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50 Postal Service Icons


Postal Service icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
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Postal Service Icons Set

This icon set consists of 50 postal service-related icons, each depicted in a colorful circular frame. The icons cover various aspects of the postal and delivery service, including personnel, packages, transportation, and communication tools. These icons can be used in logistics, e-commerce, delivery service websites or applications, and for any content related to postal services.

1. Package on Scale
– A brown package on top of a scale.
– Shipping, parcel weight measurement.

2. Male Postal Worker Holding Package
– A male postal worker in uniform holding a package.
– Postal service personnel, package delivery.

3. Male Postal Worker with Letter
– A male postal worker in uniform holding a letter.
– Mail delivery, postal service personnel.

4. Stacked Packages
– Multiple packages stacked upon each other.
– Shipping, warehousing.

5. Airplane
– An airplane with a package icon.
– Air mail, international shipping.

6. Envelope with Wax Seal
– An envelope with a red wax seal.
– Premium mail service, official documents.

7. Envelope and Clipboard
– An envelope placed on a clipboard.
– Documentation, shipment tracking.

8. Postal Clerk Service Desk
– A postal clerk behind a service desk.
– Postal office, customer service.

9. Parcel on Conveyor
– A parcel being processed on a conveyor belt.
– Package sorting, logistics.

10. Location Pin and Package
– A package with a location pin marker.
– Parcel tracking, delivery location.

11. Delivery Box
– A brown delivery box.
– Shipping, e-commerce.

12. Delivery Truck
– A truck with “POST” written on it.
– Parcel delivery, logistics.

13. Post Box
– A traditional red post box.
– Traditional mail, sending letters.

14. Mail Box with Slot
– A blue mailbox with a slot for mail.
– Public mailboxes, receiving mail.

15. Letter Envelope
– A yellow envelope.
– Mailing documents, letters.

16. Airplane Side View
– An airplane side view, symbolizing air mail.
– Air mail, international postage.

17. Male Postal Worker at a Desk
– A male worker at a desk with a computer.
– Postal office, customer service.

18. Female Postal Worker at a Desk
– A female worker at a desk with a computer.
– Postal office, customer service.

19. Package with Address Label and String
– A package wrapped with string and an address label.
– Gift wrapping, parcel posting.

20. Mobile App for Parcel Tracking
– A smartphone displaying a parcel tracking app.
– Parcel tracking, delivery apps.

21. Mailbag with Letters
– A mailbag overflowing with letters.
– Mail collection, postman.

22. Postage Stamp
– A postal stamp with a landscape image.
– Philately, postage.

23. Letter in Mailbox
– A letter visible inside a closed mailbox.
– Receiving mail, mailbox.

24. Public Mailbox with Flag
– A public mailbox with a red flag.
– Sending and receiving mail.

25. Mailbox with Raised Flag
– A mailbox with the red flag raised.
– Outgoing mail alert, mail collection.

26. Female Postal Worker in Uniform
– A female postal worker in uniform.
– Mail delivery, postal service personnel.

27. Open Envelope with Picture
– An open envelope containing a picture.
– Personal correspondence, mailing photos.

28. Document with Lines of Text
– A document with lines of text.
– Official documents, mailing documents.

29. Letter with Pen
– A letter with a pen placed over it.
– Writing correspondence, official letters.

30. Packages and Routing
– Multiple packages with routing lines.
– Package routing, logistics.

31. Mail Envelope with Arrow
– An envelope with a global arrow motif.
– International mailing, global postage.

32. Registered Mail
– A document with a registered mail stamp.
– Secure mailing, registered post.

33. Box with Documents
– A box containing various documents.
– Office organization, mailing documents.

34. Delivery Box at Doorstep
– A package placed at the door of a house.
– Home delivery, package drop-off.

35. Hand Holding Envelope
– A hand presenting an envelope.
– Mail delivery, correspondence.

36. Package with Address Label
– A package with a visible address label.
– Parcel shipping, home delivery.

37. Hand Placing Letter into Mailbox
– A hand inserting a letter into a mailbox.
– Mailing letters, outgoing mail.

38. Post Scooter
– A scooter with a parcel box on the back.
– Local delivery, mail carrier vehicle.

39. Post Office Building
– A building with a “POST OFFICE” sign.
– Postal services, community center.

40. Package on Scooter
– A package on a scooter for delivery.
– Fast delivery, local shipping.

41. Shipping Box with Arrows
– A box with directional arrows indicating “up”.
– Shipping, fragile items.

42. Package with Bar Code
– A package with a visible bar code.
– Parcel tracking, logistics management.

43. Forklift Moving Packages
– A forklift moving packages.
– Warehouse, package handling.

44. Packages on Conveyor
– Packages moving on a conveyor belt.
– Logistics, parcel sorting.

45. Postal Worker at Counter
– A postal worker operating at a service counter.
– Customer service, postal office.

46. Delivery Truck with Arrows
– A delivery truck with directional arrows.
– Parcel delivery, logistics.

47. Clipboard with Checked Items
– A clipboard showing items with checkmarks.
– Delivery checklist, inventory.

48. Parcel Moving
– A delivery van with motion lines.
– Express delivery, shipping.

49. Letter with Checkmark
– An envelope with a checkmark indicating delivery.
– Confirmed delivery, verified mail.

50. Package Labeling
– A labeled package with directional markings.
– Shipping, logistics.

These icons are available in formats such as SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG, making them versatile for various digital and print applications.

Postal Service icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Modern and intuitive Postal Service icons set for digital platforms.



You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Postal Service Icons set includes:

Mail, Shipping, Delivery, Package, Postage, Envelope, Courier, Parcel, Logistics, Express, Postal, Mailing, Tracking, Postman, Dispatch, Stamp, Fulfillment, Sorting, Pouch, Letter, Box, Postalbox, Transportation, Handling, Route.

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