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Taxi icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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This is a set of 50 taxi-related icons which can be used in various contexts such as taxi booking apps, transportation websites, navigation systems, customer service portals, etc. The icons are colorful and cover a wide range of topics within the taxi service industry, from vehicles and drivers to customers and technology.

1. Taxi Sign
A traditional taxi roof sign with a checker pattern.
Taxi identification, taxi booking apps.

2. Taxi Van
A side view of a van with a taxi sign.
Taxi fleet, vehicle options.

3. Taxi Sedan
A side view of a sedan car designed as a taxi.
Taxi booking, vehicle classification.

4. Taxi Bus
A side view of a larger bus with a taxi sign.
Group travel, special taxi services.

5. Female Taxi Driver
A woman in a taxi driver uniform and cap.
Driver profiles, gender representation in drivers.

6. Taxi in Motion
A yellow taxi cab driving on a road.
Live tracking, trip in progress.

7. Taxi Headquarters
A building with a taxi sign hanging in front.
Taxi company office, headquarters.

8. Driver License
A clipboard with a driver license featuring a photo of a driver.
Driver verification, documentation.

9. Female Passenger
A woman with short curly hair wearing a taxi uniform.
Customer representation, passenger profile.

10. Male Taxi Driver
A man with a mustache in a taxi driver uniform and cap.
Driver profiles, driver representation.

11. Online Payment
A smartphone with a dollar symbol and a receipt coming out.
Online payment, fare calculation.

12. Driver Profile
A clipboard with a driver’s license photo and information.
Driver information, driver verification.

13. Steering Wheel
A steering wheel symbolizing driving.
Driving, car control, navigation.

14. Taxi Meter
A taxi meter showing 13.06 as the fare.
Fare calculation, payment.

15. Cash Payment
A hand holding money bills with a dollar sign.
Cash payment, fare settlement.

16. Suitcases
Two suitcases; one green and one brown.
Travel, airport taxi services.

17. Taxi App Call
A smartphone with a taxi symbol and the word ‘CALL’.
Taxi booking apps, ride-hailing.

18. Rickshaw
A traditional rickshaw with a bicycle.
Alternate transportation, urban mobility.

19. Motorbike Taxi
A motorbike with a small taxi sign.
Quick transport, two-wheeler taxi services.

20. Taxi Hatchback
A hatchback car with a taxi sign.
Vehicle options, taxi services.

21. High-Rated Taxi
A taxi with a 5-star rating above it.
Customer reviews, high service quality.

22. Driver Rating
A driver’s profile picture with a star rating.
Driver evaluation, customer feedback.

23. Taxi with Taillights
The rear view of a taxi with taillights glowing.
Vehicles, night service.

24. Taxi Booking
A smartphone with a taxi symbol.
Taxi apps, ride-hailing.

25. Eco-Friendly Taxi
A taxi with a plug symbolizing an electric vehicle.
Sustainability, eco-friendly transportation.

26. Wi-Fi Taxi
A taxi with a Wi-Fi signal symbol.
Connectivity, customer convenience.

27. Taxi Stand
A taxi stand sign.
Pickup locations, waiting areas.

28. Route Map
A map with a location pin and route.
Navigation, trip planning.

29. Taxi Dispatch
A dispatch screen with a taxi symbol.
Fleet management, dispatch systems.

30. Calling Taxi
A woman using a smartphone to call a taxi.
Ride-hailing, passenger requests.

31. Male Taxi Driver with Green Cap
A male taxi driver wearing a green cap.
Driver profiles, professional drivers.

32. Elderly Taxi Driver
An elderly male taxi driver in uniform.
Driver profiles, experienced drivers.

33. No Food Icon
A crossed fork and knife indicating no food allowed.
Taxi rules, passenger guidelines.

34. House Location
A pin with a house symbol inside.
Home pickup, destination marking.

35. Chat with Driver
A screen with chat bubbles on a smartphone.
Communication, customer service.

36. GPS Navigation
A GPS device showing a route on the screen.
Navigation, route planning.

37. Satisfied Passengers
Emoticons representing happy passengers on a smartphone.
Customer feedback, ratings.

38. Taxi Website
A laptop with a taxi symbol on the screen.
Online booking, taxi services.

39. No Smoking
A crossed-out cigarette indicating no smoking.
Taxi rules, health and safety.

40. Spare Tire
A spare tire with a mechanism visible inside.
Vehicle maintenance, safety equipment.

41. No Pets
A crossed-out dog indicating no pets allowed.
Taxi rules, passenger guidelines.

42. Taxi with Dashboard
The front part of a taxi with a visible dashboard.
Vehicle features, in-car experience.

43. No Alcohol
A crossed-out bottle indicating no alcohol allowed.
Taxi rules, passenger guidelines.

44. Female Taxi Driver in Blue
A female taxi driver wearing blue.
Driver profiles, gender representation.

45. Hand Waving Taxi Icon
An icon of a hand waving signaling to get a taxi.
Hailing a taxi, street pickups.

46. Taxi Key
A car key with a taxi symbol.
Vehicle access, security.

47. 24-Hour Service
A clock showing 24h indicating round-the-clock service.
Availability, customer convenience.

48. Service Rating
A panel with stars representing rating a service.
Customer reviews, feedback.

49. Taxi Booking Platform
A display of a computer screen with a taxi symbol.
Online booking, service management.

50. Connected Taxi
A taxi with an antenna and radiating signals.
Connectivity, modern taxi services.

These icons would be useful in creating UI/UX designs for taxi service apps, websites, or any media related to transportation services involving taxis.

Taxi icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

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– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Taxi Icons set includes:

Taxi, Cab, Transport, Car, Driver, Passenger, Ride, Road, Traffic, Navigation, App, Mobile, Vehicle, Transporter, Journey, Fare, Dispatch, Service, Hail, Dispatch, GPS, Ride-hailing, Taxi service, Taxi booking, Travel.

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