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Taxes icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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50 Taxes Icons

This set contains a variety of icons designed to visually represent tax-related concepts. They are useful for websites, apps, and documents dealing with finance, accounting, and taxation. Each icon provides a clear visual that aids in understanding tax-related terminology and processes.

1. Money Bag with Dollar Sign.
– A brown money bag with a dollar sign in the center, placed on a purple background.
– Savings, income, finance.

2. Money Bag with Coins.
– A brown money bag spilling coins, on a light pink background.
– Wealth, savings, money management.

3. Money Bag with Cash.
– A bag with overflowing cash bundles on a green background.
– Wealth, income, cash flow.

4. Calculator with Display.
– A calculator showing “3500.95” on its display, on a turquoise background.
– Tax calculation, accounting, finance.

5. Law Book.
– An orange law book with “LAW” written on its spine, on a blue background.
– Legal regulations, tax law.

6. Megaphone with Tax Document.
– A pink megaphone with a tax document, set against a pink background.
– Announcements, tax updates, public notices.

7. Wallet with Money and Percentage.
– A red wallet with paper currency and a percentage sign, on a purple background.
– Budgeting, personal finance, discounts.

8. VAT Tag.
– A red price tag with “VAT” written on it, on a dark blue background.
– Value-added tax, sales, pricing.

9. Shopping Basket with VAT Tag.
– A red shopping basket with a white VAT tag, on a blue background.
– Shopping, taxation of goods, retail.

10. Receipt.
– A receipt with text, on a light blue background.
– Invoice, payment proof, retail.

11. Piggy Bank with “TAX”.
– A pink piggy bank with “TAX” written on its side, on a purple background.
– Savings, tax planning.

12. Bar Graph with Percentage.
– A bar graph showing growth, with a percentage sign, on a light red background.
– Financial analysis, growth metrics, taxation.

13. Hourglass with Dollar Sign.
– An hourglass with sand and dollar signs, on a pink-to-blue gradient background.
– Time management, investment, financial planning.

14. Credit Card Payments.
– A couple of credit cards with dollar signs, on a yellow background.
– Electronic payments, finance, credit.

15. Wallet.
– A brown wallet, on a dark background.
– Personal finance, cash handling.

16. Paid Envelope.
– An envelope with a “PAID” seal, on a pink background.
– Invoices, receipts, proof of payment.

17. Piggy Bank and Calculator.
– A piggy bank next to a calculator, on a purple background.
– Savings, budget calculations, finance.

18. Saving and Loan Percentages.
– A purple background featuring a scale for savings and loan percentages.
– Banking, interest rates, loans.

19. Shopping Bag with Discount Tag.
– A red shopping bag with a percentage tag, on a dark red background.
– Discount sales, retail, shopping.

20. Taxes Sign.
– A sign labeled “TAX %” on a gray background.
– Taxation, finance, legal regulations.

21. Tax Document with Chain.
– A document wrapped with a chain, labeled “TAX” on a purple background.
– Tax forms, security.

22. Percentage with Dollar Sign.
– A percentage and dollar sign on an orange background.
– Finance, interest rates, discounts.

23. Tax Form.
– A tax form with text, on a white background.
– Tax filing, paperwork, legal documents.

24. Tax Certificate.
– A document with a golden certificate mark, on a blue background.
– Certification, tax proof, official documents.

25. Briefcase with Money.
– A brown briefcase, on a lighter blue background.
– Business finance, corporate tax.

26. Stack of Coins.
– Multiple stacks of coins, on a dark blue background.
– Wealth, savings, investments.

27. Money with Growth Arrow.
– Dollar bills with a growth arrow, on a green background.
– Revenue growth, finance, economics.

28. Contract Document.
– A written contract with a pen, on a striped background.
– Agreements, contracts, legal documents.

29. Jar with Coins.
– A jar filled with coins, on a blue-green background.
– Savings, investments, personal finance.

30. Money with Credit Card.
– Cash and a credit card, on a blue background.
– Finance, payments, banking.

31. Tax Form.
– A tax form with numbers and text, on a blue background.
– Filing taxes, documentation.

32. Invoice and Calculator.
– An invoice with a calculator, on a purple background.
– Accounting, payments, finance.

33. Blank Paper with Pen.
– A blank sheet of paper with a red pen, on a white background.
– Writing, documentation, notes.

34. Calculator.
– A calculator on a dark background.
– Math, finance, calculations.

35. Tax Document with Calculation.
– A tax document being calculated, on an orange background.
– Tax filing, finance, paperwork.

36. Gavel.
– A judge’s gavel on a brown background.
– Legal system, court cases, judgments.

37. Mobile Payment for Taxes.
– A mobile phone showing a “TAXES PAY” screen, on a light brown background.
– Tax payments, mobile banking, finance.

38. Safe Box.
– A safe box with valuables inside, on a yellow background.
– Security, savings, finance.

39. ATM Machine.
– An ATM machine dispensing cash, on a green background.
– Banking, cash withdrawals, finance.

40. Tax Percent.
– A document with a percentage and “TAX”, on a blue background.
– Tax forms, finance, accounting.

41. Profit Bars.
– A chart with increasing gold bars, on a dark background.
– Financial growth, investments, profitability.

42. Scales of Justice.
– Scales on a dark background.
– Legal balance, justice, law.

43. Savings and Loan Percentages.
– A percentage sign with dollar and percentage symbols, on a green background.
– Banking, loans, savings.

44. Money Bag with Bonuses.
– A money bag with dollar bills and coins, on a red background.
– Bonuses, finance, rewards.

45. Tax Form.
– A tax document with “TAX” written on it, on an orange background.
– Tax filing, finance, paperwork.

46. Tax Certificate.
– A document with a golden certificate, on a white background.
– Certification, tax proof, official documents.

47. Bank Building.
– A white bank building with columns, on a blue background.
– Banking, finance, institutions.

48. Umbrella with Coins.
– An umbrella covering stacks of coins, on a light blue background.
– Financial protection, insurance, savings.

49. Tax Percent Calculation.
– A computer screen showing percentage and tax, on a pink background.
– Online tax filing, finance.

50. Tax Document.
– A tax document with writing, on a purple background.
– Tax forms, paperwork, finance.

Taxes icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Enhance your financial designs with this collection of 50 tax-themed icons.

You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Taxes Icons set includes:

Financial, Tax return, Forms, Payment, Deduction, Calculator, Finance, Accounting, Revenue, Investment, Government, Expenses, Filing, Budget, Savings, Money, Refund, Credits, Taxpayer, Audit, IRS, Documents, Taxable, Returns, Compliance.

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