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Science icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
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This is a collection of 50 science-themed icons suitable for educational websites, chemistry and physics apps, scientific research platforms, school projects, and digital publications related to science and technology.


1. Test Tubes:
Three test tubes in a rack with colorful liquids (red, green, blue).
Laboratories, school experiments, chemical testing.

2. Distillation Setup:
Distillation apparatus with a burner and a flask with green liquid.
Chemistry labs, distillation processes, scientific procedures.

3. Microscope:
A modern microscope with a white and gray body on a purple background.
Biology labs, medical tests, microscopic studies.

4. Blood Samples:
Two test tubes with red liquid (possibly blood) on a blue background.
Medical laboratories, blood tests, healthcare research.

5. Molecule Structure:
A molecular structure with red, blue, and green atoms connected by bonds.
Molecular biology, chemistry, science education.

6. Dripping Syringe:
A syringe dripping onto a petri dish containing a green substance.
Medical research, vaccinations, laboratory experiments.

7. Radioactive Warning:
A radioactive warning symbol in yellow and black.
Nuclear science, hazardous materials, safety protocols.

8. Chemical Flask with Plant:
A flask with green liquid and a small plant growing inside.
Environmental science, biotechnology, plant experiments.

9. Test Tubes with Stand:
Two test tubes, one with a red liquid and the other with green, in a stand.
School labs, chemical testing, educational platforms.

10. Tablet with Atom Symbol:
A tablet displaying an atom symbol.
E-learning, science applications, digital education.

11. Genetic DNA:
A DNA double helix structure on a black background.
Genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology.

12. Healthy Apple:
A red apple with anatomical arrows pointing to it.
Nutrition science, health education, biology.

13. Atom Model:
A colorful atom model with electrons orbiting around the nucleus.
Physics, chemistry, atomic theory.

14. Beaker with Green Liquid:
A conical beaker with green liquid.
Chemistry labs, scientific experiments, educational purposes.

15. Beaker and Dropper:
A beaker with a pink liquid and a dropper adding more.
Chemistry experiments, lab procedures, education.

16. Burner with Flask:
A flask over a Bunsen burner with a blue flame.
Laboratory settings, chemical reactions, educational science.

17. Brain Circuit:
A brain with electronic circuit lines on one side.
Neuroscience, AI research, cognitive science.

18. Lightbulb with Atom:
A lightbulb featuring an atom symbol inside.
Innovation, scientific ideas, education.

19. Male Scientist:
A male scientist character wearing protective goggles and a lab coat.
Science professions, educational tutorials, research presentations.

20. Female Scientist:
A female scientist character wearing protective goggles and a lab coat.
Science professions, educational tutorials, research presentations.

21. Petri Dish with Bacteria:
A petri dish with different colorful bacteria.
Microbiology, medical research, educational platforms.

22. Magnifying Glass with Bacteria:
A magnifying glass focusing on bacteria.
Microbiology, forensic science, research.

23. Medical Gloves:
Two latex gloves, raised up.
Medical practices, laboratory safety, healthcare.

24. Laboratory Balance:
A balance scale with weighing dishes.
Chemistry, physics labs, educational purposes.

25. Erlenmeyer Flasks:
Two Erlenmeyer flasks with colorful liquids (red and blue).
Chemistry, educational services, scientific testing.

26. Burner with Flame:
A Bunsen burner with a yellow flame.
Laboratory experiments, chemistry, science education.

27. Compound Microscope:
A compound microscope on a brown background.
Biological research, educational platforms, scientific studies.

28. Green Plant in Flask:
A green plant growing in a test tube.
Biotechnology, environmental science, plant experiments.

29. Notebook with Pencil:
A notebook with a pencil and geometric shapes.
Scientific note-taking, educational learning, data recording.

30. Apple and Books:
A red apple on top of stacked books with a blue flask nearby.
Education, school science, nutritional studies.

31. Newton’s Cradle:
Newton’s cradle with swinging spheres.
Physics, motion study, educational tools.

32. Pipette:
A pipette with red liquid on a blue background.
Chemistry experiments, lab practices, scientific procedures.

33. DNA on Monitor:
A computer monitor displaying DNA sequencing.
Genetics, bioinformatics, scientific technology.

34. Heart and Syringe:
A heart symbol with a syringe about to inject.
Medical science, vaccinations, healthcare research.

35. Computer with Atom:
A computer monitor displaying an atom symbol.
Digital learning, scientific research, technology education.

36. Hand Holding Test Tube:
A hand holding a red test tube.
Lab experiments, scientific research, chemistry labs.

37. Einstein’s Equation:
A blackboard with “E=mc^2” written in white.
Physics, relativity theory, educational purposes.

38. Physics Tools:
Different physics tools including a ruler and protractor.
Physics labs, educational tools, scientific experiments.

39. Horseshoe Magnet:
A red and blue horseshoe magnet attracting metal.
Physics, magnetism, educational purposes.

40. Brain with Atom:
A brain with an atom symbol.
Neuroscience, cognitive science, educational platforms.

41. White Mouse:
A white mouse beside a syringe.
Laboratory research, medical experiments, animal testing.

42. Chemical Structure:
A molecular structure made up of green hexagons.
Organic chemistry, molecular science, educational tools.

43. Balloons with N2:
Balloons labeled with “N2” (nitrogen gas).
Chemistry, educational platforms, gas studies.

44. Medicine Pack:
Blister pack containing multiple pills.
Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical research.

45. Science Books:
Open books with scientific diagrams and discoveries.
Educational materials, research, scientific publications.

46. Digital Screen with Graph:
A digital screen displaying a scientific graph.
Data analysis, scientific research, technology applications.

47. Chemical Bottles:
Various chemical bottles and containers.
Laboratory storage, science experiments, research facilities.

48. Electronic Circuit:
An electronic circuit with connections and nodes.
Electronics, engineering, technology studies.

49. Scientific Tools:
Various scientific tools including a telescope and microscope.
Scientific research, educational platforms, laboratory tools.

50. Magnetic Field Lines:
Diagram showing magnetic field lines.
Physics, magnetism studies, educational purposes.

These icons are versatile, providing comprehensive visual elements for various scientific domains.

Science icon pack

Science icons

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 full vector Science Icons

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You will download the science icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Science Icons set includes:

test-tube, microscope, beakers, pestle, mortar, magnifying lens, volumetric flasks, desktop, DNA strand, dropper, titration stand, magnet, pulley, syringe, and chemicals.

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