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Virus icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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Virus icons png/svg/eps


Virus Icons Set
This icon set contains 50 icons, each dedicated to different aspects of viruses, infection control, healthcare, and related activities. These icons are useful for websites, apps, and other digital platforms that provide information or services related to health, medicine, and virus prevention.

1. Virus Icon
– A purple virus with pink elements on a green background.
– Health websites, virus information resources.

2. Bacterium Icon
– An orange oval-shaped bacterium on a yellow background.
– Microbiology websites, educational resources.

3. Test Tube with Virus
– A test tube containing a green fluid with virus particles, on a red background.
– Laboratory websites, testing facilities.

4. Thermometer
– A thermometer showing a high temperature of 40°C on a blue background.
– Health checks, fever monitoring.

5. Microscope with Virus
– A microscope examining virus particles on a purple background.
– Research labs, educational tools.

6. Hand with Test Tube
– A hand holding a test tube with virus particles and a checkmark on a yellow background.
– Laboratory confirmation, testing facilities.

7. Microscope and Virus
– Microscope and virus particles on a green background.
– Laboratory, research.

8. Bacteria Icon
– Bacteria with multiple colorful particles on a red background.
– Microbiology, health information.

9. No Virus Icon
– Virus with a prohibitory sign on a purple background.
– Health warnings, no entry signs.

10. Nurse
– A nurse wearing a uniform on a blue background.
– Healthcare provider websites, medical staff icons.

11. Face Mask
– A white face mask on a red background.
– Personal protective equipment, safety guidelines.

12. Hand Sanitizer
– A bottle of hand sanitizer on a yellow background.
– Hygiene, handwashing guides.

13. Pill
– A red and white pill on a yellow background.
– Medication, health supplements.

14. Syringe
– A syringe on a green background.
– Vaccinations, medical procedures.

15. Tissue Box
– A box of tissues on a purple background.
– Common cold, hygiene.

16. Airborne Virus
– Virus particles in the air on a blue background.
– Infection control, virus transmission.

17. Social Distancing
– Two people standing 2 meters apart on a purple background.
– Social distancing guidelines, public health information.

18. Social Distancing (group)
– Multiple people standing 2 meters apart on a green background.
– Group gatherings, social distancing.

19. Shield and Virus
– M
ultiple viruses attacking a shield on a blue background.
– Immunity, protection.

20. Nose Icon
– A nose with a drop on a blue background.
– Symptoms, nasal congestion.

21. Face Mask on Person
– Person wearing a face mask on a purple background.
– Health protection, face mask usage.

22. Virus Inside Shield
– Viruses inside a shield on a red background.
– Immunity, antivirus software.

23. Disinfectant Spray
– A hand spraying disinfectant on a blue background.
– Cleaning, hygiene.

24. Person Sneezing
– A person sneezing with virus particles on a purple background.
– Virus transmission, symptom portrayal.

25. RIP with Virus
– A tombstone with RIP and virus particles on a red background.
– Mortality, serious health consequences.

26. Heart Monitor
– A heart with a heartbeat line on a blue background.
– Medical monitoring, heart health.

27. Virus Connections
– Linked virus particles on a green background.
– Virus spread, contagion.

28. Bird Flu
– A bird with a prohibitory sign on a purple background.
– Avian flu, virus prevention.

29. Handwashing
– A hand being washed under a tap on a blue background.
– Hygiene, handwashing facilities.

30. Medical Supplies
– Various medical supplies on a yellow background.
– Medical kits, health resources.

31. Feverish Person
– A person with fever and sweat on a red background.
– Symptoms, health checks.

32. Medicine Bottle
– A bottle of medicine on a purple background.
– Prescription drugs, medication.

33. Handwashing
– A hand with soap under a tap on a blue background.
– Hygiene, sanitation.

34. Hospital
– A hospital building on a yellow background.
– Healthcare facilities, medical institutions.

35. Vaccination
– A syringe and vial with a cross on a purple background.
– Vaccination drives, immunization.

36. Mask or No Mask
– Two people with masks and a cross/check on a purple background.
– Mask mandates, public health.

37. IV Drip
– An intravenous (IV) drip bag on a red background.
– Inpatient care, medical treatments.

38. Virus Test
– A hand holding a test tube with virus particles on a yellow background.
– Testing facilities, diagnostics.

39. Medical Examination
– A stethoscope examining a patient on a blue background.
– Health check-ups, diagnostic tools.

40. Temperature Check
– A thermometer showing a reading on a yellow background.
– Fever screening, health assessments.

41. Lungs Icon
– Lungs with virus particles on a green background.
– Respiratory health, infections.

42. Bandaged Hands
– Hands with band-aids on a purple background.
– First aid, injury care.

43. Gloves
– A pair of protective gloves on a red background.
– Personal protective equipment, safety measures.

44. Virus Email
– An email icon with virus particles on a blue background.
– Online security, email warnings.

45. Ambulance
– An ambulance vehicle on a yellow background.
– Emergency services, healthcare assistance.

46. Medical Checklist
– A clipboard with a medical checklist and virus particles on a purple background.
– Health check-ups, medical procedures.

47. Laboratory Flask
– A laboratory flask with virus particles on a red background.
– Scientific research, experimentations.

48. Microscope
– A microscope on a green background.
– Laboratories, scientific research.

49. Poison Sign
– A skull and crossbones on a purple background.
– Toxic substances, warnings.

50. Soap
– A bar of soap with bubbles on a pink background.
– Hygiene, handwashing.

Virus icon pack


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You will download the virus icons set:

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– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Virus Icons set includes:

Corona Virus, virus, blood donation, syringe, mask, human lungs, sanitizer, soap, hands, ambulance, social distance, flight ban, handwasher, medicine, fever, thermometer.

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