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Trees icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and JPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


This set contains 50 tree icons, ideal for use in environmental websites, nature-related apps, gardening blogs, and educational platforms. Each icon is vibrant, set against a blue circular background, and depicts various trees in unique styles.

1. Cherry Blossom Tree.
A tree with pink blossoms and a brown trunk.
Spring festivals, Japanese culture, floristry websites.

2. Deciduous Tree.
A green, leafy tree with a thick brown trunk.
Ecosystem information, seasonal content.

3. Narrow Tree.
A tall, narrow tree with minimal branches.
Urban landscaping, minimalist design.

4. Apple Tree.
A tree bearing red apples.
Farming, fruit guides, cooking apps.

5. Pear Tree.
A tree with green pears.
Agriculture, fruit cultivation.

6. Dense Tree.
A bushy tree with dense foliage.
Forest preservation, landscape design.

7. Pruned Tree.
A pruned tree with trimmed branches.
Gardening, horticulture.

8. Spruce Tree.
A tree resembling a Christmas tree.
Holiday themes, winter landscapes.

9. Allergy-Friendly Tree.
A small tree with minimal leaves.
Allergy advice, health-oriented platforms.

10. Baobab Tree.
A tree with a large trunk and sparse branches.
African flora, ecological content.

11. Bamboo Grove.
Tall, thin bamboo stalks.
Asian gardens, eco-friendly products.

12. Birch Tree.
A tree with white bark and green leaves.
Woodland themes, outdoor adventures.

13. Bonsai Tree.
A small, decorative bonsai tree.
Zen gardens, miniature plant collections.

14. Weeping Willow Tree.
A tree with long, drooping branches.
Water-side planting, traditional painting.

15. Topiary Tree.
A tree sculpted into a decorative shape.
Landscape architecture, formal gardens.

16. Winter Tree.
A leafless tree, with a stark, bare appearance.
Seasonal changes, winter imagery.

17. Autumn Tree.
A tree with orange and red leaves.
Fall season, foliage tours.

18. Striped Tree.
A tree featuring distinct white and green stripes.
Unique plants, artistic representations.

19. Palm Tree.
A tall palm tree with a sandy base.
Tropical vacations, beach resorts.

20. Cycad Tree.
A tree with large, fan-like leaves.
Prehistoric plants, exotic gardening.

21. Bartlett Tree.
A green, fruit-bearing Bartlett pear tree.
Horticulture, fruit industries.

22. Shady Tree.
A large, leafy tree providing ample shade.
Park designs, picnic spots.

23. Hovea Tree.
A tree adorned with purple flowers.
Ornamental plants, botanic gardens.

24. Silhouette Tree.
A tree represented as a dark silhouette against a light background.
Artistic themes, nighttime scenes.

25. Foliage Tree.
A tree with thick green foliage.
Forest conservation, biodiversity.

26. Bonsai Plant.
A miniature bonsai tree in a pot.
Indoor gardening, miniature landscapes.

27. Cherry Fruit Tree.
A tree laden with red cherries.
Fruit picking, seasonal events.

28. Mango Tree.
A tree producing ripe mango fruit.
Tropical agriculture, fruit guides.

29. Cedar Tree.
A tall cedar with layered leaves.
Landscaping, tree identification.

30. Coniferous Tree.
A coniferous tree with needle-like leaves.
Forest ecosystems, holiday decorations.

31. Oak Tree.
A sturdy oak with a broad canopy.
Parks, heritage trees.

32. Papaya Tree.
A tree with large fruits and broad leaves.
Tropical gardens, culinary uses.

33. Cluster Tree.
A dense tree with closely-packed leaves.
Dense forests, plant diversity.

34. Botanical Succulent.
A succulent, featuring thick, green foliage.
Drought-resistant plants, cactus gardens.

35. Potted Palm.
A palm tree growing in a clay pot.
Indoor plants, patio decoration.

36. Christmas Tree.
A decorated conifer resembling a Christmas tree.
Holiday celebrations, Christmas events.

37. Decorative Tree.
A topiary shaped into a decorative figure.
Formal gardens, ornamental design.

38. Umbrella Tree.
Tree with an expanded, umbrella-shaped canopy.
Shade structures, park installations.

39. Fruit Tree.
A tree heavy with yellow fruit.
Agroforestry, fruit guides.

40. Veggie Tree.
A tree producing large, red fruit.
Community gardens, homegrown produce.

41. Lush Tree.
A tree featuring abundant greenery.
Healthy ecosystems, green spaces.

42. Conifer Tree.
A typical coniferous tree.
Mountain landscapes, evergreen forests.

43. Forest Tree.
A tree representing typical forest flora.
Conservation, woodland habitats.

44. Shade Tree.
A large tree providing extensive shade.
Recreational areas, urban planning.

45. Bamboo Cluster.
A group of bamboo stalks.
Asian architecture, eco-friendly products.

46. Tropical Tree.
A banana tree with visible bunches of bananas.
Tropical gardens, fruit farms.

47. Dense Bush.
A dense, bushy plant.
Shrub landscaping, garden design.

48. Tropical Palm.
A tall palm with a leaning trunk.
Beach resorts, tropical imagery.

49. Bamboo Plant.
Three bamboo stalks growing closely.
Minimalist design, sustainable products.

50. Wind-Blown Tree.
A tree with foliage swept in one direction.
Coastal areas, windy conditions.

You will download the trees icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Trees Icons set includes:

Tree icons.

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