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50 Solar Energy Icons


Solar Energy icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
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50 Solar Energy Icons

These icons represent various elements related to solar energy. They are suitable for websites and applications focused on renewable energy, sustainable living, environmental conservation, and solar power solutions.

1. Solar Battery:
A fully charged battery with a solar panel and sun icon.
Solar energy storage, renewable energy devices.

2. Solar Car Battery:
A car battery with a solar panel and sun symbol.
Solar-powered vehicles, green automotive technology.

3. Solar Grid:
A grid of solar panels in a blue setting surrounded by small suns.
Solar power plants, energy grids.

4. Solar House:
A house with solar panels on the roof and a sun icon.
Residential solar power, home sustainable energy.

5. Solar Car Charging Station:
A red car next to a solar-powered charging station.
Electric vehicle charging, renewable automotive energy.

6. Solar Wind Turbine:
A solar panel and wind turbine in front of buildings.
Hybrid renewable energy systems, wind and solar power.

7. Solar Panel in Urban Setting:
A solar panel on a building in an urban environment with trees.
Urban solar projects, green city initiatives.

8. Solar Planet:
A sun rising over a green planet with a solar energy symbol.
Global renewable energy, environmental sustainability.

9. Solar Power Grid Display:
A display showing a large solar panel in a green background.
Solar power plants, energy production displays.

10. Solar Traffic Light:
A traffic light powered by a solar panel with sun icons.
Solar-powered traffic systems, eco-friendly urban infrastructure.

11. Solar Residential Home:
A house with solar panels on the roof and a green lawn.
Solar energy for homes, sustainable residential projects.

12. Solar Panel Farm:
A stretch of solar panels in a row with suns overhead.
Solar farms, large-scale solar installations.

13. Solar Globe:
A globe with a solar panel design and sun symbols.
Worldwide solar adoption, global renewable grids.

14. Solar Data Chart:
A chart displaying upward trend with a surrounding solar theme.
Solar energy statistics, performance analysis.

15. Solar Array:
Rows of solar panels positioned to capture sunlight.
Solar panel arrays, renewable energy infrastructure.

16. Solar Plant:
A plant growing from the soil with solar panel petals.
Renewable growth, eco-friendly plant energy.

17. Solar Flower:
A flower with solar panel petals blooming under the sun.
Sustainable plant life, decorative solar designs.

18. Solar Bulb:
A lit lightbulb powered by a solar panel next to it.
Solar lighting solutions, energy-efficient bulbs.

19. Solar Plug:
A power plug connected to a solar panel with a sun over it.
Solar-powered electronics, renewable energy devices.

20. Double Solar Panels:
Two solar panels connected side by side on a green background.
Multi-panel installations, residential solar setups.

21. Solar Power Bank:
A power bank being charged by solar energy.
Portable solar chargers, renewable power storage.

22. Solar Landscape:
A landscape with trees and a large solar panel in the distance.
Solar farm locations, rural solar energy projects.

23. Solar House with Plants:
A solar panel-topped house surrounded by green plants.
Eco-friendly housing, residential solar energy.

24. Solar Water Heater:
A solar water heater system with steam rising from it.
Solar heating solutions, sustainable water heaters.

25. Solar Battery Plant:
A battery growing from the soil like a plant with a sun overhead.
Green energy innovation, renewable battery sources.

26. Solar Energy Bulb:
A light bulb with a solar core and solar rays.
Solar lighting, energy-saving bulbs.

27. Solar Energy Symbol:
A yellow energy symbol inside a sun icon.
Renewable energy signs, solar power logos.

28. Solar City:
Buildings integrating various renewable energy sources, including solar panels.
Green urban planning, renewable city projects.

29. Solar Network:
Multiple solar panels connected, signifying a network.
Integrated solar grids, community solar projects.

30. Solar-Powered House:
A satellite view of a house entirely powered by solar energy.
Solar-efficient buildings, residential energy solutions.

31. Solar Power Plug:
A green plant with a plug at the top and a solar panel.
Renewable electricity, eco-friendly power sources.

32. Solar Powered Lamp:
A lamp in motion detected and powered by the sun.
Solar street lights, garden lighting.

33. Solar Energy Monitor:
A computer screen showing solar energy data.
Solar power monitoring, energy usage software.

34. Solar Charging Kiosk:
A solar-powered charging kiosk for mobile devices.
Public charging stations, solar energy facilities.

35. Solar Battery Benchmark:
A prominent battery displaying maximum charge from solar energy.
Battery performance, energy storage benchmarks.

36. Solar Rooftop System:
A solar heating system on the rooftop of a residential house.
Solar water heating, roof-based solar systems.

37. Solar Performance Chart:
A chart with solar metrics illustrating growth and performance.
Solar data analytics, sustainable energy tracking.

38. Optimized Solar Energy:
A plant growing better and taller with the help of solar energy.
Eco-friendly agriculture, solar-powered irrigation.

39. Solar Cell Module:
An individual solar panel with grid lines.
Solar modules, photovoltaic cells.

40. Solar Energy Efficiency:
Lightbulb and graphical elements indicating power efficiency.
Energy conservation, efficient solar modules.

41. Solar Power Connection:
Connecting plug and solar panel representing power generation.
Solar device integration, renewable connections.

42. Solar Cityscape:
Skyline with buildings embedding solar panels prominently.
Urban renewable sources, green building projects.

43. Solar Energy Storage:
Battery storage charged by solar energy.
Energy storage, off-grid solutions.

44. Solar Home:
A suburban home equipped fully with a rooftop solar panel.
Home solar installations, energy independence.

45. Solar IoT Device:
An IoT device integrated with a photovoltaic cell.
Internet of Things (IoT), smart solar devices.

46. Solar Desk Lamp:
A desk lamp powered entirely by solar energy.
Office solar solutions, workspace energy efficiency.

47. Solar Powered Bulb:
An efficient lightbulb brightly lit by solar energy.
Energy-saving lighting, green technology.

48. Solar Symbol:
A global symbol for activating solar power inside a sun shape.
Solar logos, universal solar system icons.

49. Renewable Panel Installation:
Professional installation of solar panels on rooftops.
Solar installation services, professional solar setups.

50. Solar Wi-Fi Station:
Solar-powered Internet station at various locations.
Solar-backed connectivity, renewable energy internet stations.

These icons collectively represent the vision of clean, renewable, and accessible solar energy, making them ideal for a wide range of informative or promotional contexts centered on solar power solutions.

You will download the solar energy icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Solar Energy Icons set includes:

Sun, Solar panels, wing energy, home, socket, and green energy.


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