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50 Feminine Hygiene Icons


Feminine Hygiene icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
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Feminine Hygiene icons png/svg/eps


Set This set of 50 feminine hygiene icons is designed to cover a variety of aspects related to personal care and hygiene for women. The icons are colorful and detailed, making them perfect for use in websites, apps, informational brochures, health education platforms, or any digital or print media related to feminine hygiene and health.

1. Hand Washing.
– A pair of hands being washed with soap and bubbles.
– Personal hygiene, health education, cleaning.

2. Hair Washing.
– A woman washing her hair with bubbles on her head.
– Hair care, personal hygiene.

3. Bathing.
– A woman in a bath with bubbles, bottles of shampoo and soap.
– Relaxation, personal care, hygiene routines.

4. Lotion Application.
– A hand applying lotion from a jar.
– Skincare, moisturizing, beauty routines.

5. Menstrual Pad.
– A menstrual pad with droplets indicating absorbency.
– Menstrual hygiene, health education.

6. Nail Polish.
– A hand applying nail polish to nails.
– Beauty routines, personal care.

7. Sanitary Napkin.
– A sanitary napkin.
– Menstrual hygiene, health products.

8. Tampon.
– A tampon.
– Menstrual hygiene, health products.

9. Bath Time.
– A woman sitting in a bath filled with bubbles and bath items.
– Relaxation, personal care.

10. Sanitary Pads.
– Two sanitary pads.
– Menstrual hygiene, health education.

11. First Aid Hand.
– A hand with a first-aid cross symbol on it.
– First aid, health care, emergency readiness.

12. Facial Tissues.
– A box of facial tissues.
– Personal hygiene, health care.

13. Menstrual Calendar.
– A hand holding a clock indicating ovulation period.
– Menstrual cycle tracking, family planning.

14. Panty Liner Pack.
– A pack of panty liners.
– Menstrual hygiene, personal care products.

15. Intimate Wipe.
– A wet wipe package with a wipe being pulled out.
– Personal hygiene, on-the-go care.

16. Cream Bottle.
– A bottle of cream.
– Skincare, moisturizing.

17. Cotton Plant.
– A cotton plant symbolizing cotton products.
– Sustainable products, textile materials.

18. Menstrual Calendar.
– A menstrual calendar with marked dates.
– Menstrual cycle tracking, family planning.

19. Face Cleansing.
– A woman applying a cleansing mask on her face.
– Skincare, beauty routines.

20. Manicure.
– Fingers with freshly painted nails and a nail polish bottle.
– Nail care, beauty routines.

21. Menstrual Cup.
– A menstrual cup.
– Sustainable menstrual products, health education.

22. Toothpaste and Toothbrush.
– A toothbrush and toothpaste set.
– Dental hygiene, personal care.

23. Electric Epilator.
– An electric epilator for hair removal.
– Hair removal, beauty routines.

24. Deodorant.
– A can of deodorant spray.
– Personal hygiene, body care.

25. Shaving Legs.
– A hand shaving legs.
– Hair removal, personal care.

26. Toilet Paper Roll.
– A roll of toilet paper.
– Restroom hygiene, personal care.

27. Mirror Reflection.
– A woman looking at herself in a mirror.
– Daily routines, self-care.

28. Face Washing.
– A woman washing her face with bubbles.
– Skincare, personal hygiene.

29. Shower Gel.
– A bottle of shower gel.
– Showering, personal care.

30. Face Cream.
– A tube of face cream.
– Skincare, moisturizing.

31. Health App.
– Icon representing a health app.
– Digital health, menstrual tracking.

32. Stocking Stuffer.
– Christmas stocking filled with goodies.
– Holiday gifts, personal care.

33. Toothbrush and Paste.
– Another set of a toothbrush and toothpaste, different style.
– Dental hygiene.

34. Intimate Wash.
– A bottle of intimate wash.
– Feminine hygiene, personal care.

35. Menstrual Cup.
– Another illustration of a menstrual cup.
– Sustainable menstrual products, health education.

36. Scrubbing Hands.
– A hand being scrubbed with soap under running water.
– Hand hygiene, personal care.

37. Dairy Pad Organizer.
– An organizer with daily pads for different days.
– Menstrual cycle organization, daily routine.

38. Toothbrush Bottle.
– A tube resembling a toothpaste, combined with a female figure outline.
– Personal hygiene, dental care.

39. Hairdryer Use.
– A woman using a hairdryer.
– Hair care, beauty routines.

40. Sanitary Napkin Strip.
– A strip of sanitary napkins.
– Menstrual hygiene, personal care.

41. Headband Use.
– A woman holding and using a headband.
– Hair care, beauty routines.

42. Ovulation Test.
– An ovulation test strip.
– Family planning, fertility tracking.

43. Panty Protections.
– A pair of panties with protection symbols.
– Menstrual cycle, personal care.

44. Face cream application.
– A woman applying face cream.
– Skincare, moisturizing.

45. Sanitary Pads Pack.
– A pack of sanitary pads.
– Menstrual hygiene, health products.

46. Hairbrush.
– A hairbrush.
– Hair care, beauty routines.

47. Menstrual Cup in Hand.
– A hand holding a menstrual cup.
– Sustainable menstrual products, health education.

48. Hand Sanitizer.
– A pump bottle of hand sanitizer.
– Hand hygiene, sanitation practices.

49. Sanitary Napkin Icon.
– A prominent sanitary napkin icon.
– Menstrual hygiene, personal care.

50. Facial Mask.
– A woman holding a facial mask.
– Skincare, beauty routines.

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– EPS, 50 files separate icons
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50 Feminine Hygiene Icons set includes:

Washing hands, washing hair, sanitary pads, tampon, bathtub, hand sanitizer, serviettes, germs, contraceptives, reproductive system, shower, medicine, menstruation calendar, inner wear, comb, hair, tooth paste, tooth brush, toilet paper, notebook, water tap, beauty products, nail polish, shaver, menstruation cup, mirror.

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