol, representing donations.
– Fundraising events, nonprofit donation pages, crowdfunding platforms.

3. Group support
– Multiple people with heart symbols, showing community support.
– Community outreach programs, support groups, team volunteering.

4. Family support
– A family with heart symbols, representing familial support and care.
– Family services, child welfare organizations, family counseling.

5. Charity gift basket
– A basket filled with items like teddy bears and flowers.
– Gift drives, holiday charity events, community donations.

6. Red ribbon awareness
– Hands holding a red ribbon, symbolizing awareness for various causes.
– Health awareness campaigns, HIV/AIDS programs, cancer awareness.

7. Blood donation
– A blood bag with a heart symbol, indicating blood donation.
– Blood drives, medical charity events, health services.

8. Money donation
– A hand holding money.
– Fundraising campaigns, financial aid programs, charity events.

9. Planting for growth
– A hand planting a sprout.
– Environmental charity, sustainability projects, community gardens.

10. Heart in hand
– A hand holding a heart.
– Medical care, compassion services, mental health support.

11. Grocery donation
– A basket filled with groceries.
– Food drives, community food banks, social services.

12. Happy partnership
– Two hands shaking with a heart symbol.
– Partnership programs, collaborative charity projects, volunteer work.

13. Group children support
– Group of happy children with hearts.
– Children’s charities, educational programs, youth support services.

14. Pet adoption
– A person holding a dog with a heart symbol.
– Animal shelters, pet adoption events, animal welfare organizations.

15. Charity jar
– A jar filled with coins and a red ribbon.
– Donation jars, fundraising events, charity drives.

16. Money in hand
– A hand holding cash.
– Financial donations, fundraising campaigns, charity auctions.

17. Nurse with cross
– A nurse figure with a red cross symbol.
– Health care charities, medical aid programs, nursing services.

18. Community support
– Hands holding a heart and money symbol.
– Community funding, mutual aid, social services.

19. Hand with hearts
– A hand with heart symbols.
– Compassion services, volunteer work, support programs.

20. Hand with heart
– A hand holding a heart with a lock.
– Secure donations, trust campaigns, charity credentials.

21. Dove with olive branch
– A dove holding an olive branch.
– Peace organizations, humanitarian services, conflict resolution.

22. Volunteer
– A happy volunteer with a heart symbol.
– Volunteer recruitment, community service projects, charity events.

23. Auctioneering
– An auctioneer figure with a heart symbol.
– Charity auctions, fundraising events, nonprofit fundraising.

24. Medical assistance
– A medical kit with a red cross.
– Medical aid, disaster relief, health services.

25. Blood infusion
– An IV drip with a heart symbol.
– Medical charities, donor services, health care programs.

26. Soup kitchen
– A bowl of soup with steam.
– Community kitchens, homelessness services, food aid programs.

27. Medical cards
– Medical cards and money.
– Health care financing, medical charity programs, aid distribution.

28. Red ribbon
– A red ribbon.
– Awareness campaigns, health initiatives, nonprofit programs.

29. Health and certification
– A certificate with red and purple ribbons.
– Accreditation, awards in charity work, certification programs.

30. Global awareness
– A globe with red and purple ribbons.
– Global charity, international aid, world health campaigns.

31. Community building
– Four hands coming together.
– Community projects, team building activities, collaborative efforts.

32. Mother and child
– A woman and a child with hearts.
– Women’s shelters, parenting support programs, children’s welfare.

33. Medical transport
– An ambulance with a heart symbol.
– Emergency services, medical aid, disaster response.

34. Mobile donation
– A hand holding a smartphone displaying a heart.
– Mobile donations, crowdfunding apps, digital charity platforms.

35. Volunteer shirt
– A shirt with a heart symbol.
– Volunteer recruitment, charity events, community service.

36. Planting hope
– A plant with a heart symbol growing out of a pot.
– Environmental charities, community gardening, sustainability efforts.

37. Hands raised
– Raised hands with heart bracelets.
– Volunteer activities, community events, charity rallies.

38. Giving heart
– A hand offering a heart.
– Charitable donations, support services, health care.

39. Handshake
– Two hands shaking with a heart symbol.
– Partnerships, volunteer work, collaborative charity missions.

40. Heart monitor
– A heartbeat on a tablet screen.
– Health services, medical apps, telemedicine.

41. Caregiver
– A person carrying another person with heart symbols.
– Caregiving services, elder care, support programs.

42. Hand heart bracelet
– A hand wearing a heart symbol bracelet.
– Compassionate services, support groups, volunteer programs.

43. Charity box
– A box with a heart symbol and money coming out.
– Fundraising events, donation drives, charity collections.

44. Donation hand
– A hand giving money.
– Financial donations, charity campaigns, nonprofit financing.

45. Pink heart
– A hand holding a pink heart.
– Health awareness, charity for women, support groups.

46. Medical supplies
– A box with medical supplies like bandages.
– Medical aid, disaster relief, health services.

47. Handshake with heart
– Two hands shaking with a heart overlay.
– Partnership programs, collaborative efforts, social services.

48. Happy world
– A globe with people holding hands.
– Global charities, international aid, world peace initiatives.

49. Children with hearts
– Two children holding hearts.
– Children’s charities, educational support, youth programs.

50. Injection
– A syringe and medicine vials with heart symbols.
– Vaccination drives, medical charity, health care initiatives.

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You will download the charity icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Charity Icons set includes:

charity, donation, blood donation, flower pot, syringe, hands, balloons, t-shirts, love, ribbon, money, bread, female, male, handshake, family

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