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Sushi Icons Set

This set includes 50 colorful sushi-themed icons that can be utilized on websites and applications related to food, particularly Japanese cuisine. These icons are ideal for restaurant menus, food delivery apps, culinary blogs, and cooking guides. The set includes icons in various file formats including SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG.

1. Sushi Roll with Avocado
– Two pieces of sushi roll containing avocado, wrapped in rice and seaweed.
– Menu items, food blogs, ingredient highlights.

2. Sushi Roll with Fish
– Four pieces of sushi roll with fish and avocado wrapped in rice and seaweed.
– Menu items, food reviews, ingredient or recipe highlighting.

3. Stacked Sushi Rolls
– Three sushi rolls stacked next to each other.
– Menu items, restaurant promotions, food photography.

4. Sushi with Cucumber
– Two sushi pieces with cucumber slices inside, wrapped in rice and seaweed.
– Menu items, vegetarian options, food blogs.

5. Sushi with Fish Roe
– Sushi with a fish filling topped with fish roe wrapped in seaweed.
– Menu items, seafood specials, Japanese cuisine.

6. Cone Sushi
– A cone-shaped sushi wrap filled with rice, fish, and vegetables.
– Sushi bar items, takeout options, quick bites.

7. Seaweed Sheets
– Two sheets of seaweed.
– Ingredients section, cooking guides, sushi-making tutorials.

8. Sushi Rolls Set
– A set of three circular sushi rolls.
– Menu items, combo meals, food photography.

9. Triangular Green Sushi
– Two triangular sushi pieces with green centers.
– Vegetarian options, menu items, food art.

10. Salmon Wrapped Sushi
– Three sushi pieces wrapped with salmon.
– Menu highlights, seafood specials, food photography.

11. Rolling Sushi Mat
– A sushi rolling mat with a partially rolled sushi.
– Cooking tutorials, kitchen tools, food preparation guides.

12. Slicing Sushi
– A chef slicing a sushi roll with a knife.
– Cooking tutorials, professional tips, restaurant workings.

13. Sushi Recipe Book
– A closed book with a sushi image on it.
– Recipe guides, culinary books, educational content.

14. Sushi with Salmon and Avocado
– Sushi roll containing salmon and avocado being dipped in sauce.
– Menu items, seafood lovers, food photography.

15. Sushi with Soup Bowl
– Sushi paired with a small bowl of soup.
– Menu items, meal combos, traditional dining.

16. Sushi Roll with Chopsticks
– A sushi roll held by a pair of chopsticks.
– Dining etiquette, how-to guides, food photography.

17. Sushi with Fish Roe Topping
– Sushi roll topped with fish roe.
– Menu highlights, seafood sections, special toppings.

18. Onigiri
– Two rice balls wrapped in seaweed.
– Traditional Japanese food, snack options, lunch ideas.

19. Soy Sauce Bottle
– A bottle of soy sauce.
– Ingredients list, condiment sections, dipping sauces.

20. Sushi Box
– A rectangular sushi takeout box.
– Takeout options, delivery menus, food packaging.

21. Ebi Sushi
– Two pieces of shrimp sushi on a purple background.
– Menu highlights, seafood options, food photography.

22. Hand Holding Wasabi
– A hand holding a small portion of wasabi.
– Condiments, dining etiquette, food art.

23. Hand with Chopsticks
– A hand picking up sushi with chopsticks.
– Dining tips, how-to guides, eating etiquette.

24. Sushi Knife Set
– A wooden box set containing various sushi knives.
– Kitchen tools, professional kitchens, sushi preparation.

25. Sushi Bar Counter
– A sushi bar counter with plates and chopsticks set up.
– Restaurant showcases, dining experiences, food establishments.

26. Sushi with Shrimps
– Sushi roll containing shrimp and avocado.
– Menu highlights, seafood options, food photography.

27. Sushi Conveyor Belt
– Sushi conveyor belt with different plates of sushi.
– Sushi train restaurants, dining experiences, food festivals.

28. Sushi Containers
– Stack of sushi containers.
– Takeout options, delivery services, portable meals.

29. Sushi Roll with Soy Sauce
– Sushi roll being dipped in soy sauce.
– Traditional dining, dipping sauces, food photography.

30. Ice Cream Scoop
– A green ice cream scoop, possibly matcha flavored.
– Dessert sections, menu items, refreshing treats.

31. Gunkan Sushi
– Two Gunkan sushi pieces with different toppings.
– Menu highlights, seafood options, unique sushi styles.

32. Sushi Rice Balls
– Four pieces of sushi rice balls wrapped in seaweed.
– Traditional foods, snack options, Japanese cuisine.

33. Double Layer Sushi
– Double layers of sushi stacked on each other.
– Special recipes, unique servings, food art.

34. Salmon Wrapped Sushi
– Three pieces of sushi wrapped in salmon.
– Seafood specials, menu highlights, food photography.

35. Sushi Box with Pickled Ginger
– A bento-style sushi box with ginger placed inside.
– Takeout meals, traditional dining, meal combos.

36. Sushi Restaurant
– Exterior of a sushi restaurant with a sign.
– Restaurant listings, dining experiences, food guides.

37. Shrimp Topped Sushi
– Sushi topped with a shrimp tail.
– Menu highlights, seafood options, sushi varieties.

38. Sushi with Salmon Eggs
– Two sushi pieces wrapped with seaweed and topped with salmon eggs.
– Seafood dishes, sushi specials, food art.

39. Fried Gyoza
– Fried Japanese dumplings (gyoza).
– Appetizers, side dishes, traditional snacks.

40. Packaged Sushi
– Packaged sushi tray.
– Supermarket sections, takeout options, ready-to-eat meals.

41. Sushi Platter with Chopsticks
– A platter of sushi with chopsticks on the side.
– Dining setups, menu highlights, group meals.

42. Fresh Salmon Sushi
– Three pieces of fresh salmon sushi.
– Seafood specials, dining options, sushi meals.

43. Sushi Prep Tools
– A bottle of soy sauce and chopsticks beside a sushi plate.
– Ingredients, cooking preparations, dining tips.

44. Salmon Sashimi
– Several pieces of salmon sashimi.
– Seafood dishes, menu highlights, traditional Japanese food.

45. Box of Sushi Rolls
– Rectangular box containing six sushi rolls.
– Takeout options, delivery services, meal combos.

46. Shrimp Nigiri
– Two pieces of shrimp nigiri sushi.
– Seafood specials, sushi meals, traditional dining.

47. Sashimi with Lemon
– Slices of sashimi with a lemon wedge.
– Menu highlights, seafood dishes, food art.

48. Packaged Seafood
– Packaged raw seafood.
– Supermarket sections, ingredients, seafood options.

49. Sushi Meal Box
– Bento box with different sushi pieces.
– Takeout meals, meal combos, traditional dining.

50. Crossed Chopsticks
– Pair of chopsticks placed in a cross pattern.
– Dining etiquette, cooking guides, food photography.

You will download the sushi icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Sushi Icons set includes:

All types of sushi.

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