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Breakfast icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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Breakfast Icons Set
This set contains 50 breakfast-themed icons, perfect for websites or applications related to food, nutrition, recipes, cooking, and health. These icons can be used in mobile apps, restaurant menus, food blogs, and diet planners. Each icon is colorful and represents a different breakfast item or concept.


1. Wheat Bundle:
A bundle of golden wheat tied together.
Agriculture, organic food, cereals.

2. Fried Eggs:
Two fried eggs on a blue plate.
Breakfast recipes, protein-rich diets.

3. Ham and Eggs:
Slices of ham and eggs on a plate.
Hearty breakfast options, protein sources.

4. Egg Carton:
A carton containing white eggs.
Grocery shopping, cooking ingredients.

5. Cheese Slice:
A large yellow cheese with holes.
Dairy products, snacks, sandwiches.

6. Butter and Knife:
A slab of butter with a knife.
Baking, spreads, breakfast toasts.

7. Frying Pan with Eggs:
Three eggs sunny-side up in a frying pan.
Cooking, breakfast preparation.

8. Pancakes with Strawberries:
Pancakes stacked with strawberries on top.
Sweet breakfasts, brunch meals.

9. Fruits and Yogurt Bowl:
A bowl of yogurt topped with fruits.
Healthy breakfasts, meal planning.

10. Cereal Bowl with Banana:
A bowl of cereal with banana slices on top.
Quick breakfasts, nutritional food.

11. Coffee Bag:
A bag of coffee beans and a coffee cup.
Cafes, morning routines, beverages.

12. Bacon and Egg Breakfast:
Bacon strips and a sunny-side-up egg on a plate.
Traditional breakfasts, high-protein food.

13. Waffles with Strawberry:
A waffle topped with a strawberry.
Sweet treats, brunch items.

14. Crispy Bacon Strips:
Two strips of crispy bacon.
Breakfast sides, savory dishes.

15. Bacon Slice:
A single strip of bacon.
Breakfast proteins, cooking ingredients.

16. Croissant:
A golden brown croissant.
French breakfasts, pastries.

17. Cereal with Milk:
A bowl of cereal and a container of milk.
Breakfast staples, easy meals.

18. Maple Syrup and Pancakes:
Bottle of syrup and a stack of pancakes.
Pancake recipes, sweet breakfasts.

19. Croissant and Coffee:
A croissant with a cup of coffee.
Cafe menus, breakfast combinations.

20. Strawberry Jam Jar:
A jar of strawberry jam with a label.
Spreads, preserves, sandwiches.

21. Tea Cup:
A white tea cup on a saucer.
Morning drinks, relaxing breakfasts.

22. Avocado Toast:
A slice of toast with avocado spread.
Healthy eating, modern breakfast trends.

23. Coffee Cup with Beans:
A steaming coffee cup with coffee beans beside it.
Morning coffee, cafe menus.

24. Orange Juice:
A glass of orange juice.
Refreshing drinks, vitamin-rich food.

25. Parfait:
Layers of yogurt, fruits, and granola in a glass.
Healthy desserts, nutritious breakfasts.

26. Donut with Sprinkles:
A donut covered with pink icing and sprinkles.
Sweet snacks, breakfast treats.

27. Milk and Cereal:
Twice, cereal bowl and milk container.
Standard breakfasts, family meals.

28. Milk Carton:
A white and blue carton of milk.
Dairy products, breakfast essentials.

29. Oatmeal with Berries:
A bowl of oatmeal topped with berries.
Healthy breakfasts, fiber-rich foods.

30. Cookies:
Three chocolate chip cookies.
Sweet treats, snacks.

31. To-go Coffee Cup:
A paper coffee cup with a lid.
Coffee shops, on-the-go drinks.

32. Toast Slices:
Two slices of toast bread.
Breakfast toasts, sandwiches.

33. Peanut Butter and Jelly:
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Quick snacks, kid’s lunches.

34. Toaster:
A silver toaster with bread slices.
Kitchen appliances, breakfast equipment.

35. Toast with Butter:
A slice of bread topped with butter.
Simple breakfasts, spreads.

36. Bananas:
Two whole bananas.
Healthy snacks, fruit servings.

37. Coffee Pot:
A pot of brewed coffee.
Cafes, breakfast beverages.

38. Peeling Banana:
A banana being peeled.
Fruit servings, quick snacks.

39. Cookie and Milk:
A cookie and a glass of milk.
Sweet treats, bedtime snacks.

40. Boiled Eggs:
Two hard-boiled eggs.
Protein-rich foods, breakfast options.

41. Egg in Egg Cup:
A soft-boiled egg in an egg cup.
Continental breakfasts, egg recipes.

42. Fruit Juice:
A glass of fruit juice with a peach beside it.
Refreshing drinks, healthy beverages.

43. Banana Slice:
Two banana slices.
Fruit salads, breakfast toppings.

44. Fruit Bottle:
A bottle of fruit juice next to fruits.
Juice recipes, health drinks.

45. Fruits:
An apple and an orange.
Healthy snacks, diet plans.

46. Milk Glass:
A full glass of milk.
Dairy consumption, breakfast drinks.

47. Breakfast Crackers:
A handful of breakfast crackers.
Light snacks, breakfast sides.

48. Blueberry Muffin:
A muffin with blueberries.
Baked goods, sweet breakfast options.

49. Carrot Muffin:
A muffin with orange sprinkles.
Healthy baking, breakfast treats.

50. Milk and Muffin:
A glass of milk with a muffin beside it.
Complete breakfast, snack combo.

These icons are ideal for enhancing user interface designs to make them more visually appealing and thematic.

Give your breakfast-themed designs a professional touch with our curated collection of downloadable graphic icons. From coffee cups to croissants, our icons will add flavour and style to your design projects.

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– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Breakfast Icons set includes:

Sandwich, Food, Eggs, Pancakes, Coffee, Cereal, Toast, Bacon, Omelette, Juice, Brunch, Fruit, Waffles, Syrup, Bagel, Croissant, Granola, Yogurt, Sausage, Muffin, Cappuccino, Smoothie, Pastries, Tea, Nutella.

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