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50-Street Fair-Icons


50 Street Fair Icons

This set of 50 vibrant street fair icons includes a variety of imagery representing typical sights, foods, and activities found at a street fair. They are perfect for use on websites, apps, promotional materials, and digital marketing related to street fairs, community events, or food festivals.

1. Burger Stand
A burger stand with a burger sign on top.
Food stalls, Street food vendors.

2. Hot Dog Cart
A mobile hot dog cart with a red and black color scheme.
Street food vendors, Fast food.

3. Ice Cream Cart
A colorful ice cream cart with a canopy.
Dessert vendors, Ice cream shops.

4. Food Truck
A vibrant food truck with a red body.
Street food vendors, Mobile eateries.

5. Vendor Stall
A vendor stall with a green roof and products displayed.
Market stalls, Craft fairs.

6. Carousel
A traditional carousel with horses.
Amusement parks, Street fairs.

7. Lollipop
A large, round lollipop with a purple ribbon.
Candy shops, Dessert stalls.

8. Cotton Candy
Fluffy pink cotton candy on a stick.
Fairs, Carnival snacks.

9. Mystery Game
A box with a spinning wheel indicating a mystery game.
Fair games, Prize booths.

10. Pretzel and Sausage
A pretzel with a sausage, both held in a paper cone.
Food stalls, Snack vendors.

11. Bunting
Colorful bunting flags.
Decorative stalls, Event setups.

12. Ice Cream Cone
A triple-scoop ice cream cone.
Dessert stalls, Ice cream shops.

13. Soft Serve Ice Cream
Soft serve ice cream in a cone.
Dessert stalls, Ice cream shops.

14. Crossroads Map
A map displaying crossroads.
Event maps, Navigation aids.

15. Balloon Arch
An arch made of colorful balloons.
Event entrances, Decorative elements.

16. Corndog
A corndog on a stick.
Food stalls, Snack vendors.

17. Candy Stall
Candy displayed at a stall.
Candy shops, Dessert stalls.

18. Popcorn Bucket
A bucket filled with popcorn.
Snack vendors, Movie nights.

19. Skewer
A skewer with meat and veggies.
Food stalls, BBQ stands.

20. Balloon Animal
A balloon twisted into an animal shape.
Children’s entertainment, Event activities.

21. High Striker Game
A high striker game with a mallet.
Fair games, Prize booths.

22. Milkshake
A milkshake with a straw.
Dessert stalls, Beverage vendors.

23. Street Fair Banner
A banner with “Street Fair” text.
Event promotions, Decorative elements.

24. Tin Can Game
A set of tin cans arranged in a pyramid.
Fair games, Prize booths.

25. Liquorice
Large sticks of liquorice candy.
Candy shops, Desserts.

26. Street Fair Sign
A circular sign displaying “Street Fair.”
Event promotions, Signage.

27. Food Cart
A food cart with a striped canopy.
Street food vendors, Mobile eateries.

28. Burger
A classic burger with lettuce and tomato.
Food stalls, Fast food vendors.

29. Hot Dog
A hot dog in a bun with ketchup and mustard.
Food stalls, Fast food vendors.

30. Food Truck Person
A person serving food from a truck.
Street food vendors, Food festivals.

31. Clothes Stall
A clothes stall with hanging garments.
Market stalls, Craft fairs.

32. Tent Booth
A tent booth with various flags.
Event setups, Information booths.

33. Bakery Items
A display of various baked goods.
Bakery stalls, Snack vendors.

34. Necklace Stand
A stand filled with different necklaces.
Craft fairs, Jewelry vendors.

35. French Fries Cup
A cone-shaped cup filled with French fries.
Snack vendors, Food stalls.

36. Balloons
A pair of balloons on strings.
Event decorations, Children’s activities.

37. Churros Cup
Churros in a red cup with chocolate dip.
Dessert stalls, Snack vendors.

38. Burrito
A wrapped burrito.
Food stalls, Snack vendors.

39. Paper Bag
A simple brown paper bag.
Shopping stalls, Craft fairs.

40. Hot Dog with Relish
A grilled hot dog with red relish and mustard.
Food stalls, Fast food vendors.

41. Shopping Bags
Two colorful shopping bags.
Shopping stalls, Market vendors.

42. Donut Cone
A cone filled with mini donuts.
Dessert stalls, Snack vendors.

43. Tacos
A container filled with tacos.
Food stalls, Mexican cuisine vendors.

44. Popcorn Box
A classic red-and-white striped box of popcorn.
Snack vendors, Movie nights.

45. Thank You Bag
A white bag with “Thank You” written on it.
Food stalls, Market vendors.

46. Toy Stall
A toy stall with various colorful items.
Market stalls, Children’s events.

47. Fruit Cup
A cup filled with different fruits.
Healthy snack vendors, Food stalls.

48. Ice Cream Scoop
A bowl with scoops of ice cream.
Dessert stalls, Ice cream shops.

49. Water Balloons
Colorful water balloons.
Games, Children’s activities.

50. Snack Box
A snack box filled with fries and other goodies.
Snack vendors, Street food stalls.

50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons50-Street Fair-Icons


You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Street Fair set includes:

Hot dog, food, toys, fast food, cotton candy, sweet, soda, fairground, hammer, ice cream, party, balloons, attraction, carousel, popcorn.

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