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50 Diwali Lights Festival Icons


Diwali Lights Festival icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.



The image contains a set of 50 colorful Diwali festival icons, each within a circular frame. The icons are visually designed to represent various elements and symbols related to the Diwali festival, including traditional decorations, food, rituals, and objects used during the celebration. These icons are suitable for use in websites, mobile apps, social media graphics, and print materials to add a festive touch and convey Diwali-related themes. The icons are available in SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG formats.

1. Indian Flag Icon.
The Indian flag with orange, white, and green horizontal stripes, encapsulated within a circular frame.
Cultural representation, national pride, festival decorations.

2. Swastika Icon.
A yellow Swastika symbol on a purple background.
Hindu symbols, religious iconography, traditional rituals.

3. Kalash with Mango Leaves and Coconut Icon.
A pot (kalash) with mango leaves and a coconut on top, with a Hindu symbol.
Festive decorations, religious ceremonies, traditional rituals.

4. Hands Holding Swastika Icon.
Two hands holding a yellow Swastika symbol with a pink background.
Hindu rituals, festive blessings, religious symbols.

5. Diya Lamps on a Stage Icon.
Multiple diya lamps arranged on a stage with a brown background.
Diwali decorations, lighting festival, traditional lamps.

6. Calendar with Om Symbol Icon.
A calendar displaying October 27 with an Om symbol.
Festival dates, event planning, religious holidays.

7. Holding Diyas Icon.
A hand holding three lit diya lamps.
Diwali celebrations, lighting of lamps, religious rituals.

8. All-seeing Eye on a Lotus Flower Icon.
An eye placed over a lotus flower with rays radiating outward.
Religious symbolism, mindfulness, spiritual icons.

9. Dholak Drum Icon.
A dholak drum with brown and beige hues.
Musical instruments, traditional music, festival celebrations.

10. Gift Icon.
A pink gift box with a blue ribbon and Om symbol.
Gift giving, festive presents, celebrations.

11. Sweets in a Bowl Icon.
A bowl filled with traditional festive sweets.
Festive foods, celebrations, traditional sweets.

12. Firecracker Icon.
A colorful firecracker ready to be lit.
Fireworks, celebrations, festival fun.

13. Rangoli Design Icon.
Rangoli designs with intricate patterns usually seen during Diwali.
Traditional art, home decorations, festive traditions.

14. Veena Instrument Icon.
A traditional string instrument known as veena.
Musical performance, cultural festivals, traditional music.

15. Circular Swastika Design Icon.
Circular patterned icon with a Swastika symbol in the center.
Hindu traditional symbols, decorations, religious ceremonies.

16. Calendar with October Date Icon.
A calendar page displaying October 27.
Event planning, festival dates, holiday reminders.

17. Hanging Lantern Icon.
A decorative, hanging lantern with vibrant colors.
Festival decorations, lighting, Diwali celebrations.

18. Swinging Decorative Lantern Icon.
A lantern hanging on a chain with elegant patterns.
Holiday decorations, Diwali lights, traditional lanterns.

19. Purple and Yellow Lantern Icon.
A purple and yellow lantern hanging on a cord.
Decorations, Diwali festival, lighting.

20. Red and Gold Decorative Lantern Icon.
A red and gold lantern with intricate designs.
Traditional decor, lighting festival, festive season.

21. Green Gemstone Icon.
A hexagonal green gemstone with intricate golden patterns.
Jewelry, decoration, Diwali gifts.

22. Traditional Toran Icon.
A decorative toran hang usually placed at doors during Diwali.
Home decoration, festive adornment, welcoming.

23. Hands in Prayer Icon.
Hands clasped in prayer, symbolizing peace and blessings.
Religious ceremonies, blessings, meditative practices.

24. Single Lit Diya Icon.
A single lit diya lamp with orange flame.
Diwali celebration, traditional lighting, auspicious rituals.

25. Three Candles Icon.
Three lit candles in pink and red shades.
Decorations, religious rituals, festive lighting.

26. Multi-tier Diya Lamp Stand Icon.
A multi-level stand filled with lit diyas.
Diwali festival, traditional lighting, ceremonial practices.

27. Hands Offering Om Symbol Icon.
Hands presenting the Om symbol placed on a leaf.
Religious offerings, spiritual icons, prayer rituals.

28. Shopping Bag with Om Symbol Icon.
A shopping bag with a festive emblem and Om symbol.
Festive shopping, Diwali celebrations, gift purchasing.

29. Traditional Boat Lamp Icon.
A boat-shaped lamp with brightly lit diyas.
Diwali decorations, traditional lighting, festival of lights.

30. Offering Diya Lamp Icon.
Hands offering a lit diya lamp.
Religious rituals, Diwali customs, lighting ceremonials.

31. Footprints Icon.
Footprints of the goddess signifying prosperity and goddess Laxmi’s arrival.
Religious significance, welcoming ritual, auspicious symbols.

32. Purple Lotus Flower Icon.
A beautifully designed purple lotus flower in full bloom.
Spirituality, religious symbols, decoration.

33. Om Symbol in an Envelope Icon.
An envelope adorned with the Om symbol.
Religious messaging, ceremonial invitations, auspicious greetings.

34. Scriptures or Holy Book Icon.
A book with the Om symbol on the cover.
Religious texts, spiritual readings, ceremonial use.

35. Swastika on a Book Icon.
A book cover featuring the Swastika symbol.
Sacred texts, religious guidance, traditional symbols.

36. Diya with Candle Icon.
A diya lamp with a candle and some decorations.
Diwali celebrations, traditional lighting, festive rituals.

37. Hand Holding Sparklers Icon.
A hand holding lit sparklers.
Celebrations, fireworks, Diwali festivities.

38. Beaded Bracelet Icon.
A wrist adorned with a beaded bracelet, often worn during festivals.
Traditional accessories, festival dressing, cultural adornments.

39. Overhead Lamp Icon.
An elaborate overhead light fixture often seen in temples or during celebrations.
Decorations, festive lighting, traditional temples.

40. Stack of Books Icon.
A neatly stacked pile of books.
Religious texts, learning, festival preparations.

41. Temple Door Icon.
A set of intricately designed doors typical of temples.
Religious venues, ceremonial entrances, traditional architecture.

42. Candle with a Flower Icon.
A single candle with a blooming flower part of the frame.
Prayer, meditation, Diwali rituals.

43. Holding a Decorative Plate Icon.
Hands holding a decorative plate typically used for rites.
Puja rituals, offerings, ceremonial use.

44. Flower Rangoli Design Icon.
A colorful flower rangoli pattern often used during Diwali.
Traditional art, home decorations, cultural festivities.

45. Swastika on a Decorative Item Icon.
The Swastika symbol placed on a decorative background.
Religious symbolism, traditional decor, festive celebrations.

46. Henna Hand Icon.
A hand adorned with intricate henna patterns.
Traditional body art, wedding ceremonies, festive preparation.

47. Fireworks Icon.
A hand holding a lit sparkler, creating festive light patterns.
Celebrations, fireworks displays, Diwali joy.

48. Pyramid of Sweetmeats Icon.
A pyramid-shaped arrangement of traditional sweets.
Festive foods, traditional dishes, party preparations.

49. Floating Diya Icon.
A single diya lamp floating on water.
Religious rituals, lighting ceremonies, Diwali traditions.

50. Holy Calendar Icon.
A calendar highlighting religious dates and symbols.
Event planning, festival schedules, religious observance.

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