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Esport Gaming icons png/svg/eps


This is a 50-icon set themed around esports gaming. It includes a variety of icons related to gaming tournaments, equipment, player interactions, and game modes. These icons are particularly useful for gaming websites, streaming platforms, and apps related to esports, game tracking, or community forums.


1. Trophy with Game Controller
– A golden trophy beside a black game controller on a green background.
– Gaming achievements, tournaments, leaderboards.

2. Streamer with Headset
– A person wearing a headset with a microphone, next to computer screens showing a streaming setup.
– Live streaming, streamers, broadcasting.

3. Three Monitors Setup
– Three monitors lined up, typically used by gamers for a wider gaming view.
– Gaming setups, immersive gaming.

4. Tournament Bracket
– A tournament bracket tree with multiple levels and a winner at the top.
– Esport events, competition tracking.

5. Gamer at PC
– A person sitting at a PC setup with a speech bubble above showing a controller.
– Online gaming, player interactions.

6. Checklist with Achievements
– A checklist with task checked off, signifying achievements in a game.
– Game progression, milestone tracking.

7. Game Controller with Cat Headphones
– A game controller with cat-eared headphones above it.
– Personalization, gaming gear.

8. Gamer Streaming with Chat
– A gamer live streaming with a chat balloon, interactive streaming elements.
– Streaming, community interaction.

9. Gaming PC Setup
– A PC setup with multiple gaming devices around, indicating a professional gaming environment.
– Gaming PCs, gaming rooms.

10. Steering Wheel
– A steering wheel used for racing games.
– Racing games, driving simulators.

11. Winning Team with Trophy
– Two people holding up a trophy with joy.
– Celebrating winners, team victories.

12. Game Controller with Laurel Wreath
– A game controller surrounded by a laurel wreath, typically symbolizing victory.
– Achievements, gaming accolades.

13. Gaming Mouse
– A detailed gaming mouse, showing its importance for precision.
– Gaming gear, hardware.

14. Controller with Map Pins
– A game controller with map pins, indicating multiplayer or online games.
– MMO, collaborative gaming.

15. Multi-player Versus Screen
– A versus screen showing two players going head-to-head.
– Competitive gaming, PvP (Player vs Player).

16. Versus Match Setup
– Two players facing off on a screen with versus icons.
– Esports battles, matches.

17. Team versus Team
– Two teams, one red and one green, engaged in a competitive match.
– Team competitions, esports.

18. First-Person Shooter
– A game screen showing a first-person shooter perspective.
– FPS games, shooting games.

19. Trophy with Monitor
– A trophy placed beside a monitor, symbolizing an in-game achievement.
– Gaming successes, awards.

20. Gaming Headset
– A green headset, important for communication in multiplayer games.
– Gaming peripherals, voice chat.

21. Award Ribbon
– A badge or ribbon, often used for decoration and awards.
– Game awards, ribbons.

22. Dangerous Game Mission
– A PC screen showing a dangerous mission or theme, with a skull image on the screen.
– Hardcore gaming, challenges.

23. Player Celebrating Win
– A gamer holding up a trophy with excitement.
– Celebrations, player wins.

24. Gaming Clan Emblem
– An emblem or crest representing a gaming clan or team.
– Team identities, clan symbols.

25. Versus Presentation
– A person giving a presentation on two competing teams.
– Match analysis, pre-game setups.

26. Versus Analysis Screen
– A screen showing a versus match setup with tactical elements.
– Game strategies, esport analysis.

27. Good Game (GG) Screen
– An end-of-game screen with the text “GG” indicating “Good Game”.
– Game over screens, sportsmanship.

28. Monitor Setup with X Mark
– Two monitors side by side with an ‘X’ above, perhaps indicating a disqualification or error.
– Gaming issues, disqualified match.

29. Competitive Gaming
– A player in an action pose, symbolizing competitive gaming.
– Esports, competition.

30. Progression Bar
– A health or progress bar often seen in games, with a sword beside it.
– Game progress, health bars.

31. First Aid in Gaming
– Medical first-aid icons typically found in games, indicating healing or support mechanics.
– Healing mechanics, game aids.

32. Target Reticule
– A crosshair or aiming reticule, usually seen in shooting games.
– FPS games, aiming.

33. Fantasy Icon
– A fantastical icon possibly symbolizing a power-up or special game ability.
– Fantasy games, power-ups.

34. Live Action Scene
– A scene from live gameplay with active players.
– Live streams, active games.

35. Versus Headset Setup
– Two headsets on a controller, indicating communication between competing players.
– Multiplayer games, team communications.

36. Health Potion and Shield
– A health potion and shield, often used in RPGs or fantasy games.
– Role-playing games, health boosts.

37. Actions Per Minute (APM)
– An icon showing rapid mouse clicks, measuring actions per minute.
– Fast-paced gaming, skill levels.

38. Game Viewer
– A magnifying glass over a controller, indicating detailed game analysis or spectatorship.
– Game analysis, viewership.

39. Streamer with Camera
– A person with a camera setup, engaged in live streaming or recording.
– Content creation, live streaming.

40. Professional Gaming Rig
– A detailed setup showing a highly advanced gaming rig with multiple devices.
– Serious gamers, hardware.

41. GG Emblem
– A logo or emblem with “GG” text, signifying a “Good Game”.
– End of match, achievements.

42. Live Streaming Microphone
– A microphone with the word “LIVE” beside it, indicating live streaming.
– Online streaming, live podcasts.

43. Chessboard Setup
– A digital chessboard setup, showing an ongoing match.
– Strategy games, chess.

44. Character Selection Screen
– A screen showing different characters to select from in a game.
– Game setup, player choices.

45. Esport Prize Money
– A trophy with cash around, indicating prize money in a tournament.
– Esports, gaming prizes.

46. Gamer Profile
– A player profile setup screen, showing character details.
– Online profiles, gamer IDs.

47. Team Setup
– A setup showing three players preparing for a game.
– Team coordination, games.

48. Game Controller Gear
– Various gaming gear elements including a controller and buttons.
– Gaming gear, accessories.

49. High-Performance Headphones
– A high-performance gaming headset, vital for immersive gaming.
– Gaming peripherals, audio gear.

50. Game GPU Performance
– A monitor showing GPU performance, significant in gaming for rendering.
– Hardware monitoring, performance tuning.

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