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50 Ukraine Icons:
This set of 50 colorful Ukraine-themed icons includes various aspects of Ukrainian culture, landmarks, traditional clothing, and cuisine. These icons can be used in websites, apps, educational materials, or promotional content related to Ukraine.

1. Map of Ukraine
– A map of Ukraine colored in blue and yellow.
– Geography, national pride, education.

2. Ukrainian Trident (Tryzub)
– The national emblem of Ukraine shown in blue and gold.
– National symbols, heraldry, history.

3. Ukrainian Flag
– The blue and yellow national flag of Ukraine.
– National pride, patriotic events, international relations.

4. Bandura
– A traditional Ukrainian string instrument.
– Music, culture, traditional festivals.

5. Dumplings (Vareniki)
– Two dumplings on a pink background.
– Cuisine, traditional food, cooking.

6. Crossed Flags
– Two crossed Ukrainian flags.
– Sports, national pride, celebrations.

7. Raised Fist with Flag
– A fist holding the Ukrainian flag.
– Protests, national pride, activism.

8. Sunflower Field
– Rows of sunflowers.
– Agriculture, nature, landscape.

9. Ukrainian Coat of Arms
– The national emblem on a pale gold and blue background.
– History, government, law.

10. Ukrainian Woman in Traditional Dress
– A woman wearing a traditional floral headpiece.
– Festivals, traditions, culture.

11. Bird
– A small bird on a peach background.
– Wildlife, nature, environment.

12. Sunflower
– A single sunflower.
– Agriculture, nature, national symbol.

13. Ukrainian Currency
– Banknotes with the hryvnia symbol (₴).
– Economy, finance, currency.

14. Ukrainian Coin
– A gold coin with the hryvnia symbol.
– Economy, finance, currency.

15. Heart with Flag Colors
– A heart divided into blue and yellow sections.
– Love for country, patriotism, social media.

16. Traditional Necklace
– A colorful and ornate necklace with beads.
– Fashion, tradition, handicrafts.

17. Embroidered Cloth
– Traditional Ukrainian embroidered fabric.
– Handicrafts, culture, clothing.

18. Ukrainian Church
– A church with golden domes.
– Religion, architecture, culture.

19. Traditional Star Ornament
– A multi-colored star-shaped ornament.
– Festivals, decorations, tradition.

20. Kyiv Golden Gate
– An illustration of the Golden Gate in Kyiv.
– Tourism, history, landmarks.

21. Viburnum Berries
– A cluster of red viburnum berries.
– Botany, culture, traditions.

22. Hetman’s Mace
– A ceremonial mace used by historical leaders.
– History, military, culture.

23. Wheat Sheaves
– Two bundles of wheat.
– Agriculture, harvest, nature.

24. Sunflowers
– Two sunflowers on a light blue background.
– Agriculture, nature, national symbol.

25. Bacon (Salo)
– A piece of traditional Ukrainian bacon with greenery.
– Cuisine, traditional food, cooking.

26. Map with Locator
– Map of Ukraine with a location pin.
– Geography, travel, navigation.

27. Traditional Boot
– A brown leather traditional Ukrainian boot.
– Fashion, tradition, culture.

28. Willow Branches
– Pussy willow branches in bloom.
– Nature, religious traditions, spring.

29. Red Boot
– A red traditional Ukrainian boot.
– Fashion, tradition, culture.

30. Traditional Blouse
– A white blouse with red embroidery.
– Clothing, tradition, festivals.

31. Tractor
– A blue tractor on a brown soil background.
– Agriculture, machinery, farming.

32. Traditional Jacket
– A green and red embroidered jacket.
– Clothing, tradition, fashion.

33. Bread
– A loaf of traditional Ukrainian bread.
– Cuisine, food, tradition.

34. Ukrainian Dumplings Dish
– A plate of dumplings with sauce.
– Cuisine, food, cooking.

35. Red Skirt
– A traditional red skirt with blue accents.
– Fashion, tradition, culture.

36. Pickled Cucumbers
– Cucumbers in a jar with a chili pepper.
– Cuisine, food preservation, traditional food.

37. Embroidered Belt
– A traditional red embroidered belt.
– Clothing, tradition, fashion.

38. Floral Headband
– A flower crown with various colored flowers.
– Festivals, tradition, fashion.

39. Horilka (Vodka) Bottle
– A bottle of traditional Ukrainian horilka with a chili pepper design.
– Cuisine, drinks, celebrations.

40. Floral Headpiece
– A headpiece made of colorful flowers.
– Fashion, tradition, festivals.

41. Woman in Traditional Dress
– A woman with a flower crown and traditional dress.
– Culture, festivals, tradition.

42. Loaf of Bread with Salt
– A loaf of bread presented with salt.
– Hospitality, tradition, celebrations.

43. Potato Pancakes
– Two golden brown potato pancakes.
– Cuisine, traditional food, cooking.

44. Red Trousers
– Traditional red wide-legged trousers.
– Clothing, tradition, fashion.

45. Flower Wreath
– A decorative wreath of flowers.
– Decorations, festivals, tradition.

46. Pysanka (Decorated Egg)
– A colorful, intricately decorated egg.
– Easter, tradition, crafts.

47. Cross
– A traditional ornate cross.
– Religion, culture, history.

48. Parliament Building
– The building of the Ukrainian parliament.
– Government, politics, architecture.

49. Pickle Jar
– A jar of pickled vegetables.
– Cuisine, traditional food, culinary.

50. Borscht
– A bowl of traditional Ukrainian red soup.
– Cuisine, traditional food, cooking.

Embark on a visual journey through Ukraine with our comprehensive icons pack. Designed to encapsulate the essence of Ukrainian culture, this collection boasts a wide range of icons representing traditional crafts, architectural marvels, and cultural symbols. Bring the beauty of Ukraine to your design projects today.

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– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Ukraine Icons set includes:

Traditions, Folklore, Cuisine, Embroidery, Dance, Music, Architecture, Festivals, Literature, History, Language, Heritage, Customs, Art, Pottery, Religion, Folktales, Costumes, Pysanky, Hospitality, Carpathians, Hutsul, Bandura, Cossacks, Vyshyvanka.

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