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50 Servers Fill Icons


Servers Fill icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


This is a set of 50 icons related to servers. Each icon is designed within a circular background with a fill color. These icons are useful for various contexts such as website development, network management, data storage, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and server maintenance. They come in file formats like SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG.

1. Server Stack
– A stack of server units.
– Data centers, server infrastructure.

2. Server Rack
– A detailed server rack unit.
– Data centers, server infrastructure.

3. Server Front View
– A front view of a single server.
– Server management, network monitoring.

4. Cloud Computing
– A cloud with network lines beneath it.
– Cloud services, cloud hosting.

5. Server Towers
– Rows of server towers.
– Data centers, server infrastructure.

6. Server with Cloud
– A server with a cloud symbol.
– Cloud services, hybrid cloud.

7. Single Server with Cloud
– One server with a cloud icon next to it.
– Small businesses, individual server hosting.

8. Cloud and Server Stand
– A server on a stand with a cloud symbol.
– Cloud hosting, IT departments.

9. Server Maintenance Tools
– Crossed wrench and screwdriver over servers.
– IT maintenance, server repair.

10. Server Tower
– A single server tower unit.
– Server infrastructure, web hosting.

11. Secured Cloud Server
– A server with a secured lock in the cloud.
– Cybersecurity, secure cloud storage.

12. Hands-on Server
– Server being set up by hands.
– Server installation, IT support.

13. Server Connection
– Connected servers with networking lines.
– Networking, data transfer.

14. Server with Shield
– Server with a shield icon.
– Cybersecurity, server protection.

15. Secured Server
– Server with a padlock.
– Secure hosting, data protection.

16. Multiple Servers with Lock
– Servers with a lock symbol.
– Secure networks, data encryption.

17. Server Synchronization
– Servers linked together.
– Data mirroring, server synchronization.

18. Server Update and Maintenance
– Servers with tools indicating maintenance.
– IT maintenance, server updates.

19. Server Uptime Tracking
– Checkmark over server.
– Network monitoring, server uptime.

20. Failed Server Connection
– X mark over server connections.
– Server downtime, connection failures.

21. Server Dashboard
– Server monitor with pie chart.
– Server monitoring, analytics.

22. Standalone Server
– A single server on a stand.
– Local hosting, individual use.

23. Certified Server
– Server with a certification badge.
– IT certifications, verified servers.

24. Cloud Hosting
– Server and cloud symbol.
– Cloud solutions, web hosting.

25. Network Node
– Servers connected in a network node.
– Network topology, data exchange.

26. Datacenter Management
– Servers aligned with management icon.
– Datacenter administration, network management.

27. Central Server Management
– Centralized server unit.
– Central management, server farms.

28. Server Stack on Network
– Servers linked on a network node.
– Networking, server stacks.

29. Global Server Network
– Globe with servers.
– Global data distribution, CDN.

30. Failed Network
– Network nodes with an error icon.
– Network issues, failed connections.

31. Server Replication
– Server stack with mirrored copying.
– Backup, disaster recovery.

32. Server with Personal Computer
– Server connected to a PC.
– Local networks, IT departments.

33. Resource Allocation Server
– Servers with tools showing resource allocation.
– Resource management, IT infrastructure.

34. Server Uptime Recording
– Line graph showing server uptime.
– Performance tracking, server uptime.

35. Multiple Monitors with Server
– Monitors connected to servers.
– Multi-monitor setups, control rooms.

36. Server Replacement
– Server units with a replacement icon.
– IT hardware replacement, server upgrades.

37. Server Network Map
– Servers connected illustrating a network map.
– Network layout, IT mapping.

38. Server Configuration Tools
– Server with tools signifying configuration.
– IT configurations, server setup.

39. Cloud with Folder
– Cloud icon with a folder.
– Cloud storage, file hosting.

40. Cloud Computing Gear
– Cloud with a cogwheel inside.
– Cloud services configuration, cloud optimization.

41. Server Data Transfer
– Server with data transfer arrows.
– Data migration, data synchronization.

42. Server Folder
– Server icon with a folder.
– Data organization, file servers.

43. Server Monitoring Globe
– Globe and servers indicating global monitoring.
– Global server monitoring, network surveillance.

44. Controlled Network Node
– Network node with control signs.
– Network control, network topology.

45. Server Cluster
– Clustered servers.
– Server clusters, high-availability setups.

46. Server Setup Tools
– Server with a setup icon.
– Server installation, IT setup.

47. Performance Monitoring Cloud
– Cloud icon with a performance gauge.
– Cloud performance monitoring, cloud optimization.

48. Resource Management Cloud
– Cloud icon with management tools.
– Cloud resource management, cloud services.

49. Server with Global Network
– Server linked with a global network.
– Global server networks, content delivery networks.

50. Server Data Transfer Map
– Servers with data transfer lines on a global map.
– Data transfer, global networking.

These icons can be used across web development platforms, IT operation systems, project management tools, and any digital platforms that deal with server and network management.

You will download the servers fill icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS files separate icons
– SVG files separate icons
– PNG files separate icons

50 Servers Fill Icons set includes:

Servers, Database, Cloud, Storage, Password, Shield, Configuration, Settings, CPU Towers.

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