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This is a 50-icon set focused on museum-related symbols. These icons illustrate various aspects of a museum, including exhibits, visitor services, security, and regulations. Useful for museum websites, visitor apps, educational platforms, or any informational content related to museums.

1. Diamond Display
– A diamond displayed in a glass case.
– Museum exhibits, Jewelry exhibits, Museum security

2. Museum Building
– Traditional museum facade with columns.
– Museum identification, Location markers, Cultural sites

3. Mobile Guide Apps
– Mobile devices with museum guide apps on screens.
– Visitor tools, Mobile guides, Virtual tours

4. Historical Building
– Historical building with columns and roof.
– Architecture, Historical landmarks, Cultural heritage

5. Dinosaur Skull
– Dinosaur skull fossil.
– Paleontology, Natural history, Educational exhibits

6. Metal Detector
– A walkthrough metal detector.
– Security, Visitor screening, Safety protocols

7. Bust Sculpture
– Classical bust sculpture on a pedestal.
– Art exhibits, History, Iconic artworks

8. Information Desk
– Desk with information symbol.
– Visitor services, Information points, Customer service

9. Curator
– Person in uniform with museum ID badge.
– Museum staff, Guided tours, Assistance

10. Ancient Vase
– Traditional ancient vase with handles.
– Archaeology, Artifacts, Historical exhibits

11. Museum Location Pin
– Location pin with a museum building symbol.
– Maps, GPS navigation, Location services

12. Audio Guide
– Headphones hanging on an audio guide device.
– Visitor tools, Self-guided tours, Audio tours

13. Stanchion Posts
– Red velvet rope barrier between stanchion posts.
– Queue management, Restricted areas, Crowd control

14. Security Camera
– Surveillance camera with red base.
– Security, Monitoring, Safety protocols

15. Information Placard
– Display placard on a stand.
– Exhibit descriptions, Information boards, Labels

16. Exhibit Brochure
– Tri-fold brochure with exhibit details.
– Visitor tools, Information leaflets, Museum guides

17. No Touching Sign
– Sign indicating no touching allowed.
– Rules, Exhibit safety, Visitor behavior

18. No Entry Sign
– Sign indicating restricted area, no entry.
– Restricted access, Safety protocols, Security zones

19. No Pets Sign
– Sign indicating no pets allowed.
– Visitor rules, Pet policies, Safety protocols

20. Admission Ticket
– Museum ticket with denomination.
– Admission fees, Ticketing, Entry pass

21. Portrait Exhibit
– Framed portrait of a person.
– Art exhibits, Portrait galleries, Cultural collections

22. No Photography Sign
– Sign indicating no photography allowed.
– Photography rules, Privacy, Exhibit protection

23. No Food/Drink Sign
– Sign indicating no food and drink allowed.
– Visitor rules, Cleanliness, Exhibit protection

24. Ancient Column
– Ancient column structure.
– Architecture, Historical sites, Artifacts

25. Digital Screen Exhibit
– Interactive screen exhibit.
– Visitor engagement, Interactive learning, Modern exhibits

26. Tour Guide
– Female tour guide with headset.
– Guided tours, Educational programs, Visitor assistance

27. Security Guard
– Male security guard in uniform.
– Security, Monitoring, Safety protocols

28. Female Security Guard
– Female security guard in uniform.
– Security, Monitoring, Safety protocols

29. Egyptian Sarcophagus
– Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus displayed upright.
– Archaeology, Egyptian history, Ancient artifacts

30. Mummy Skeleton
– Wrapped mummy skeleton.
– Archaeology, Egyptian history, Ancient artifacts

31. Ancient Axe
– Stone axe with wooden handle.
– Archaeology, Ancient tools, Historical weaponry

32. Ancient Pottery
– Fragmented ancient pottery.
– Archaeology, Artifacts, Historical exhibits

33. Museum Map
– Map of the museum layout.
– Visitor tools, Navigation, Museum planning

34. Sculpture
– Abstract sculpture on a pedestal.
– Art exhibits, Modern exhibits, Cultural collections

35. Ancient Tablet
– Carved ancient stone tablet.
– Archaeology, Historical artifacts, Cultural heritage

36. Scroll
– Rolled parchment scroll.
– Historical documents, Manuscripts, Ancient texts

37. Artifact Handprint
– Handprint on ancient artifact fragment.
– Archaeology, Ancient civilizations, Historical exhibits

38. Ancient Helmet
– Ancient warrior’s helmet.
– Archaeology, Historical armor, Artifacts

39. Virtual Museum App
– Smartphone displaying a virtual museum app.
– Mobile guides, Virtual tours, Digital exhibits

40. Fossil Shell
– Fossilized shell.
– Paleontology, Natural history, Educational exhibits

41. Ceramic Pitcher
– Painted ancient ceramic pitcher.
– Archaeology, Artifacts, Historical exhibits

42. Exhibit Stand
– Ceramic pitcher and vase on display stands.
– Museum displays, Artifacts, Exhibit arrangements

43. Marble Statue
– Marble statue of a standing figure.
– Art exhibits, Sculptures, Classical art

44. Digital Exhibit
– Interactive digital exhibit kiosk.
– Visitor engagement, Interactive learning, Modern exhibits

45. Information Poster
– Poster with museum information and visuals.
– Visitor information, Exhibit descriptions, Signage

46. Art Palette
– Painter’s palette with paint and brushes.
– Art exhibits, Painting, Creative activities

47. For Sale Sign
– Sign indicating items for sale.
– Gift shop, Merchandising, Museum revenue

48. Wedding Venue
– Area within museum setup for a wedding.
– Event hosting, Special occasions, Venue rentals

49. Donation Box
– Box for collecting donations.
– Fundraising, Museum support, Visitor engagement

50. Visitor Pass
– Pass hanging from a lanyard.
– Visitor identification, Admission, Museum access

Museum Icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.

Unlock the world of art and culture with our Museum Icons pack, a comprehensive set of icons capturing the essence of museums and their exhibits.



You will download:

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– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Museum Icons set includes:

History, Art, Culture, Exhibits, Collections, Antiquities, Heritage, Galleries, Sculptures, Paintings, Archaeology, Modern, Science, Architecture, Interactive, Education, Visitors, Preservation, Ancient, Artefacts, Innovations, Conservation, Discover, Curator, Experience.

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