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Army icons png/svg/eps


This is a collection of 50 army-related icons, ideal for use on military websites, defense-related apps, and educational platforms covering topics of war, tactics, and military history. The set includes various symbols, tools, and personnel from military contexts, presented in a colorful and flat design style.

1. Assault Rifle
– An orange assault rifle with a black scope on a white and blue background.
– Military, weapons, combat.

2. Rocket Launch
– A rocket taking off, leaving smoke trails, on a green and blue background.
– Weaponry, air defense, artillery.

3. Military Base
– A military base with buildings and fences on a blue and green background.
– Bases, defense, military infrastructure.

4. Soldier
– A soldier in a brown helmet and uniform on a yellow background.
– Personnel, armed forces, infantry.

5. Higher-Ranking Officer
– A man wearing a green military cap with medals on a red background.
– Officers, leadership, military hierarchy.

6. Tank
– A green tank on a yellow background.
– Armor, vehicles, battlefield.

7. Medal
– A gold star medal on a blue ribbon against a yellow background.
– Awards, achievements, honors.

8. Radar Screen
– A green radar screen with dots on a black background.
– Surveillance, detection, monitoring.

9. Fighter Jet
– A fighter jet flying in the sky, white clouds on a blue background.
– Air force, combat, aviation.

10. Bomb
– A green bomb on a blue background.
– Explosives, ordnance, attack.

11. Grenade
– A green hand grenade on an orange background.
– Weapons, explosives, combat.

12. Helicopter
– A green military helicopter flying in the sky on a blue background.
– Air force, transport, operations.

13. Camouflage Soldier
– A soldier in camouflage pattern gear and helmet with binoculars on a blue and green background.
– Reconnaissance, stealth, infantry.

14. Dog Tags
– Dog tags with a chain on a blue background.
– Identification, military personnel, service.

15. Combat Knife
– A black combat knife on a purple background.
– Weapons, hand-to-hand combat, equipment.

16. Dynamite
– Red sticks of dynamite with a timer on a red background.
– Explosives, demolition, sabotage.

17. Military Ranks
– A badge showing military ranks on a pink background.
– Hierarchy, levels, army.

18. Multi-tool Knife
– A Swiss army knife on a light grey background.
– Tools, survival kits, equipment.

19. Radio
– A military radio device on a dark green background.
– Communication, coordination, tactical operations.

20. Submarine
– A submarine underwater on a blue background.
– Naval forces, underwater operations, stealth.

21. Boot
– A single green military boot on a blue background.
– Footwear, uniform, infantry.

22. Backpack
– A green military backpack on a light brown background.
– Gear, carrying equipment, soldiers.

23. Target Practice
– A shooting target silhouette on a blue background.
– Training, marksmanship, shooting practice.

24. Barracks Tent
– A green military tent with a red flag beside it on a sandy background.
– Camps, bases, temporary shelters.

25. Ammunition
– Two large bullets/cannon shells on a light brown background.
– Ordnance, supplies, weaponry.

26. Jeep
– A green military jeep on a light brown and blue background.
– Vehicles, transport, patrol.

27. Chevron Rank Insignia
– A chevron with a star on a green background.
– Ranks, levels, promotions.

28. Naval Officer
– A naval officer with a white cap on a purple background.
– Navy, personnel, ships.

29. Body Armor
– A green bulletproof vest on a grey background.
– Protection, security, infantry.

30. Torpedo
– A grey torpedo on a blue background.
– Naval weaponry, submarines, underwater attacks.

31. Water Bottle
– A brown military water bottle on a red background.
– Supplies, hydration, gear.

32. Military Truck
– A green military cargo truck driving on a road on a blue and green background.
– Transport, logistics, supply chains.

33. Binoculars
– Orange binoculars with a sun in the background on a blue background.
– Surveillance, reconnaissance, observation.

34. Compass
– A military compass with a brown casing on a purple background.
– Navigation, orienteering, survival.

35. Field Medical Kit
– A green first aid kit with a red cross on a beige background.
– Medical supplies, emergencies, field aid.

36. Warship
– A military warship in the sea on a light blue background.
– Naval forces, maritime defense, ships.

37. Attack Helicopter
– A green attack helicopter on a blue background.
– Air support, combat, aviation.

38. Watchtower
– A wooden watchtower on a light brown background.
– Surveillance, security, base defense.

39. Radio Set
– A green radio set on a black background.
– Communication, command, coordination.

40. Canteen Tent
– A canteen tent with a kitchen setup on a blue and green background.
– Field rations, food supplies, camps.

41. Mess Kit
– A military meal tray with various foods on a purple background.
– Rations, food supplies, field kitchens.

42. Army Tent
– A green army tent on a sandy background.
– Camps, shelters, bases.

43. Medical Tent
– A green tent with a red cross on a dark green background.
– Field hospitals, medical aid, military bases.

44. Parachute
– A parachute package falling from the sky on a blue background.
– Airborne troops, drops, deliveries.

45. Grenade
– A green hand grenade on a blue background.
– Weapons, combat, explosive devices.

46. Drone
– A green drone on a light blue background.
– Surveillance, reconnaissance, unmanned vehicles.

47. Military Cemetery
– A cemetery with green gravestones and trees on a green background.
– Memorials, honoring the fallen, remembrance.

48. Soldier Portrait
– A portrait of a soldier in a green uniform on a blue background.
– Personnel, military, portraits.

49. Barrier
– A red and white barrier gate on a red background.
– Security checkpoints, access control, base entry.

50. Parachutist
– A parachutist descending through the sky on a blue background.
– Airborne operations, training, drops.

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You will download the army icons set:

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– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Army Icons set includes:

Army and military theme, gun, medal, soldier, helmet, tank, pistol, rifle, boot, grenade, bullet, bomb, knife, aim, shield, binoculars, rank, flag, map, water bottle, tent, back pack, bullet proof, police, first aid kit, weapon, tractor, submarine, parachute.

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