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Indonesia Icons


This is a collection of 50 icons themed around Indonesia, showcasing elements of its culture, food, landmarks, flora, fauna, and important symbols. These icons can be useful for educational content, travel apps, cultural websites, or any digital media focused on Indonesian heritage and tourism. The images are available in multiple formats including SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG.

Icon Descriptions:

1. Indonesian Flag.
A waving red and white Indonesian flag on a black circle.
National symbols, education, travel.

2. Garuda Pancasila.
The emblem of Indonesia featuring the mythical bird Garuda.
National symbols, government websites, history.

3. Rupiah Banknote.
A currency note symbolizing the Indonesian Rupiah.
Financial apps, government, trading.

4. Traditional Food.
A bowl of Indonesian food with rice and side dishes.
Culinary websites, travel blogs, food delivery services.

5. Djoglo House.
A traditional Javanese house with a unique roof structure.
Cultural showcases, travel sites, architecture.

6. Salak Fruit.
Two reddish-brown snake fruits with green leaves.
Culinary websites, agriculture, travel.

7. Gado-Gado.
A colorful dish of mixed vegetables and peanut sauce.
Food blogs, culinary sites, health.

8. Es Teh (Iced Tea).
A glass of iced tea with a straw and ginger.
Beverage brands, culinary sites, travel blogs.

9. Palm Fruit.
Two whole and one half-cut palm fruit with orange-brown skin.
Culinary websites, agriculture, health.

10. Pecel Lele.
A plate of deep-fried catfish with side dishes.
Food blogs, culinary sites, travel.

11. Serabi (Pancake).
A traditional Indonesian pancake on a plate.
Food blogs, culinary sites, recipes.

12. Nasi Goreng.
A plate of Indonesian fried rice with garnish.
Food blogs, culinary sites, travel.

13. Gudeg.
A bowl of traditional Yogyakarta dish made from young jackfruit.
Food blogs, culinary sites, recipes.

14. Jamu (Herbal Drink).
A bottle of traditional herbal drink with ingredients.
Health websites, culinary sites, travel.

15. Papua.
A stylized map representing the region of Papua with a mountain and sea.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

16. Sate (Skewered Meat).
Multiple sticks of grilled skewered meat.
Food blogs, culinary sites, events.

17. Wayang (Shadow Puppet).
A traditional Javanese shadow puppet.
Cultural showcases, arts websites, education.

18. Reog.
Traditional Reog performance mask depicting a lion’s head.
Cultural showcases, events, history.

19. Independence Day.
A calendar marked with the 17th of August.
National events, history, education.

20. Mask Dance.
A traditional face mask used in Indonesian dance.
Cultural showcases, events, arts websites.

21. Harimau (Tiger).
A stylized head of a tiger, indigenous to Indonesia.
Wildlife, conservation, travel.

22. Kerak Telor (Egg Dish).
A traditional Indonesian egg dish on a plate.
Food blogs, culinary sites, recipes.

23. Batik.
Traditional Indonesian textile with a repeating pattern.
Arts, culture, fashion.

24. Borobudur.
The iconic Borobudur temple with its stupa.
Landmarks, travel blogs, history.

25. Rafflesia Flower.
The iconic Rafflesia flower known for its giant size and rarity.
Flora, environment, ecology websites.

26. Andong (Horse-drawn Carriage).
A traditional horse-drawn carriage with two wheels.
Travel blogs, cultural heritage, transportation.

27. Nusa Tenggara.
A geographical representation of the Nusa Tenggara region with prominent coconut trees.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

28. Moluccas.
The Moluccas islands indicated with native tree illustrations.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

29. Kopiah (Cap).
Traditional headgear commonly worn by Indonesian men.
Traditional attire, culture, festivals.

30. Wayang Kulit.
A detailed representation of a leather shadow puppet.
Cultural showcases, arts websites, education.

31. Sumatra.
An illustration of Sumatra with its prominent landmarks.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

32. Komodo Dragon.
A Komodo dragon, native to Indonesia, in a resting position.
Wildlife, conservation, travel.

33. Volcano.
An active volcano with a plume of smoke emerging from its peak.
Geography, natural disasters, travel.

34. Keris (Dagger).
A traditional curved dagger with intricate detailing.
Cultural showcases, history, defense.

35. Toraja House.
Traditional Toraja house with a unique boat-like roof.
Architecture, cultural heritage, travel.

36. Bali House.
A traditional Balinese house with woven walls.
Architecture, cultural heritage, travel.

37. Sulawesi.
A geographical representation of Sulawesi island with some fauna.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

38. Borneo.
An illustration of Borneo island highlighting tropical flora.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

39. Sumatra Island.
A detailed map of Sumatra with prominent landmarks.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

40. Archipelago.
An illustration depicting Indonesian archipelago in a map form.
Geography, travel blogs, education.

41. Jakarta.
Landmarks of Jakarta represented in icon form.
Travel blogs, city guides, education.

42. Orangutan.
A stylized image of an orangutan native to Indonesia.
Wildlife, conservation, travel.

43. Durian.
A whole durian fruit, known for its strong smell and unique taste.
Culinary websites, agriculture, travel.

44. Pencak Silat (Martial Art).
A depiction of Indonesian martial arts stance.
Sports, culture, education.

45. Randai (Folk Theater).
Symbolizes traditional Minangkabau folk theater.
Cultural showcases, performing arts, events.

46. Angklung (Musical Instrument).
Bamboo musical instrument used in traditional music.
Music websites, cultural heritage, education.

47. Bali Dancer.
Depiction of a traditional Balinese dancer in costume.
Culture, performing arts, travel.

48. Peacock.
Stylized representation of a peacock, part of Indonesia’s fauna.
Wildlife, conservation, travel.

49. Batik Pattern.
Traditional batik pattern with intricate designs.
Fashion, arts, culture.

50. Floral Design.
Representation of Indonesian floral art in textile form.
Design, arts, fashion.

Indonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia IconsIndonesia Icons

You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
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– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Indonesia set includes:

Indonesia, flags, country, garuda, people, mask, tradition, food, flower, cultures, animals, weapon.

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