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50 Exotic Fish Icons


Exotic fish icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.



Description of the set: This set contains 50 exotic fish icons, each meticulously crafted and vibrant in color. The icons are round with colorful, unique fish designs, suitable for use in websites, apps, aquarist blogs, educational content about marine life, and biodiversity projects. Supported formats include SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG, making them versatile for various digital and print applications.

1. Angelfish Icon.
A colorful angelfish with yellow, black, and blue stripes swimming to the left, in a red circle.
Aquarist blogs, aquarium websites, educational material.

2. Clownfish Icon.
An orange clownfish with white stripes, in an orange circle.
Marine life websites, children’s educational apps, aquarium branding.

3. Betta Fish Icon.
A pink betta fish with flowing fins, in a pink circle.
Pet fish forums, exotic fish e-commerce, aquarium care guides.

4. Koi Fish Icon.
An orange koi fish with black and white spots, in a green circle.
Japanese garden websites, pond design, fish breeding forums.

5. Goldfish Icon.
A golden yellow fish with prominent fins, in a blue circle.
Pet stores, children’s educational apps, aquarium care guides.

6. Zebrafish Icon.
A blue and yellow striped zebrafish, in a cyan circle.
Genetics research content, educational biology material, aquarist blogs.

7. Guppy Icon.
A small fish with a colorful tail, in a purple circle.
Science projects, home aquariums, pet fish stores.

8. Betta Splendens Icon.
A red and blue betta fish with flowing fins, in a green circle.
Aquarium hobbyist content, exotic fish care guides, pet fish blogs.

9. Cleaner Fish Icon.
A blue cleaner fish with red markings, in a yellow circle.
Coral reef conservation, marine biology studies, underwater ecosystem apps.

10. Flowerhorn Icon.
A large-headed fish with vivid colors, in a purple circle.
Aquarium enthusiasts, exotic fish fairs, pet fish breeding guides.

11. Cichlid Fish Icon.
A spotted orange and black cichlid fish, in a violet circle.
Aquarium hobbyist sites, tropical fish care guides, fish breeding blogs.

12. Pufferfish Icon.
A pufferfish with a round body and white spots, in a pink circle.
Marine biology content, ecological studies, ocean documentaries.

13. Discus Fish Icon.
A round, orange discus fish with vertical stripes, in an orange circle.
Fishkeeping forums, aquarium decoration, exotic fish articles.

14. Swordtail Fish Icon.
A brown and red swordtail fish, in a purple circle.
Pet stores, freshwater aquarium sites, fish breeding content.

15. Lionfish Icon.
A fish with prominent red and white spines, in a blue circle.
Underwater photography sites, invasive species education, marine conservation blogs.

16. Bichir Fish Icon.
A grey fish with a slender, eel-like body, in a purple circle.
Exotic fish collections, fish breeding, aquarist communities.

17. Electric Eel Icon.
An elongated grey electric eel, in a yellow circle.
Freshwater ecosystems, marine biology studies, educational science content.

18. Moorish Idol Icon.
A yellow fish with long white and black dorsal spines, in a blue circle.
Tropical fish keepers, aquarium exhibits, marine life education.

19. Butterflyfish Icon.
A yellow fish with white and black stripes, in an orange circle.
Coral reef protection, marine life education, ocean-themed websites.

20. Buttonfish Icon.
A small black fish with pink spots, in a pink circle.
Pet stores, aquarium decorations, biodiversity projects.

21. Platy Icon.
A colorful fish with varied patterns, in a red circle.
Tropical fish keeping, pet blogs, aquarium enthusiasts.

22. Tiger Barb Icon.
An orange and black striped fish, in a green circle.
Freshwater aquarium guides, pet stores, fish breeding.

23. Swordtail Guppy Icon.
A guppy with an extending sword-like tail, in a purple circle.
Exotic fish breeding, aquarium hobbyists, pet fish guides.

24. Mandarinfish Icon.
A vibrantly colored, patterned fish, in a red circle.
Coral reef enthusiasts, marine biodiversity education, underwater photography.

25. Blotched Anthias Icon.
Colorful fish with blotchy patterns, in a pink circle.
Marine aquariums, fish identification guides, coral reef conservation.

