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Ice Cream icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.


Ice-Cream Icons Set

This set of 50 vibrant ice cream icons is perfect for food-related websites, mobile applications, menus, or any digital design project seeking a playful and colorful theme. Each icon is contained within a circular background, offering a clean and cohesive look. The icons are available in multiple formats including SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG.

1. Chocolate bar ice cream
A chocolate-covered ice cream bar on a stick.
Ice cream parlors, dessert shops, summer-themed apps.

2. Chocolate-dipped ice cream
Ice cream dipped in chocolate with a green stick.
Dessert apps, candy stores, children’s menus.

3. Two ice pops
Two colorful popsicles, one pink, the other blue.
Summer events, snack bars, kids’ entertainment.

4. Strawberry ice pop
A pink ice pop on a wooden stick.
Beach cafes, summer festivals, ice cream trucks.

5. Hand holding ice cream
Hand holding a scoop of ice cream in a cone.
Food delivery apps, social media, promotions.

6. Sundae in bowl
Ice cream sundae with chocolate, strawberries, and toppings.
Cafes, dessert chains, restaurant menus.

7. Triple scoop ice cream
Three scoops of colorful ice cream.
Ice cream shops, summer events, food blogs.

8. Frozen yogurt
Bowl of frozen yogurt with toppings such as fruits.
Healthy dessert shops, cafes, diet apps.

9. Milkshake
Milkshake with whipped cream and straws.
Diner menus, fast food apps, retro-themed websites.

10. Ice cream in cup with a spoon
Cup of ice cream with a spoon on the side.
Office snacks, casual dining apps, food blogs.

11. Lavender ice cream cone
Ice cream cone with lavender scoop.
Specialized dessert shops, food festivals, social media.

12. Cup of ice cream scoops
Cup with three scoops of ice cream and a spoon.
Family restaurants, eateries, dessert buffets.

13. Ice cream in coffee cup
Coffee cup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Cafes, dessert fusions, coffee shops.

14. Scoop of vanilla ice cream in cone
Vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone.
Traditional ice cream shops, fairs, children’s parties.

15. Milkshake with topping
Glass of milkshake with ice cream and whipped cream on top.
Diner menus, special events, dessert cafes.

16. Cone with sundae scoop
Ice cream cone with a scoop of sundae, topped with cherry.
Cafes, special events, confectioneries.

17. Ice cream with cherries and chocolate
Ice cream cone with cherry and chocolate toppings.
Dessert parlors, summer menus, special offers.

18. Watermelon Popsicle
Watermelon-shaped ice pop on a stick.
Kids’ events, themed parties, fruit dessert bars.

19. Ice cream sandwich
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwich.
Lunch boxes, snack time, school events.

20. Berry ice cream popsicle
Red popsicle with a wooden stick.
Beach outings, summer treats, outdoor events.

21. Ice dessert in a cup
Cup with colorful ice cream scoops and a straw.
Cafes, events, candy shops.

22. Mint ice cream cone with mint leaf garnish
Cone with mint ice cream and mint leaves on top.
Gourmet desserts, summer menus, food photography.

23. Lavender ice cream scoop in cone
Cone with lavender-colored scoop.
Artisan ice cream shops, markets, organic stores.

24. Ice cream cone
Classic waffle cone.
Ice cream parlors, generic ice cream content, food illustrations.

25. Ice cream cup with toppings
Cup of vanilla ice cream with chocolate and sprinkles.
Cafes, restaurants, event catering.

26. Ice cream in a glass cup
Glass of ice cream with cherry topping.
Special desserts, cafes, retro-themed eateries.

27. Double-scoop ice cream cone with chocolate
Cone with two scoops of ice cream and chocolate drizzle.
Birthday parties, sweet shops, special events.

28. Ice cream popsicle with chocolate coating
A popsicle dipped in chocolate.
Ice cream trucks, summer parties, dessert menus.

29. Ice cream cone with cherry topping
Cone with a scoop of ice cream and cherry on top.
Cafes, family dinners, kid-friendly places.

30. Twice popsicle
A popsicle divided into two parts.
Shareable snacks, children’s parties, summer events.

31. Lemon ice cream cone
Cone with lemon-flavored ice cream.
Refreshing desserts, summer menus, beach bars.

32. Classic ice cream sundae
Large cup with ice cream scoops and toppings.
Dessert cafes, family events, menus.

33. Cheesecake ice cream
Ice cream inspired by cheesecake, in a cone.
Dessert innovations, gourmet shops, restaurants.

34. Bubblegum ice cream cone
Cone with pink bubblegum ice cream.
Children’s menus, theme parks, fun eateries.

35. Gourmet ice cream
Decoratively served cup of ice cream with fruit and sticks.
High-end restaurants, cafes, food magazines.

36. Strawberry swirl ice cream cone
Cone with swirled pink and white ice cream.
Dessert spots, festive menus, bakery chains.

37. Chocolate-dipped sundae
Sundae cup with chocolate sauce dripping down.
Dessert kitchens, food blogs, promotional content.

38. Rainbow popsicle
Multi-colored rainbow ice pop.
Festivals, outdoor events, children’s gatherings.

39. Chocolate soft serve cone
Waffle cone with soft serve chocolate ice cream.
Fast food chains, fairs, summer outings.

40. Soft serve ice cream in striped cone
Tall cone with vanilla soft serve.
Cafes, ice cream shops, event snacks.

41. Chocolate-covered ice cream
Ice cream covered in a chocolate shell.
Dessert counters, food stalls, snack bars.

42. Specialty ice cream parfait
Parfait glass with layers of ice cream and toppings.
Upscale restaurants, special menu items, cafes.

43. Dessert bar with cherry
Sundae with cherry topping.
Bistros, family events, dessert buffets.

44. Soft serve cone with cherry
Vanilla soft serve on a cone with a cherry on top.
Fast food, fairs, family-friendly restaurants.

45. Chocolate fudge sundae cup
Cup of ice cream with chocolate fudge.
Cafes, ice cream shops, special events.

46. Peachy-pink frozen dessert
Cup of peach-pink frozen yogurt.
Health-focused cafes, summer menus, FroYo shops.

47. Watermelon stripe popsicle
Green and red striped popsicle.
Summer events, kids’ parties, beach settings.

48. Frosty ice-cream cake
Slice of ice-cream cake with toppings.
Birthday parties, celebrations, specialty dessert shops.

49. Chocolate ice-cream scoop in a bucket
Small bucket of chocolate ice cream with violet background.
Personal parties, home desserts, casual restaurants.

50. Cherry-topped ice-cream bar
Red ice-cream bar with white dots on stick.
Kids’ events, ice cream stalls, themed restaurants.

You will download the ice cream icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Ice Cream Icons set includes:

All types of Ice Cream.

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