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Here is a set of 50 animal icons, each depicted within a circular frame. These icons are broadly applicable to websites, apps, and educational materials related to wildlife, zoos, animal conservation, and children’s educational content. Below is a description of each icon in order:

1. Black Cat
A black cat with yellow eyes and white whiskers on a red background.
Pets, Halloween, Cats.

2. Elephant
A grey elephant with large ears and tusks on a yellow background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife Conservation.

3. Dog
A brown dog with a black nose on a pink background.
Pets, Veterinary Services, Dog Training.

4. Giraffe
A giraffe with long neck and spots on an orange background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife.

5. Ferret
A ferret with white and brown fur on a white background.
Pets, Small Mammals, Ferret Care.

6. Koala
A grey koala with fluffy ears and black nose on a lavender background.
Australia, Wildlife, Conservation.

7. Mole
A black mole with pink nose and claws on a red background.
Gardening, Wildlife, Nature.

8. Kangaroo
A kangaroo with large ears and brown fur on a blue background.
Australia, Wildlife, Zoos.

9. Walrus
A walrus with tusks and whiskers on a brown background.
Arctic Animals, Oceans, Zoos.

10. Otter
An otter with whiskers and brown fur on a violet background.
Rivers, Oceans, Wildlife.

11. Mandrill
A mandrill with colorful blue and red face on a purple background.
Primates, Zoos, Wildlife.

12. Elephant
A smaller depiction of an elephant head on a peach background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife Conservation.

13. Frog
A green frog on a dark green lily pad with a blue background.
Amphibians, Nature, Wildlife.

14. Mouse
A grey mouse with whiskers on a yellow background.
Pets, Rodents, Animal Care.

15. Rabbit
A brown rabbit with long ears on an orange background.
Pets, Easter, Wildlife.

16. Cheetah
A cheetah with yellow fur and black spots on a blue background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife.

17. Hippopotamus
A grey hippopotamus face on a purple background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife.

18. Fox
A red fox with a white chest on a yellow background.
Wildlife, Forests, Nature.

19. Camel
A camel face with a long neck on a peach background.
Deserts, Zoos, Wildlife.

20. Wolf
A brown wolf on a peach background.
Wildlife, Forests, Nature.

21. Pig
A pink pig with big ears on a dark navy background.
Farms, Animals, Agriculture.

22. Goat
A white goat with horns on a yellow background.
Farms, Animals, Agriculture.

23. Penguin
A black and white penguin with yellow beak on a burnt yellow background.
Arctic, Animals, Wildlife.

24. Cow
A white and brown cow with horns on a violet background.
Farms, Dairy, Agriculture.

25. Hamster
A brown and white hamster on a blue background.
Pets, Small Mammals, Hamster Care.

26. Tiger
A tiger with orange fur and black stripes on a blue background.
Wildlife, Safari, Zoos.

27. Bear
A brown bear on a red background.
Wildlife, Forests, Nature.

28. Antelope
An antelope with long horns on a magenta background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife.

29. Alligator
A green alligator with sharp teeth on a green background.
Swamps, Wildlife, Zoos.

30. Hyena
A spotted hyena on a blue background.
Safari, Wildlife, Zoos.

31. Chicken
A white chicken with a red comb on a pink background.
Farms, Poultry, Agriculture.

32. Deer
A brown deer with large eyes and antlers on a purple background.
Forests, Wildlife, Nature.

33. Lobster
A red lobster with claws on a green background.
Oceans, Seafood, Wildlife.

34. Stag
A stag with antlers on a green background.
Forests, Wildlife, Nature.

35. Sheep
A fluffy white sheep on a grey background.
Farms, Wool Industry, Agriculture.

36. Raccoon
A raccoon with black mask and grey fur on a light blue background.
Wildlife, Forests, Nature.

37. Dolphin
A blue dolphin on a turquoise background.
Oceans, Marine Life, Aquariums.

38. Bat
A bat with big ears on a pink background.
Nights, Caves, Wildlife.

39. Frog
A brown frog with big eyes on a yellow background.
Amphibians, Nature, Wildlife.

40. Gorilla
A grey gorilla with a stern expression on a dark blue background.
Primates, Zoos, Wildlife.

41. Horse
A brown horse with a white stripe on a purple background.
Equestrian, Farms, Animals.

42. Chimpanzee
A chimpanzee with a smile on a light blue background.
Primates, Zoos, Wildlife.

43. Lion
A lion with a mane on a yellow background.
Safari, Zoos, Wildlife.

44. Buffalo
A light blue buffalo with large horns on a grey background.
Plains, Zoos, Wildlife.

45. Panda
A black and white panda on a white background.
Wildlife, Zoos, Conservation.

46. Pelican
A white pelican with yellow beak on a green background.
Birds, Oceans, Wildlife.

47. Eagle
A brown eagle with a black beak on a red background.
Birds of Prey, Wildlife, Forests.

48. Rat
A grey rat with whiskers on a red background.
Pets, Rodents, Wildlife.

49. Badger
A black and white badger on a yellow background.
Forests, Wildlife, Nature.

50. Shark
A grey shark with a stern expression on a blue background.
Oceans, Marine Life, Aquariums.

These icons collectively represent a wide range of animals from different habitats and contexts, making them versatile for various uses in animal-related content.


You will download:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– 50 EPS files separate icons
– 50 SVG files separate icons
– 50 PNG files separate icons

50 Animals set includes:

Pig, animals, mouse, sheep, elephant, lion, panda, cat, turtle, fox, rabbit, chicken, crocodile, deer, hippo, cow, dog, walrus, shark, horse.

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