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50 Skateboarding Icons


Skateboarding icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


50 Skateboarding Icons Set

This set of 50 skateboarding icons includes various elements commonly associated with skateboarding culture. These icons can be useful for websites, apps, and publications related to skateboarding, sports, youth culture, extreme sports merchandising, and athletic gear. The icons are available in multiple formats like SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG for versatile usage.

1. Regular Skateboard Deck
– A black skateboard deck with two sets of mounting holes.
– Skateboard parts, skate shop.

2. Longboard
– A longboard with a yellow deck and blue trucks and wheels.
– Longboarding, skateboard shop, sports equipment.

3. Broken Skateboard
– A broken skateboard deck with visible cracks.
– Skateboard accidents, repair services.

4. Colorful Skateboard
– A skateboard with a vibrant multicolor deck design.
– Skateboard design, art, merchandise.

5. Skateboard Trick
– A skateboard in mid-air, performing a trick.
– Skateboarding stunts, competitions.

6. Skateboarder with Action Camera
– A skateboarder wearing a helmet equipped with an action camera.
– Vloggers, extreme sports filming.

7. Skatepark Ramp
– A gray-colored skateboard ramp.
– Skateparks, construction, event locations.

8. Trophy
– A gold trophy with handles.
– Competitions, awards, achievements.

9. Water Bottle
– A blue water bottle.
– Hydration, sports accessories.

10. Camera
– A red digital camera.
– Filming, photography.

11. Medal
– A gold medal with a ribbon.
– Awards, achievements.

12. Gear Bag
– An orange and blue gear bag.
– Sports equipment, travel bag.

13. Skateboard Gloves
– A pair of blue and green padded gloves.
– Protective gear, merchandise.

14. Skateboard Truck
– A purple skateboard truck.
– Skateboard parts, repair.

15. Knee Pads
– Blue knee pads with red highlights.
– Protective gear, safety equipment.

16. Bandana
– An orange bandana folded neatly.
– Clothing, accessories.

17. Backpack
– A blue backpack with an orange front pocket.
– Travel, outdoor gear, school.

18. Jeans
– A pair of blue jeans with red and orange patches.
– Clothing, fashion.

19. Cap
– A blue cap with a black brim.
– Clothing, accessories.

20. Helmet with Action Camera
– A helmet-mounted with an action camera.
– Sports filming, protective gear.

21. Skatepark Half-Pipe
– A brown half-pipe at a skatepark.
– Skateparks, ramp types.

22. Longboard Icon
– A longboard with a colorful deck design.
– Longboarding, sports activities.

23. Skateboard Wheels
– A set of orange skateboard wheels.
– Skateboard parts, accessories.

24. Skate Ramp
– An orange skate ramp.
– Skateparks, types of ramps.

25. Cap
– A gray beanie hat.
– Clothing, accessories.

26. Knee Pads
– Blue knee pads with straps.
– Safety equipment, protective wear.

27. Skateboard Backpack
– A blue and gray backpack designed for skateboarders.
– Travel, sports accessories.

28. Skateboard Pants
– A pair of blue jeans designed for skaters.
– Skateboard clothing, sportswear.

29. Energy Drink
– A blue energy drink can.
– Hydration, refreshment.

30. Helmet
– A red helmet with black straps.
– Protective gear, safety.

31. Time Trials Cones
– An arrangement of three traffic cones.
– Skateboarding training, safety markers.

32. Tool Kit
– A black skateboard tool kit.
– Repair, maintenance.

33. Skate Shoes
– A pair of black and green shoes.
– Footwear, skateboarding.

34. No Skating Sign
– A red prohibition sign for no skateboarding.
– Restrictions, public signs.

35. Skate Wax
– A yellow and purple wax container.
– Maintenance, accessories.

36. Bottled Drink
– A gray insulated bottle.
– Hydration, refreshment.

37. Wrench
– A gray spanner.
– Repair tools, maintenance.

38. Skateboard Axle
– A gray axle for skateboards.
– Skateboard parts, repair.

39. Nuts
– A set of hex nuts.
– Skateboard assembly, repair.

40. Park Locator Pin
– A red drop pin on a map.
– Navigation, location-based services.

41. Weather App
– A mobile weather application interface.
– Weather updates, planning.

42. Play Button App
– A mobile app interface with a play button.
– Media, video playback.

43. Music App
– A music application interface on a mobile phone.
– Music streaming, entertainment.

44. No Entry Sign
– A no entry prohibition sign.
– Restrictions, public signs.

45. Rash Guard
– A blue rash guard with gray sleeves.
– Clothing, sports accessories.

46. Wrench
– A gray multi-tool wrench.
– Tools, maintenance.

47. No Entry Sign
– A green circle with a crossed-out black skateboard.
– Restrictions, public signs.

48. Graffiti Spray can
– A blue and gray spray can.
– Urban art, graffiti.

49. Skate Deck
– An orange and yellow skateboard deck.
– Skateboard parts, design.

50. Skateboarding Wax
– A stick of red skate wax.
– Accessories, maintenance.

You will download the skateboarding icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, and size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file is easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file is easy to open in Sketch, Inkscape, or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Skateboarding icons set includes:

Skater, skateboard, trophy, helmet, gloves, blouse, trousers, patch, water can, spray, pilings, medal, vert-ramp, handrails, location.

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