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Sex Shop icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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This set contains 50 icons related to sex shops, including various toys, accessories, and products commonly found in such shops. These icons are colorful and designed to represent their respective items clearly. They can be used in websites, online shops, mobile apps, and promotional materials related to adult products and sexual wellness.

Icon Descriptions:

1. XXX Shop Header Sign
A heart-shaped sign with “XXX SHOP” in white text on a red background.
Sex shop signage, online store header.

2. Gift-wrapped Sex Toy Box
A black and red gift box with a heart and “XXX” on the front.
Gift sets, promotions.

3. Condom Packet
A blue condom packet with a condom emerging from it.
Safe sex, contraception products.

4. High Heel Shoe
A red high heel shoe commonly used in fetish wear.
Fetish accessories, adult apparel.

5. Curved Vibrator
A pink curved vibrator, wireless with sound waves indicating it’s on.
Vibrators, feminine products.

6. Hand Pump
A blue hand pump with curly hose.
Penis pumps, vacuum devices.

7. Cock Ring
A blue cock ring with vibration feature indicated by surrounding lines.
Male sex toys, erectile aids.

8. Double Vibrator
A blue double vibrator shaped for dual stimulation with a small battery symbol.
Vibrators, dual stimulation.

9. Nipple Clamps
Two black nipple clamps with adjustable screws, connected by a chain.
Bondage, fetish accessories.

10. Fleshlight Toy
A white and black patterned fleshlight toy.
Masturbation aids, male toys.

11. Gender Symbols
Three intertwined gender symbols (male, female, and transgender).
Diverse sexuality, orientation.

12. Lubricant Bottle
A pale blue bottle with “Lube” written on it.
Lubricants, enhancing sexual comfort.

13. Magic Wand Massager
A white magic wand massager with a blue handle.
Vibrators, body massagers.

14. Large Butt Plug
A black, large butt plug with a flared base.
Anal toys, butt plugs.

15. Rabbit Vibrator
A pink rabbit vibrator, with attachments for dual stimulation.
Vibrators, female toys.

16. Anal Beads
A string of pink anal beads.
Anal toys, anal exploration.

17. Cock Ring with Vibrations
An orange cock ring indicating vibrations.
Cock rings, male sex toys.

18. Prostate Massager
A small, curved prostate massager in yellow background.
Prostate health, male sex toys.

19. Textured Condom
A blue condom with raised textures on a pink background.
Textured condoms, enhanced pleasure.

20. Remote Control Vibrator
A blue vibrator with a remote control feature.
Remote-controlled toys, interactive toys.

21. G-Spot Vibrator
A pink G-spot vibrator.
G-spot stimulation toys, female sex toys.

22. Bullet Vibrators
Two black bullet vibrators, one larger than the other.
Bullet vibrators, pocket toys.

23. Small Butt Plug
A white small butt plug.
Anal toys, beginner anal play.

24. Dildo
A pink, realistic dildo.
Dildos, realistic toys.

25. Vibrator Sleeve
A red vibrator sleeve with a rounded tip.
Vibrator accessories, sleeves.

26. G-spot Rabbit Vibrator
A violet G-spot stimulating vibrator with additional attachments.
Rabbit vibrators, specialized toys.

27. Green Massager
A green handheld massager with grooves for better grip.
Body massagers, relief tools.

28. Anal Beads and Remote Set
A curved anal beads string with a remote.
Anal play, remote-controlled toys.

29. Bondage Handcuffs
Blue fluffy handcuffs for bondage play.
Kink play, bondage accessories.

30. Penis Pump
A manual penis pump with a black handle and transparent cylinder.
Penis enhancement, pumps.

31. Sex Doll
Inflatable sex doll with blonde hair, standing upright.
Inflatable dolls, realistic toys.

32. Fleshlight
Black and grey fleshlight.
Masturbation aids, male toys.

33. Nipple Clamps with Vibration
Orange vibrating nipple clamps with sound waves.
Breast play, fetish accessories.

34. Breast Suction Cups
Two breast suction cups, pink with adjustable controls.
Nipple play, breast enhancement.

35. Whip
Red handle whip with black lashes.
BDSM tools, impact play.

36. Riding Crop
Black and yellow riding crop for impact play.
Kink, riding crops.

37. Clitoral Stimulator
Small, curved clitoral stimulator.
Clitoral stimulation, female toys.

38. Double-Ended Toy
Pink double-ended toy for simultaneous use.
Dual stimulation, couple play.

39. Vibrating Nipple Clamps
Pink vibrating nipple clamps in a heart shape.
Nipple play, breast stimulation.

40. Spiral Dildo
Blue dildo with spirals for added pleasure.
Textured toys, unique dildos.

41. Restraints
Black wrist restraints with rings for attachment.
Bondage, kinky play.

42. Ball Gag
Red gag with black strap.
Bondage, gag play.

43. Handcuffs
Red and black metal handcuffs.
Bondage, restraint accessories.

44. Choker Necklace
White choker necklace with a small gold ring.
Fetish wear, neck accessories.

45. Lingerie Set
Black and pink lingerie set with stockings.
Sexy apparel, intimate wear.

46. Butt Plug with Tail
Grey butt plug with a tail.
Pet play, anal toys.

47. Anal Hook
Metal anal hook for penetrative play.
Bondage, advanced anal play.

48. Chain Leash
Chain leash with a leather strap.
Submissive play, pet play.

49. Feather Tickler
Feather tickler in multi-color.
Sensation play, tickle play.

50. Blindfold
Black blindfold for sensory deprivation.
Kink, sensory deprivation play.

These icons effectively serve as visual aids to categorize and represent various products and accessories available in sex shops.

Sex Shop icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Elevate your online store, marketing materials, and social media posts with these attention-grabbing visuals.

You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Sex Shop Icons set includes:

Intimate, Pleasure, Adult, Toys, Lingerie, Fantasy, Sensual, Seductive, Exotic, Naughty, Vibrant, Stimulating, Exciting, Arousing, Playful, Sultry, Erotic, Desirable, Spicy, Ecstasy, Lustful, Kinky, Forbidden, Sensation, Liberating.

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