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50 Giraffe Emoji Fill Icons


Giraffe Emoji Fill icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


50 Giraffe Emoji Fill Icons

This set features 50 icons portraying various giraffe emoji expressions and actions. These icons, designed in a fun and colorful way, can add personality and a touch of whimsy to websites, messaging apps, blogs, and children’s educational platforms. They are suitable for expressing different emotions and reactions in a unique and playful manner.

1. Neutral Giraffe
– Giraffe face with a neutral expression inside an orange circle.
– General communication.

2. Happy Giraffe
– Giraffe face smiling, set against a green background.
– Positive reactions, happy moments.

3. Winking Giraffe
– Giraffe face winking, on a pink background.
– Playfulness, teasing.

4. Sad Giraffe
– Giraffe face with a sad expression, on a purple background.
– Sadness, disappointment.

5. Surprised Giraffe
– Giraffe face showing surprise, on a light blue background.
– Shock, surprise.

6. Cheeky Giraffe
– Giraffe face with a cheeky expression, on a dark blue background.
– Mischief, cheekiness.

7. Tired Giraffe
– Giraffe face with tired eyes, on a light blue background.
– Fatigue, tiredness.

8. Sleeping Giraffe
– Giraffe face with ZZZ indicating sleep, on a blue background.
– Sleepy, rest.

9. Cute Giraffe
– Giraffe face with cute, chubby cheeks, on a light pink background.
– Adorableness, cuteness.

10. Cool Giraffe
– Giraffe face with sunglasses, on a purple background.
– Coolness, confidence.

11. Surprised Giraffe
– Giraffe face with wide eyes, on a purple background.
– Surprise, shock.

12. Sad Giraffe with Teardrop
– Giraffe face with a teardrop, on a pink background.
– Sadness, crying.

13. Happy Giraffe with Sunglasses
– Giraffe face smiling with sunglasses, on a light blue background.
– Fun, sunny day.

14. Nerdy Giraffe
– Giraffe face with glasses and braces, on a purple background.
– Studiousness, geekiness.

15. Blushing Giraffe
– Giraffe face blushing, on a green background.
– Embarrassment, shyness.

16. Confused Giraffe
– Giraffe face with a confused expression, on a yellow background.
– Confusion, bewilderment.

17. Annoyed Giraffe
– Giraffe face showing annoyance, on a purple background.
– Annoyance, irritation.

18. Sick Giraffe
– Giraffe face looking ill with a thermometer, on a blue background.
– Illness, sickness.

19. Sorrowful Giraffe
– Giraffe face with drooping features, on a pink background.
– Sadness, sorrow.

20. Nerdy Giraffe with Glasses
– Giraffe face with glasses, on a light pink background.
– Intelligence, geekiness.

21. Cute Giraffe
– Giraffe face smiling cutely, on a yellow background.
– Happiness, cuteness.

22. Giraffe with Stars
– Giraffe face surrounded by stars, on a green background.
– Achievement, shine.

23. Giraffe with Heart Eyes
– Giraffe face with heart eyes, on a purple background.
– Love, affection.

24. Giraffe in Love
– Giraffe face with hearts around it, on a pink background.
– Love, romance.

25. Giraffe with Headphone
– Giraffe face wearing headphones, on a light blue background.
– Music, relaxation.

26. Happy Giraffe Face
– Giraffe face with a big smile, on a purple background.
– Happiness, joy.

27. Silly Giraffe
– Giraffe face making a silly expression, on a light pink background.
– Playfulness, silliness.

28. Unamused Giraffe
– Giraffe face looking bored, on a pink background.
– Boredom, uninterest.

29. Giraffe with Eyepatch
– Giraffe face with an eyepatch, on a purple background.
– Pirates, fun.

30. Suspicious Giraffe
– Giraffe face with a suspicious look, on a yellow background.
– Suspicion, doubt.

31. Angry Giraffe
– Giraffe face looking angry, on a purple background.
– Anger, frustration.

32. Happy Giraffe
– Giraffe face smiling joyfully, on a blue background.
– Happiness, joy.

33. Laughing Giraffe
– Giraffe face laughing, on a pink background.
– Humor, laughter.

34. Crying Giraffe
– Giraffe face crying, on a light purple background.
– Sadness, crying.

35. Giraffe with One Closed Eye
– Giraffe face with one eye shut, on a yellow background.
– Wink, slyness.

36. Surprised Giraffe
– Giraffe face showing surprise, on a green background.
– Surprise, shock.

37. Blushing Giraffe
– Giraffe face blushing, on a purple background.
– Embarrassment, shyness.

38. Excited Giraffe
– Giraffe face with stars around it, on a green background.
– Excitement, achievement.

39. Pleading Giraffe
– Giraffe face pleading, on a yellow background.
– Pleading, asking for help.

40. Shy Giraffe
– Giraffe face blushing cutely, on a purple background.
– Shyness, humility.

41. Giraffe with Mask
– Giraffe face wearing a mask, on a light pink background.
– Health, pandemic.

42. Giraffe with Shocked Eyes
– Giraffe face with shocked eyes, on a purple background.
– Shock, surprise.

43. Content Giraffe
– Giraffe face with a content expression, on a blue background.
– Satisfaction, peacefulness.

44. Yawning Giraffe
– Giraffe face yawning, on a light blue background.
– Tiredness, sleepiness.

45. Giraffe with Sticking Tongue
– Giraffe face with tongue out playfully, on a purple background.
– Playfulness, teasing.

46. Heart Eyed Giraffe
– Giraffe face with heart eyes, on a pink background.
– Love, affection.

47. Giraffe with Heart
– Giraffe face surrounded by hearts, on a purple background.
– Love, affection.

48. Giraffe with Flower Crown
– Giraffe face with a flower crown, on a blue background.
– Festivity, nature.

49. Giraffe in Love
– Giraffe face with hearts around it, on a yellow background.
– Love, romance.

50. Regal Giraffe
– Giraffe face wearing a crown, on a light blue background.
– Royalty, regality.

These icons are versatile and can be used in a variety of contexts to visually communicate emotions and states effectively.

You will download the giraffe emoji fill icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Giraffe Fill Emoji Icons set includes:

Happy, sad, crying, smiling and other emojis.

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