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50 Ecommerce Colour Icons


Ecommerce Colour icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.

Ecommerce Colour icons png/svg/eps


50 E-commerce Color Icons

These icons depict various elements commonly used in e-commerce settings. They are ideal for use on e-commerce websites or applications to visually represent various functions like shopping carts, payment methods, customer service, promotions, and product details.

1. Shopping Cart Icon.
A purple shopping cart.
Shopping, cart, e-commerce.

2. Storefront Icon.
A storefront façade with a red-and-white striped awning and a blue window.
Store, shop, online store.

3. Mobile Payment Icon.
A smartphone with a dollar sign.
Mobile payment, online shopping, e-commerce.

4. 24-Hour Service Icon.
A clock with 24h in the center, encircled by green arrows.
Customer service, 24-hour support, availability.

5. Award Certificate Icon.
A certificate with a golden ribbon and rosette.
Awards, certifications, achievements.

6. Shopping Cart with Award Icon.
A shopping cart with a red rosette.
Bestsellers, top products, featured items.

7. Cash Icon.
Green dollar bills stacked.
Payment, money, cash transactions.

8. Download Icon.
A smartphone with a download symbol.
App download, digital products, e-commerce.

9. Website Analysis Icon.
A monitor with a search magnifying glass.
Website analysis, SEO, analytics.

10. Shopping Bags Icon.
Two colorful shopping bags, one purple and one red.
Shopping, purchases, e-commerce.

11. Package Delivery Icon.
A brown package box with arrows.
Shipping, delivery, logistics.

12. Gift Package Icon.
A red gift box with a green ribbon.
Gifts, present, e-commerce promotions.

13. Discount Badge Icon.
A red badge with percentage symbol.
Discounts, offers, sales.

14. Empty Basket Icon.
A red empty shopping basket.
Shopping, cart, e-commerce.

15. Piggy Bank Icon.
A pink piggy bank.
Savings, money, financial savings.

16. Storefront Building Icon.
A building with a red roof and window.
Store, shop, marketplace.

17. 24-Hour Call Service Icon.
A phone handset with 24h.
Customer support, 24-hour service, assistance.

18. Cryptocurrency Icon.
Three Bitcoin coins stacked.
Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin transactions, e-commerce.

19. Credit Cards Icon.
Two overlapping credit cards.
Payment, credit card, transactions.

20. Document Icon.
A page with horizontal lines.
Documentation, invoices, records.

21. Delivery Truck Icon.
A delivery truck with a gift box on it.
Delivery, shipping, logistics.

22. Cash Register Icon.
A cash register with a display and buttons.
Retail, point of sale, checkout.

23. Desktop Store Icon.
A monitor with a shopping store interface.
E-commerce, online shopping, storefront.

24. Customer Service Icon.
A headset with a microphone.
Customer support, helpline, service desk.

25. Warehouse Trolley Icon.
A trolley with a package.
Warehouse, inventory, shipping.

26. Justice Scale Icon.
A balance scale.
Legal, fairness, policy, compliance.

27. Pharmacy Cart Icon.
A shopping cart with a medical cross symbol.
Pharmaceutical, health and wellness, e-commerce.

28. Filled Cart Icon.
A shopping cart with items inside.
Shopping, cart, purchases.

29. Star Rating Document Icon.
A document with star ratings.
Reviews, ratings, feedback.

A green shopping basket with a red ribbon.
Awards, featured products, e-commerce.

31. Eco Shopping Cart Icon.
A shopping cart with a green globe.
Eco-friendly shopping, sustainability, green e-commerce.

32. Credit Card Payments Icon.
Two credit cards.
Payment, credit card, transactions.

33. Document with Pencil Icon.
A page with lines and a pencil.
Documentation, notes, invoicing.

34. Tag Icon.
Two price tags.
Pricing, tags, e-commerce.

35. Cart with Arrow Icon.
A shopping cart with a downward arrow.
Add to cart, e-commerce, purchases.

36. Megaphone Icon.
A blue megaphone.
Marketing, announcements, promotions.

37. Document with Pencil Icon.
A document with a pencil indicating writing.
Documentation, records, invoicing.

38. Chart Icon.
A pie chart and bar chart.
Analytics, statistics, reporting.

39. File with Stars Icon.
A document with stars.
Reviews, ratings, feedback.

40. Money Bag Icon.
A yellow money bag with a dollar sign.
Finances, savings, profits.

41. Briefcase Icon.
A business briefcase.
Business, office, professional work.

42. Mobile Discount Icon.
A smartphone with a discount symbol.
Mobile shopping, discounts, e-commerce.

43. Wallet Icon.
A wallet with a green dollar bill.
Payment, money, transactions.

44. Calculator Icon.
A gray calculator.
Calculations, finances, accounting.

45. Magnifying Glass Icon.
A magnifying glass with a percentage symbol.
Search, discounts, analysis.

46. Secure Online Shopping Icon.
A monitor with a lock symbol.
Security, online shopping, cybersecurity.

47. Product Rating Icon.
A shirt with star ratings.
Reviews, product ratings.

48. Verified Icon.
A shield with a checkmark.
Verification, security, authentication.

49. Gift Card Icon.
A gift card with a bow.
Gift cards, presents, promotions.

50. Delivery Package Icon.
A package with a parachute.
Shipping, e-commerce delivery, logistics.

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