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Sewing Icons Set

This set consists of 50 colorful and detailed icons related to sewing and tailoring. These icons can be used in various contexts such as websites or applications dedicated to fabric arts, clothing design, or tailored services. Each icon is framed within a distinctively colored circle, enhancing its visual appeal.

1. Needle with Thread
– A needle with a curved thread looped through its eye, on a red background.
– Sewing websites, instructional content, DIY forums.

2. Spool of Thread and Needle
– A spool of pink thread with a needle inserted into it, on an orange background.
– Craft stores, sewing tutorials, sewing blogs.

3. Spools of Thread
– Four spools of thread in red, yellow, orange, and black, on a pink background.
– Thread shops, textile manufacturing guides, sewing courses.

4. Needle in Spool
– A spool of red thread with a needle inserted into the side, on a purple background.
– Sewing workshops, craft instructions, textile articles.

5. Zipper
– A bright yellow zipper partially unzipped, on a light blue background.
– Fashion design sites, zipper manufacturers, clothing repair tutorials.

6. Thimble Disc
– A circular thimble with different colored segments, on a white background.
– Precision sewing tools, embroidery forums, hand-sewing guides.

7. Yarn Ball
– A yellow ball of yarn with a half-done crochet piece, on a light orange background.
– Knitting websites, crochet tutorials, yarn supply stores.

8. Needle & Two Threads
– A blue needle with red and white threads twisted around it, on a blue background.
– Needlework blogs, thread shops.

9. Thread Spool
– A spool of red thread, on a dark blue background.
– Tailoring services, sewing classes.

10. Bobbin and Thread
– Two bobbins with red and grey thread, on a purple background.
– Machine sewing guides, sewing machine retailers.

11. Measuring Tape
– A yellow measuring tape coiled up, on a light yellow background.
– Tailor shops, sewing measurements tutorials.

12. Fabric Samples
– A stack of fabric samples in different patterns, on a pink background.
– Fabric stores, textile design websites.

13. Buttons
– Various colored buttons, on a dark blue background.
– Button shops, clothing design articles.

14. Mannequin
– A pink mannequin, on a black background.
– Fashion design, sewing schools.

15. Sewing Machine
– A modern white sewing machine, on a light purple background.
– Sewing machine retailers, sewing tutorials.

16. Sewing Machine Part
– A part of a sewing machine, on a blue background.
– Sewing machine maintenance, repair forums.

17. Rotary Cutter
– A rotary cutter with a yellow handle, on a purple background.
– Fabric cutting guides, quilting tutorials.

18. Stacked Fabric
– A stack of fabric in various colors, on a light orange background.
– Fabric stores, tailoring blogs.

19. Sewing Chalk
– Three pieces of sewing chalk in blue, yellow, and green, on a light pink background.
– Tailoring tutorials, fabric marking guides.

20. Hand Sewing Needles
– A set of six hand sewing needles in a package, on a dark blue background.
– Sewing kits, hand stitching tutorials.

21. Pin Cushion with Pins
– A colorful pin cushion with several sewing pins stuck into it, on a black background.
– Sewing shops, pin cushion tutorials.

22. Pins on Pin Cushion
– A red pin cushion with multi-colored pins, on a yellow background.
– DIY sewing, craft blogs.

23. Safety Pins
– Three safety pins of different sizes, on a light pink background.
– Safety pin kits, sewing tips.

24. Coat Hanger
– A yellow coat hanger, on a purple background.
– Wardrobe organization, clothing stores.

25. Scissors
– Pair of sharp sewing scissors, on a light blue background.
– Fabric cutting guides.

26. Ruler and Pencil
– A red ruler and pencil, on a red background.
– Tailoring measurements, sewing calculations.

27. Knitting Cushion
– A pin cushion shaped like a tomato with pins, on a dark brown background.
– Knitting and sewing supplies.

28. Piece of Denim Pocket
– A piece of blue denim with a yellow-stitched pocket, on a pink background.
– Denim alteration guides.

29. Pliers
– A pair of red and blue pliers, on a deep blue background.
– Tool kits, repair guides.

30. Red Button
– Large red button, on a light blue background.
– Button accessories, clothing detail shops.

31. Dress Pattern
– Outline of a clothing pattern on navy blue fabric, on a dark background.
– Pattern making tutorials.

32. Seamstress
– A cartoon seamstress with scissors, on a purple background.
– Tailoring services’ websites.

33. Tailor
– A cartoon tailor with a green shirt and scissors, on a green background.
– Tailoring services’ marketing.

34. Thimble on Finger
– A hand wearing a thimble, on a pink background.
– Thimble usage in sewing.

35. Metal Thimble
– Grey metallic thimble, on a gray background.
– Sewing protection tools, embroidery supplies.

36. Leather Piece
– A tan leather piece shaped like an emblem, on a dark brown background.
– Leather crafting guides.

37. Sewing Notion
– Blue fabric square with sewing marks, on a light blue background.
– Quilting tips, sewing instructions.

38. Sewing Pattern
– A curved sewing pattern, on a dark blue background.
– Pattern drafting tutorials, sewing pattern shops.

39. Ruler
– A yellow ruler with measurements, on a dark blue background.
– Tailoring tools, measurement guides.

40. Cutting Tools
– A pair of scissors and a cutting blade, on a green background.
– Sewing supplies, cutting instructions.

41. Iron
– A classic blue and white household iron, on a light blue background.
– Ironing tips, clothing care guides.

42. Yellow Roll of Fabric
– A roll of yellow fabric, on a light purple background.
– Fabric suppliers, sewing materials.

43. Threader Tool
– A threader tool with a small hook, on an orange background.
– Threading tools, sewing aids.

44. Fabric Scissors
– A pair of gold fabric cutting scissors, on a red background.
– Tailor’s toolkit.

45. Colorful Fabrics
– An assortment of colorful fabric pieces, on a light blue background.
– Textiles and goods.

46. Notebook for Patterns
– A yellow notebook attached to a string, used for patterns, on a yellow background.
– Pattern books, garment design guides.

47. Dress Form with Jacket
– A green jacket on a mannequin, on a dark blue background.
– Fashion design, sewing courses.

48. Seam Ripper
– A red seam ripper tool, on an orange background.
– Sewing toolkits.

49. Oil for Machine
– A green bottle of sewing machine oil, on a green background.
– Sewing machine maintenance.

50. Dress
– A red dress, on a yellow background.
– Fashion design, clothing stores.

These vibrant and comprehensive icons offer a wide range of applications across various sewing-related digital platforms and marketing materials.

You will download the sewing icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Sewing Icons set includes:

Needle, safety pin, sawing machine, mannequin, tape measure, zip, iron box, sketch, tailor, scissors, pins, dress, spray bottle, buttons, thread, clothes, coil, craft, crochet, dressmaking, dummy, embroidery, hanger, hobbies, hook, icon, icons, illustration, kit, knitwork, leather, needle, roll, set, sew, sewing, shears, silhouette, spool, textile, thimble, tissue, twist, work, yarn.

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