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50 Monkey Emoji Icons


Monkey Emoji icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
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50 Monkey Emoji Icons Set

A collection of 50 diverse monkey emoji icons showcasing a wide range of emotions and activities. These icons can be used across messaging apps, social media platforms, or websites to add a fun and expressive element to user interactions.

1. Happy Monkey.
– A monkey with a wide smile on a red background.
– Friendly greetings, happiness.

2. Laughing Monkey.
– A monkey laughing with eyes closed on a yellow background.
– Humor, jokes, funny moments.

3. Surprised Monkey.
– A monkey with a shocked expression and hands on cheeks on a pink background.
– Surprise, shock, astonishment.

4. In Love Monkey.
– A monkey with heart eyes and a drooling mouth on a purple background.
– Love, affection, admiration.

5. Sad Monkey.
– A monkey with a sad face on a blue background.
– Sadness, disappointment.

6. Cool Monkey.
– A monkey wearing sunglasses on a green background.
– Coolness, style, confidence.

7. Sleeping Monkey.
– A monkey with closed eyes and a drooling mouth on a light orange background.
– Sleep, tiredness.

8. Angry Monkey.
– A monkey with an angry face and steam coming out of the nose on a light blue background.
– Anger, frustration.

9. Smiling Monkey.
– A monkey with a simple smile on a dark blue background.
– Happiness, friendliness.

10. Injured Monkey.
– A monkey with a bandage on the head on a purple background.
– Injury, illness, pain.

11. Amused Monkey.
– A monkey with one eye closed and a playful expression on a dark background.
– Amusement, playfulness.

12. Embarrassed Monkey.
– A monkey covering its face with hands on a light orange background.
– Embarrassment, awkwardness.

13. Angry Red Monkey.
– A monkey with red, angry face on a blue background.
– Extreme anger, rage.

14. Crying Monkey.
– A monkey with tears streaming down its face on a dark background.
– Sadness, crying.

15. Confused Monkey.
– A monkey with a questioning expression and a heart and question mark on a purple background.
– Confusion, perplexity.

16. Evil Monkey.
– A monkey with a devil smile and red horns on a purple background.
– Mischief, naughtiness.

17. Dead Monkey.
– A monkey with X’s on eyes and a tongue sticking out on a yellow background.
– Exhaustion, defeat, fake death.

18. Shy Monkey.
– A monkey with a shy expression and one hand on the face on a green background.
– Shyness, bashfulness.

19. Nerd Monkey.
– A monkey wearing glasses with tape in the middle on a dark background.
– Studies, technology, geekiness.

20. Sleepy Monkey.
– A monkey with closed eyes and a drooling mouth on a dark background.
– Sleep, fatigue.

21. Panicked Monkey.
– A monkey with wide eyes and hands on cheeks on a yellow background.
– Fear, panic.

22. Annoyed Monkey.
– A monkey with an annoyed expression on a red background.
– Annoyance, frustration.

23. Bored Monkey.
– A monkey with a straight face on a purple background.
– Boredom, indifference.

24. Confused Monkey.
– A monkey scratching its head with a green cap and a question mark on a green background.
– Confusion, thinking.

25. Sad Teary Monkey.
– A monkey with a teary expression on a red background.
– Sadness, tears.

26. Zombie Monkey.
– A green-faced monkey with a zombie-like expression on a green background.
– Halloween, horror.

27. Blushing Monkey.
– A monkey with blush and puckered lips on a pink background.
– Love, shyness.

28. Kissing Monkey.
– A monkey blowing a kiss on a green background.
– Affection, love.

29. Tears of Joy Monkey.
– A monkey crying with joy on a light blue background.
– Happiness, crying with laughter.

30. Kiss Monkey.
– A monkey with kiss marks on the face and heart bubbles on a pink background.
– Affection, love, kiss.

31. Grinning Monkey.
– A monkey showing its teeth in a wide grin on a blue background.
– Happiness, excitement.

32. Shocked Monkey.
– A monkey shaking head with stars around on a dark background.
– Shock, dizziness.

33. Scared Monkey.
– A monkey with a wide-eyed scared expression on a dusty pink background.
– Fear, panic.

34. Thinking Monkey.
– A monkey with a contemplative expression on a green background.
– Thinking, curiosity.

35. Worried Monkey.
– A monkey with a concerned and nervous face on a light purple background.
– Worry, nervousness.

36. Injured Monkey.
– A monkey with an eye patch and bandage on the head on an orange background.
– Injury, illness.

37. Angel Monkey.
– A monkey with a halo and angelic smile on a yellow background.
– Innocence, purity.

38. Happy Masked Monkey.
– A monkey wearing a surgical mask and smiling with the eyes on a blue background.
– Health, hygiene.

39. Love-struck Monkey.
– A monkey with heart eyes,
оказ Başkanı gukya oy evlek ıpden a pink background.
Love, affection.

40. Hearts Monkey.
– A monkey with heart shapes in eyes on a green background.
Love, admiration.

41. Crying Monkey.
– A monkey sobbing, tears flowing, mouth open. Background: blue.
sadness, heartbreaks.

42. Gritting Monkey.
– A monkey with lips pressed together, grinning eyes squeezed shut. Background: yellow.
intensity, excitement, perseverance.

43. Laughing Monkey.
– A monkey laughing, eyes almost closed, mouth wide open, stars in background. Background: light blue.
humor, enjoyment.

44. Heart-eye Monkey.
A monkey with hearts instead of eyes, blushes on cheeks. Background: pink.
romantic affection, admiration.

45. Dollar-eye.
A monkey has dollar symbols in eyes. Background: dark.
surprise, excitement.

46. Shocked.
A monkey has a dull look, cheeks with red blushes. Background: yellow.
confusion, guilt, embarrassment.

47. Shy.
A monkey wears a muscle shirt with closed eyes. Background: green.
fitness, character.

48. Kiss.
Monkey has red love hearts in the eye. Background: pink.

49. Confident.
A green dollar sign, glasses, and hearts appear. Background: yellow.

50. Angry.
A red monkey face with angry, big eyes. Background: brown.

You will download the monkey emoji icons set:

– 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator
– you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs).
– 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program.
– 1 SVG file easy open in Sketch, Inkscape or any other vector editing program.
– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Monkey Emoji Icons set includes:

Happy, sad, crying, smiling and other emojis.

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