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50 Public Transport Icons


Public Transport icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.

Public Transport icons png/svg/eps


Common Set
This set of 50 icons is themed around public transportation. These icons are useful for websites and applications related to travel, city transportation, navigation, ticket booking, and itinerary planning. Each icon is designed with bright colors and clear illustrations to represent various aspects of public transport systems.

1. Bus Stop Icon
A signpost with a bus icon and the text “BUS STOP” against a blue background.
Bus transportation, bus stops, city guides.

2. Bus Ticket Machine Icon
A ticket machine displaying a bus ticket.
Ticket purchasing, bus transport, public transport facilities.

3. Taxi Icon
A yellow taxi cab with a checkerboard pattern.
Taxi services, ride-sharing, city transportation.

4. Train Station Icon
A train station building with a clock and a ticket window.
Train stations, railway services, travel hubs.

5. Metro Train Icon
Front view of a metro train.
Underground rail, rapid transit systems, urban commuting.

6. Bus Station Icon
A bench under a shelter at a bus station.
Bus terminals, waiting areas, public transit stops.

7. Bus Ticket Icon
A yellow ticket with a bus image and the text “BUS TICKET.”
Ticketing systems, bus fare, travel passes.

8. Flight Booking Icon
An airplane with a boarding pass and a green “BOOK” button.
Airline ticket booking, travel planning, airline apps.

9. Mobile Ticket Icon
A ticket displayed on a smartphone.
E-tickets, mobile ticketing apps, contactless travel.

10. Airplane Icon
An airplane flying in the sky with clouds.
Air travel, airlines, aviation services.

11. City Metro Map Icon
A detailed map of a metro or subway system.
City maps, metro navigation, commuter guides.

12. Departures Board Icon
Departure and arrival information boards.
Flight schedules, train timelines, public transport info.

13. Train Ticket Icon
A train ticket with a QR code.
Railway journeys, ticket buying, online travel.

14. Scooter Icon
A red scooter with a helmet.
Scooter rentals, urban mobility, eco-friendly transport.

15. City Bus Icon
A yellow city bus.
Urban bus services, public buses, city transport.

16. High-Speed Train Icon
A red high-speed train in motion.
High-speed rail, express trains, intercity travel.

17. Cruise Ship Icon
A large cruise ship on the water.
Sea travel, cruise vacations, maritime transport.

18. Cyclist Icon
A cyclist with a helmet.
Bike-sharing, cycling paths, eco-friendly commute.

19. Ticket Machine Icon
A ticket vending machine dispensing tickets.
Automated ticketing, public transport fares, kiosks.

20. Bicycle Icon
A single bicycle.
Bicycle rentals, cycling, eco-transport.

21. Underground Metro Icon
An underground train with the word “UNDERGROUND.”
Subways, city transport, metro systems.

22. Cable Car Icon
A red cable car moving through the air.
Mountain transport, ski resorts, city sightseeing.

23. Bus Pass Icon
A bus pass with an NFC symbol.
Contactless payment, bus travel, commuter cards.

24. Elevated Train Icon
An elevated train moving on a track.
Urban rail, metro systems, public transport.

25. Tour Bus Icon
A red tour bus.
City tours, sightseeing, group travel.

26. Ship Terminal Icon
A ship docked at a terminal.
Port facilities, sea travel, cruise liners.

27. Ticket Office Icon
A traditional ticket office.
Ticket purchasing, travel agents, public transport.

28. Taxi Call Icon
A smartphone with a “TAXI CALL” button.
Ride-hailing apps, taxi services, mobile bookings.

29. Bus Stop Shelter Icon
A bench under a bus stop shelter.
Bus stops, waiting areas, public transport.

30. Limousine Icon
A black limousine.
Luxury travel, VIP transport, special occasions.

31. Bus Ticket Validator Icon
A yellow validator machine for bus tickets.
Ticket validation, bus travel, electronic fare collection.

32. Train Station Platform Icon
A train platform with a train arriving.
Train stations, platforms, rail travel.

33. Public Restrooms Icon
Signage indicating public restrooms.
Travel facilities, station amenities, wayfinding.

34. Conductor Icon
A person in a conductor’s uniform.
Railways, public transport staff, travel assistance.

35. Luggage Trolley Icon
A trolley with luggage.
Airports, train stations, travel facilities.

36. Metro Pass Icon
A metro pass card used for public transport.
Commuter cards, public transport, metro systems.

37. Train Guard Icon
A person in a train guard uniform.
Train security, railway staff, transport safety.

38. Station Entrance Icon
The entrance gate to a station.
Train stations, metro entry, ticket validation.

39. Train Driver Icon
A person in a train driver’s uniform.
Train operations, public transport staff, driver roles.

40. Train Timetable Icon
A schedule showing train times and destinations.
Train schedules, travel planning, public transit info.

41. Bus Icon
A front view of a city bus.
City transport, bus routes, public transportation.

42. Train Icon
A front view of a train.
Railway services, commuting, travel.

43. Train Ticket Booking Icon
A smartphone showing a “BUY” button for train tickets.
E-tickets, train travel, mobile booking apps.

44. Flight Attendant Icon
A person in a flight attendant uniform.
Airlines, in-flight services, air travel staff.

45. Transport Icon
A generic icon representing various modes of transport.
Multimodal transport, travel options, logistic icons.

46. Bus Locator Icon
A location pin with a bus symbol.
Bus tracking, navigation, travel apps.

47. Clock Icon
A clock showing time.
Travel schedules, time management, station facilities.

48. Traffic Lights Icon
Multicolored traffic light showing red, yellow, and green lights.
Road safety, traffic control, urban management.

49. Ticket Booth Icon
A small booth for selling tickets.
Ticket sales, transport hubs, travel facilities.

50. Docked Ship Icon
A ship docked at a harbor.
Maritime travel, shipping terminals, cruise ports.

These icons can enhance user interfaces by providing visual representations of various public transportation elements, making navigation and understanding easier for the user.

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50 Public Transport Icons set includes:

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