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50 Nature Icons Set

The set contains 50 nature-themed icons, useful for various contexts including educational websites, nature-related apps, environmental blogs, and travel platforms. The icons use vivid colors and clear imagery to convey various natural elements, scenes, and creatures.

1. Red Flowers
– Two red flowers with green leaves.
– Gardening apps, floral websites.

2. Hands Holding Heart-Shaped Tree
– Hands encircling a heart-shaped tree with leaves.
– Environmental websites, charity organizations.

3. Travel Camper Van
– A camper van with trees in the background.
– Travel websites, camping apps.

4. Waterfall and Greenery
– A waterfall surrounded by vegetation.
– Travel blogs, nature documentaries.

5. Small Bird on Branch
– Yellow bird perched on a brown branch.
– Bird-watching apps, wildlife conservation sites.

6. Sprouting Plant in Soil
– Green plant sprouting out of brown soil with sunlight.
– Gardening, farming apps.

7. Desert Scene with Sun
– A sunlit desert with sandy dunes and sparse vegetation.
– Travel blogs, weather apps.

8. Fruit Basket
– A basket filled with various fruits.
– Food and nutrition sites, gardening blogs.

9. Autumn Trees
– Trees with autumn-colored leaves.
– Seasonal websites, nature apps.

10. Flowering Cactus
– A cactus with red flowers.
– Botanical gardens, desert-related sites.

11. Deer with Antlers
– A brown deer with large antlers.
– Wildlife conservation, nature reserves.

12. Nest with Eggs
– A nest containing eggs on a branch.
– Bird-watching websites, nature blogs.

13. Bee in Flight
– A bee flying near a flower.
– Pollination articles, wildlife conservation.

14. Tropical Beach Scene
– Palm trees and beach.
– Travel websites, tropical vacation promotions.

15. Ladybug on Leaf
– Ladybug resting on a green leaf.
– Gardening apps, insect-related sites.

16. Planet Earth
– An illustration of Earth.
– Environmental education, global awareness.

17. Jellyfish in Ocean
– Blue jellyfish swimming.
– Marine life documentaries, aquariums.

18. Red Apple
– A red apple with a green leaf.
– Nutrition sites, agricultural blogs.

19. Beehive with Bees
– Beehive with bees buzzing around it.
– Bee conservation, honey production.

20. Spider Web
– Spider spinning a web on a branch.
– Insect-related websites, biological sciences.

21. Camping Tent
– Yellow tent in a forest setting.
– Camping guides, outdoor adventure sites.

22. Pond with Lily Pads
– Pond featuring lily pads.
– Water gardening, nature reserves.

23. Squirrel with Nut
– Brown squirrel holding an acorn.
– Wildlife websites, nature education.

24. Rainbow Over Field
– A rainbow arching over a green field.
– Weather sites, children’s education apps.

25. Lotus Flowers
– Pink lotus flowers blooming on water.
– Botanical gardens, serene nature scenes.

26. Young Plant in Soil
– Young plant growing in soil.
– Gardening, educational apps on plants.

27. Potted Plant
– Green plant in a blue pot.
– Home gardening, interior décor.

28. Acorns
– Two brown acorns.
– Forestry, autumn-themed content.

29. Leafy Plant
– A leafy green plant.
– Botanical studies, gardening blogs.

30. Forest Scene
– A dense forest with trees.
– Hiking blogs, nature exploration guides.

31. Butterfly and Tree
– Colorful butterfly on a tree.
– Insect studies, natural habitat.

32. Mountain Range
– Majestic mountains under a blue sky.
– Hiking, travel and adventure blogs.

33. Mushroom Cluster
– Group of mushrooms.
– Mycology websites, forest guides.

34. Fresh Fish
– A fish swimming underwater.
– Aquariums, fishing apps.

35. Full Moon
– Bright full moon in the night sky.
– Astronomical sites, night sky photography blogs.

36. Iceberg
– A large iceberg floating in the ocean.
– Climate change articles, arctic exploration.

37. Tall Tree in Field
– Tall tree standing in an open field.
– National parks, forestry sites.

38. Desert Landscape
– Sand dunes with sparse desert plants.
– Travel guides, climate studies.

39. Cave and Mountains
– A cave set among mountains.
– Adventure travel, caving blogs.

40. Butterfly and Flowers
– Butterfly hovering over flowers.
– Pollination, insect studies.

41. Eruption Volcano
– A red volcano erupting with lava.
– Geology studies, natural disaster apps.

42. Orchard with Fruits
– Tree branches laden with fruits.
– Farming, fruit cultivation.

43. Small Island
– An island with palm trees.
– Island resorts, travel agencies.

44. Frog on Leaf
– Frog sitting on a green leaf.
– Amphibian studies, wetland conservation.

45. Forest Path
– Path through a dense forest.
– Hiking trails, nature walks.

46. Ripe Wheat Fields
– Golden wheat fields.
– Agriculture websites, harvest seasons.

47. Potted Sapling
– A small tree sapling in a pot.
– Plant nurseries, home gardening.

48. Sunrise over Hills
– Sun rising over green hills.
– Morning-themed content, travel guides.

49. Storm Clouds
– Dark storm clouds in the sky.
– Weather apps, climate studies.

50. Crater and Landscape
– Volcano crater with greenery.
– Geological exploration, adventure sites.

You will download the nature icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Nature Icons set includes:

Fruits, Leaves, Moon. Accorn, Cactus, Flwoer, Waterfall, Coconut Tree, Beehive, Spider, Volcano, Sun, Fish, Mushroom, Insects, Rain, Plants.

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