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The icon set is titled “Brazil Icons” and includes 50 colorful icons that represent various aspects of Brazilian culture, nature, food, landmarks, and more. These icons can be useful for websites or apps related to travel, education, cultural blogs, or event promotions that highlight Brazilian themes.

1. Brigadeiro.
An icon of a traditional Brazilian chocolate dessert in a blue cupcake liner.
Food blogs, recipe websites, Brazilian cultural events.

2. Pão de queijo.
An icon showing three Brazilian cheese bread buns.
Food apps, culinary websites, Brazil-themed festivities.

3. Feijoada.
An icon of a bowl of feijoada, a popular Brazilian stew, with a side of orange slices.
Food blogs, culinary guides, traditional Brazilian recipes.

4. Hang gliders.
An icon displaying two colorful hang gliders.
Adventure sports sites, travel agencies, outdoor activity blogs.

5. Kite.
An icon of a kite flying in a blue sky with white clouds.
Family activities blogs, outdoor sports apps, children’s entertainment websites.

6. Peace symbol in Brazilian flag colors.
An icon of a peace symbol with the colors of the Brazilian flag: green, yellow, and blue.
Social causes, peace organizations, cultural unity developments.

7. Soccer ball.
An icon of a classic black and white soccer ball.
Sports websites, soccer event promotions, fitness apps.

8. World Cup trophy.
An icon of the World Cup trophy.
Sports news, football/soccer leagues, tournament announcements.

9. Brazilian football jersey.
An icon of a yellow Brazilian football team jersey.
Sports merchandise shops, fan sites, sports events.

10. Cupuaçu fruit.
An icon of cupuaçu fruit, showcasing the exterior and a cross-section.
Nature blogs, food blogs, tropical fruit guides.

11. Sugarloaf Cable Car.
Icon of the Sugarloaf Mountain cable car, an iconic aspect of Rio de Janeiro.
Travel websites, tourism apps, destination guides.

12. Drink of Caipirinha.
An icon of a pitcher filled with caipirinha, a typical Brazilian cocktail.
Cocktail recipes, beverage guides, Brazilian party themes.

13. Brazil flag.
An icon of the Brazilian national flag.
National celebratory events, information websites, cultural education.

14. Tapioca food.
An icon of a plate of tapioca, a popular Brazilian dish.
Food websites, Brazilian recipe shares, cultural food experiences.

15. Paragliding.
An icon showing a paraglider flying over a mountain.
Adventure tourism, extreme sports blogs, travel guides.

16. Toucan.
An icon of a toucan standing on a branch.
Wildlife blogs, zoo websites, nature conservatories.

17. Beach shorts.
An icon of green and yellow beach shorts.
Summer fashion stores, beachwear shops, travel blogs.

18. Capybara.
An icon of a capybara standing on grass.
Wildlife blogs, educational content, zoo websites.

19. Favelas.
An icon showing the colorful houses of a Brazilian favela.
Social studies blogs, cultural education, urban development discussions.

20. Brazilian drum.
An icon of a Brazilian drum with ribbons.
Music blogs, cultural event promotions, Brazilian festivals.

21. Brazil map with flag colors.
An icon of the map of Brazil filled with flag colors and the emblem.
Geography blogs, travel guides, educational apps.

22. Christ the Redeemer statue.
An icon of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.
Travel websites, religious landmarks, world heritage guides.

23. Traditional Brazilian skirts.
An icon showing colorful traditional Brazilian skirts.
Cultural festivals, traditional dance showcases, fashion blogs.

24. Carnival mask.
An icon of a colorful carnival mask decorated with feathers.
Festival websites, event promotions, cultural blogs.

25. Party bunting.
An icon of multicolored bunting flags.
Event planning websites, decoration guides, party supplies stores.

26. Pineapple.
An icon of a whole pineapple on a blue background.
Food blogs, tropical recipes, online grocery stores.

27. Açaí berries.
An icon of two açaí berries.
Health food stores, superfood promotions, nutrition blogs.

28. Map with location marker.
An icon of Brazil’s map with a red location pin marker.
Travel guides, tourism websites, educational projects.

29. Pão de mel.
An icon of Pão de Mel, a traditional Brazilian honey bread.
Dessert blogs, cultural recipes, food festivals.

30. Djembe drum.
An icon of an African djembe drum, often used in Brazilian music.
Music shops, cultural dance sites, music festival promotions.

31. Parrot.
An icon of a colorful macaw parrot on a branch.
Wildlife blogs, bird-watching guides, nature conservatories.

32. Cathedral of Brasília.
An icon of the modernist Cathedral of Brasília.
Architectural blogs, travel websites, landmarks guides.

33. Cocktail drink.
An icon showing a red cocktail with garnish.
Beverage guides, festive blogs, party planning websites.

34. Sugarloaf Mountain.
An icon of Sugarloaf Mountain, a famous landmark in Rio de Janeiro.
Travel websites, Brazil tourism guides, hiking trails.

35. Customs and traditions.
An icon of two traditional Brazilian pouches.
Cultural education, tradition description websites, artisan stores.

36. Official Brazilian currency.
An icon representing a Brazilian real coin with decorative elements.
Financial blogs, currency exchange sites, economic guides.

37. Map marker with flag.
An icon with a map marker displaying the Brazilian flag.
Travel guides, tourism apps, location services.

38. Rock formations.
An icon showing unique Brazilian rock formations.
Nature blogs, geological sites, adventure tourism.

39. Amazon River.
An icon of the Amazon River winding through the rainforest.
Environmental blogs, river tours, nature documentaries.

40. Brazilian carnival float.
An icon of a vibrant carnival float.
Festival websites, event promotions, cultural showcases.

41. Beach hut.
An icon of a beach hut with a thatched roof and wooden table.
Travel blogs, tropical vacation websites, summer activities.

42. Surfboard.
An icon of a colorful surfboard.
Surfing schools, beach equipment shops, water sports blogs.

43. Bikini.
An icon of a Brazilian-style bikini in green and yellow.
Swimwear stores, summer fashion guides, beachwear collections.

44. Carnival drum.
An icon of a colorful drum used during the Brazilian carnival.
Music event websites, cultural festivals, music instrument stores.

45. Havaianas.
An icon of a pair of traditional Brazilian flip-flops.
Summer fashion stores, footwear shops, travel blogs.

46. Sunny beach.
An icon of a sunny beach with blue waves.
Travel guides, vacation planning websites, tropical destination blogs.

47. Coconut drink.
An icon of a fresh coconut with a straw.
Beach cafes, tropical drink recipes, summer events.

48. Hand heart with flag.
An icon showing hands forming a heart shape with the Brazilian flag inside.
National pride contexts, cultural unity promotions, social causes.

49. Soursop fruit.
An icon of a soursop (graviola) fruit.
Tropical fruit guides, food blogs, health benefits websites.

50. Hammock between palm trees.
An icon of a hammock tied between two palm trees.
Relaxation blogs, tropical vacation sites, lifestyle articles.


You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Brazil set includes:

Brazil, flags, country, sports, map, food, animals, toucan, cocktail, carnival, party, coconut, fruit, surfing, beach, celebration.

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