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50 Houses Icons Set

This set of 50 house icons showcases various styles and types of houses within circular frames. Each icon is vibrant and colorful, making it useful for websites or applications related to real estate, property management, home decoration, architecture, and more. The icons are available in multiple formats, including SVG, EPS, AI, and PNG.


1. Single-story house with a chimney.
– A single-story house with blue walls, white trim, and a red roof, featuring a chimney and green lawn.
– Real estate, home listings.

2. Rustic cabin.
– A wood-finished rustic cabin with a red roof set against a dark blue night sky with stars.
– Cabin rentals, vacation home listings.

3. Modern tall house.
– A two-story modern house with geometric patterns, yellow walls, and numerous windows.
– Urban real estate, architectural design.

4. Red townhouse.
– A traditional red brick townhouse with a front garden and two chimneys.
– Residential listings, urban living.

5. Two-story suburban house.
– A large, white two-story house with shutters, a pitched roof, and a detached garage.
– Suburban real estate, family homes.

6. Cottage with gable roof.
– A small cottage with a gray gable roof and timber-framed walls.
– Vacation rentals, countryside homes.

7. Eco-friendly house.
– A house with a thatched roof, surrounded by greenery, representing eco-friendly living.
– Green building, sustainable living.

8. Modern two-story house with external staircase.
– A two-story house with external stairs, flat roofs, and colorful design.
– Modern architecture, urban homes.

9. Large house with multiple sections.
– A spacious house with multiple wings, white walls, and a red gable roof.
– Luxury real estate, multi-family homes.

10. Small thatched-roof house.
– A small, round house with a grass thatched roof.
– Traditional homes, cultural properties.

11. Timber frame storehouse.
– A wooden storehouse with a gable roof and large entrance.
– Storage, barns.

12. Traditional tepee.
– A traditional tepee with a wooden frame and canvas covering, set in an open area.
– Cultural heritage, camping.

13. Classic two-story house.
– A classic two-story house with red walls, green shutters, and a white roof.
– Historical property listings, residential homes.

14. Twin towered mansion.
– A mansion with yellow walls, two towers, and a front garden path.
– Luxury properties, heritage listings.

15. Simple suburban house.
– A simple two-story house with tan walls, green roofing, and a front lawn.
– Family homes, suburban real estate.

16. Large suburban house with arched doorway.
– A large house with a prominent arched doorway, yellow walls, and traditional design elements.
– Suburban listings, upscale homes.

17. Modern wooden house with balcony.
– A two-story house with a blue design, wooden balcony, and fenced front yard.
– Real estate, modern homes.

18. Cozy cabin with a thatched roof.
– A compact cabin with pale walls and a brown thatched roof.
– Holiday homes, eco-tourism.

19. Garage adjacent house.
– A house with an attached garage, white walls, and green roofing.
– Residential listings, family homes.

20. Traditional multi-story house.
– A traditional house with dark brown walls, pitched roof, and multiple floors.
– Heritage property, family homes.

21. Apartment complex.
– A large complex with multiple apartments, highlighted against a yellow background.
– Apartment rentals, urban living.

22. Luxury high-rise.
– A modern, tall building with multiple floors and a reflective exterior.
– Luxury apartments, skyscrapers.

23. Classic duplex house.
– A classic duplex house with green walls, a chimney, and a split design.
– Family homes, duplex listings.

24. Residential house with pitched roof.
– A residential building with a pitched roof, blue walls, and a front garden area.
– Residential listings, suburban homes.

25. Townhouse block with different designs.
– A block of townhouses, each with unique designs but sharing a similar structure.
– Urban living, property listings.

26. Minimalistic urban house.
– A minimalistic urban house with large front windows and a small rooftop.
– Modern architecture, urban homes.

27. Traditional two-story house.
– A traditional two-story house with white walls, gray roofing, and front pillars.
– Residential homes, urban real estate.

28. Cozy suburban home.
– A cozy house with light walls, pitched roof, and small garden area.
– Suburban listings, family homes.

29. Contemporary house with large windows.
– A contemporary house with wide glass windows and a modern design.
– Modern architecture, luxury homes.

30. Tiny house on wheels.
– A compact tiny house mounted on wheels, ready for transport.
– Tiny homes, mobile living.

31. Futuristic building.
– A futuristic building with sharp drop design and blue reflective exterior.
– Modern architecture, futuristic homes.

32. Caravan.
– A compact, mobile caravan with large windows and a streamlined design.
– Mobile homes, camping.

33. Classic two-story wooden house.
– A dark brown wooden house with large front windows and a traditional design.
– Heritage homes, traditional architecture.

34. Modern office building.
– A tall modern office building with reflective glass and sleek design.
– Corporate buildings, commercial listings.

35. Beach house.
– A house set on the edge of a beach with stilts and an ocean backdrop.
– Beach homes, vacation rentals.

36. Apartment block.
– A block of brightly colored apartments with multiple levels and balconies.
– Urban living, apartment rentals.

37. Suburban house with two sections.
– A suburban house with a small walkway and prominent roofing sections.
– Residential listings, family homes.

38. Log cabin.
– A classic log cabin with dark brown logs and a cozy feel.
– Cabins, vacation homes.

39. Neo-classical mansion.
– A neo-classical mansion with white columns and a grand front entrance.
– Heritage property, luxury homes.

40. Double-storey house with garage.
– A double-storey house with blue walls, attached garage, and a fenced yard.
– Family homes, suburban real estate.

41. Modern home with multiple floors.
– A modern home with large windows, gray walls, and multiple floors.
– Urban real estate, luxury homes.

42. Suburban house with open patio.
– A cozy house with an open patio and simple yet elegant design.
– Vacation homes, suburban listings.

43. Townhouse block.
– A block of connected townhouses with similar architectural design but distinct colors.
– Residential listings, urban living.

44. Residential mansion.
– A large, white mansion with expansive front gardens and grand design.
– Luxury real estate, family homes.

45. Modern house with slanted roof.
– A contemporary house featuring a slanted roof and large front windows.
– Modern architecture, residential property.

46. Apartment building.
– A compact apartment building with minimalistic design and multiple levels.
– Urban living, apartment rentals.

47. Luxury estate.
– A large luxury estate with classical design elements and a spacious layout.
– Real estate, luxury homes.

48. Suburban house with porch.
– A cozy suburban house with a front porch and blue exterior walls.
– Family homes, suburban listings.

49. Turn-of-the-century house.
– A historical house with red walls, white trim, and traditional design.
– Heritage real estate, historical properties.

50. Urban two-story house.
– A two-story urban house with a simple and elegant design, featuring a blue roof.
– Urban living, residential listings.

You will download the houses icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Houses Icons set includes:

Buildings, homes and houses.


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