26. Killifish Icon.
A small, elongated fish with vivid patterns, in a blue circle.
Aquatic ecosystems, fish breeding forums, educational biology websites.

27. Rainbowfish Icon.
A fish with a rainbow-like array of colors, in an orange circle.
Freshwater aquarium hobbyists, aquascaping websites, pet fish blogs.

28. Cherry Barb Icon.
A red fish with subtle striping, in a purple circle.
Freshwater fish collections, aquarium guides, fish breeding forums.

29. Lionhead Icon.
A lionhead fish with prominent “mane-like” structures, in a pink circle.
Exotic pet stores, fish enthusiasts, aquarium decoration.

30. Stonefish Icon.
A brown fish with a textured, rock-like appearance, in a green circle.
Marine conservation education, marine life documentaries, undersea exploration.

31. Arowana Icon.
A long, sleek arowana fish, in a light blue circle.
Exotic freshwater fish, fish breeding, pet fish stores.

32. Tang Fish Icon.
A blue and yellow tang fish, in an orange circle.
Marine aquarium guides, coral reef preservation, underwater photography sites.

33. Synodontis Icon.
A spotted catfish, in a blue circle.
Freshwater biology studies, aquarium guidebooks, fish trade websites.

34. Parrotfish Icon.
A vibrantly colored parrotfish, in a pink circle.
Coral reef ecology, tropical fishkeeping, biodiversity research.

35. Boxfish Icon.
A small, box-shaped, yellow fish with black spots, in a yellow circle.
Aquatic science projects, pet fish guides, educational aquarium apps.

36. Triggerfish Icon.
A triggerfish with bright colors and patterns, in a blue circle.
Exotic fish collections, marine life guides, aquarist blogs.

37. Goblin Shark Icon.
An elongated, pink fish shark with a flat nose, in a red circle.
Deep-sea documentaries, marine biology studies, ocean conservation campaigns.

38. Endler’s Livebearer Icon.
A small fish with a yellow tail and vivid body patterns, in a violet circle.
Home aquariums, pet stores, fish breeding forums.

39. Butterfly Pleco Icon.
A plecostomus catfish with a butterfly-like appearance, in a pink circle.
Freshwater tank care, tropical fishkeeping, fish enthusiast guides.

40. Betta Mahachai Icon.
A vivid blue and green betta fish, in a yellow circle.
Exotic aquarium fish, fish breeding, pet stores.

41. Pipefish Icon.
A slender, pipefish with greenish patterns, in a purple circle.
Marine ecosystem studies, seahorse relatives, aquarium content.

42. Gourami Icon.
A golden gourami fish, in a blue circle.
Freshwater aquarium hobbyists, pet fish breeding, aquarium supplies.

43. Oranda Goldfish Icon.
A distinctive goldfish with a bulbous head, in an orange circle.
Aquarist communities, exotic fish fairs, fish care guides.

44. Clown Triggerfish Icon.
A triggerfish with a black body and neon-colored spots, in a blue circle.
Underwater biodiversity, aquarium hobbyist content, ocean-themed apps.

45. Featherfin Catfish Icon.
A catfish with elongated fin rays, in a purple circle.
Freshwater tank guides, exotic fish enthusiasts, tropical fishkeeping.

46. Zebra Danio Icon.
A small fish with zebra-like stripes, in a yellow circle.
Pet fish stores, children’s educational content, aquarium hobbyists.

47. Pajama Cardinalfish Icon.
A small, colorful fish with red and polka-dot patterns, in a pink circle.
Marine life guides, coral reef preservation, home aquariums.

48. Royal Gramma Icon.
A purple and yellow fish, in a blue circle.
Tropical fishkeeping, exotic pet stores, marine biodiversity.

49. Leaf Fish Icon.
A fish with a shape and patterns resembling a leaf, in an orange circle.
Aquatic plant guides, freshwater tank hobbyists, biology educational apps.

50. Golden Severum Icon.
A bright gold fish with a sleek body, in a light blue circle.
Exotic pet fish, freshwater aquariums, fish care guides.

Exotic fish icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Discover the beauty of the underwater world with 50 meticulously designed exotic fish icons, perfect for various creative projects.


You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Exotic Fish Icons set includes:

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