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50 3D Printing Icons


3D Printing icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
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This set of 50 icons focuses on 3D printing and related processes. These icons are suitable for websites and applications involved in 3D printing, CAD design, and manufacturing. This includes platforms offering 3D printing tutorials, online stores selling printing supplies, or software applications for modeling and slicing in 3D.

1. 3D Printing Pen.
A blue 3D printing pen with a white pattern on a red circular background.
Creative tools, hobbyist 3D printing.

2. Desktop 3D Printer.
An orange 3D printer with a filament extruder on a yellow background.
Desktop manufacturing, home 3D printing.

3. Enclosed 3D Printer.
A pink 3D printer with an enclosure and control panel on a green background.
Professional 3D printing, manufacturing.

4. Printing Bed.
Circular 3D printer bed with several objects printed in red on a purple background.
Printer setup, printing process.

5. Stereolithography Printer.
A blue SLA printer with a resin vat and laser on a light blue background.
Stereolithography, high-resolution printing.

6. 3D Scanning.
A handheld 3D scanner projecting a grid onto a red object on a light blue background.
Scanning objects, creating digital models.

7. 3D Printing Filaments.
Three bottles labeled ‘3D’ indicating printing filaments on a light purple background.
Printer materials, filament supply.

8. Hook Mechanism.
A hook lifting a 3D-printed object on a blue background.
Post-processing, assembly line.

9. Play Button.
A hand holding a purple play button on a dark blue background.
Starting the print process, tutorials.

10. Extruder Head.
A green extruder head depositing filament on a purple background.
Printing process, material deposition.

11. Cutting Tool.
A purple utility knife with a yellow handle on a purple background.
Post-processing, material preparation.

12. CAD Software.
A 3D modeling interface showing a cube being adjusted on a peach background.
Designing 3D objects, CAD software.

13. Computer Screen.
A desktop monitor displaying a wireframe model of a house on a blue background.
3D modeling, architectural design.

14. 3D Box.
A yellow 3D cube with dotted lines on edges on a white background.
Modeling basics, geometric shapes.

15. Filament Roll Colors.
Various colored filament rolls on a purple background.
Filament choices, material variety.

16. Circuit Board.
A green circuit board layout on a pale blue background.
Electronics, embedded systems in 3D printing.

17. USB Drive.
A green USB drive on a purple background.
File transfer, digital storage.

18. Notebook and Pen.
A yellow notebook with a pen and a 3D object on the page.
Note-taking, brainstorming ideas.

19. Setting Icon.
A screen with settings gears and sliders on a pale blue background.
Software configuration, print settings.

20. Stacked Layers.
Three layers of different colors (pink, purple, green) indicating object layers on a pink background.
Layer setting, slicing software.

21. Cartridge for Printer.
A scale measuring filament output on a black background.
Material management, printing efficiency.

22. 3D Scanner.
A blue 3D scanner device with lenses on a yellow background.
Scanning, creating digital representations.

23. Document with Reference.
A document icon with a 3D square and list items on a white background.
Documentation, reference material.

24. Filament Spool.
A large spool of orange filament on a dark blue background.
Filament supply, printer materials.

25. Certificate Icon.
A certificate with a 3D emblem on a white background.
Certification, quality assurance.

26. 3D Print Process.
An infographic showing printing steps on an orange background.
Print workflow, educational.

27. Measurement and Adjustment.
Cubes with sliders showing measurement settings on a blue background.
Calibration, precision printing.

28. Package Delivery.
A brown package box with markings on a purple background.
Delivery, logistics.

29. Printer in Action.
A red 3D printer working on an object on a blue background.
Active printing, process visualization.

30. Object Folder.
A yellow folder with a 3D object symbol on a blue background.
File organization, digital storage.

31. Scaled Cube.
A dark grey cube with a ruler indicating size on a purple background.
Dimensions, measurement.

32. 3D Text.
A purple cube with “3D” text on a pink background.
Text printing, modeling basics.

33. Cube Stack.
Three stacked cubes in red on a green background.
Object assembly, component stacking.

34. Smartphone Control.
A smartphone screen displaying a 3D object that can be manipulated on a red background.
Mobile app, remote control.

35. 3D Model.
A single red cube representing a 3D model on a pink background.
Modeling, designing 3D objects.

36. Printing Process.
A 3D printer printing a pink object on a white background.
Active printing, printing setup.

37. OBJ File.
A document labeled “OBJ” indicating a 3D model file on a white background.
File format, 3D modeling.

38. Precision Tool.
A green pen-like tool on a purple background.
Detail work, small adjustments.

39. Scaling and Measurement.
A red cube with a ruler on its side for measurement on a blue background.
Precision, measurement.

40. Object Quality Check.
An analytical view of a 3D object with test parameters on an orange background.
Quality control, inspection.

41. Measuring and Ruler.
A yellow and grey ruler crossing each other indicating measurement on a light blue background.
Precision, dimensioning.

42. Slicing Software.
Software slicing a pink 3D model on a white background.
Software tools, printing preparation.

43. Ball on Base.
A red ball fixed on a sticking mechanism on a purple background.
Printer maintenance, object stability.

44. Extruder Nozzle.
A nozzle with a green filament part on a yellow background.
Extrusion, printer component.

45. PC with 3D Model.
A computer displaying a 3D model on the screen on a white background.
3D design, CAD software.

46. Eye Symbol.
Green eye icon with an orange center on a green background.
Preview, monitoring.

47. Mesh Network.
A network of connected nodes in an orange molecule structure on a light purple background.
Digital mesh, 3D structure.

48. DXF File.
A document labeled “DXF” indicating a CAD drawing file on a yellow background.
File format, CAD software.

49. 3D Printing Tool.
A red and green tool used for 3D printing tasks on an orange background.
Tool usage, maintenance.

50. 3D Cube.
A purple cube with highlights on a yellow background.
3D modeling, basic geometry.

You will download the 3D printing icons set:

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– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
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– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 3D Printing Icons set includes:

Editable 3D printing icons.

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