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50 Country Living Icons


Country Living icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
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50 Country Living Icons
This icon set focuses on various aspects of country living, including agriculture, gardening, nature, and rural life. These icons can be used in websites, apps, and presentations related to farming, outdoor activities, eco-friendly living, and rural tourism.

1. Log Pile
A pile of logs arranged neatly, brown in color with visible tree rings.
Forestry, wood crafting, fuel.

2. Lips with Finger
Lips and an index finger positioned vertically in front, indicating “shhh” or silence.
Quiet places, peaceful living.

3. Tree Stump with Axe
A chopped tree stump with an axe embedded in it.
Forestry, wood cutting, logging.

4. Girl with Flower Crown
A young girl wearing traditional clothing and a flower crown.
Rural culture, festivals, folk living.

5. Country House
A house with a front lawn, clouds, and the sun in the background.
Rural homes, real estate, country living.

6. Strawberries
A cluster of strawberries on a green leafy background.
Farming, gardening, fresh produce.

7. Pears on Tree
Pears hanging from a tree.
Orchard farming, fruit harvesting.

8. Wheat Field
A field of golden wheat ready for harvest.
Agriculture, farming, grains production.

9. Mushroom and Grass
Red mushrooms with white spots growing in grass.
Foraging, wild mushrooms, nature walks.

10. Seedlings in Soil
Seedlings sprouting from the soil.
Gardening, farming, plant growth.

11. Farmer Boy
A young farmer boy wearing a straw hat and overalls.
Rural lifestyle, farming, agriculture.

12. Smoking Chimney
A chimney with smoke coming out.
Wood burning, countryside homes, heating.

13. Tree
A large green tree.
Nature, forestry, parks.

14. Seedling in Hand
A hand holding a small seedling.
Gardening, planting, nurturing nature.

15. Logs and Axe
Logs with an axe lying next to them.
Wood cutting, forestry, firewood.

16. Grapes
A bunch of purple grapes on a vine.
Vineyard, wine making, fruit farming.

17. Vegetable Crate
A crate filled with various vegetables.
Farmers market, fresh produce, gardening.

18. Field of Vegetables
A garden bed with multiple vegetable plants.
Farming, gardening, organic produce.

19. Planting Seedlings
Plants growing in rows of soil.
Gardening, agriculture, plant cultivation.

20. Fruits and Berries
A variety of fruits and berries.
Fresh produce, gardening, markets.

21. Sunset over Field
Sun setting over a field with a gradient sky.
Scenic views, nature, rural living.

22. Night Sky with Stars
A night sky filled with stars.
Astronomy, camping, clear nights.

23. Cloudy Sky
A sky filled with clouds.
Weather, nature, outdoors.

24. Sun Face
A sun with a human face.
Sunny days, weather, nature symbolism.

25. Night Sky with Moon
A night sky featuring a crescent moon.
Nighttime activities, stargazing, calmness.

26. Sunny Day
Clear sky with the sun.
Weather, outdoors, sunny days.

27. Carrot in Hand
A hand holding a freshly harvested carrot.
Gardening, farming, fresh produce.

28. Seedling in Hand
A hand holding a seedling, nurturing it.
Planting, gardening, growth.

29. Basket of Vegetables
A basket filled with assorted vegetables.
Farmers market, gardening, harvesting.

30. Salad with Fork
A bowl of salad with a fork on the side.
Healthy eating, fresh produce, meals.

31. Hammock
A red hammock suspended between two trees.
Relaxation, outdoors, lounging.

32. Eggs in Nest
Pink eggs nestled in a bird’s nest on the ground.
Birdwatching, nature, countryside.

33. Cauliflower Head
A head of cauliflower with green leaves.
Gardening, farming, fresh produce.

34. Corn Field
A field with rows of corn plants.
Agriculture, farming, crops.

35. Milk Can
A traditional milk can.
Dairy farming, milk production, rural life.

36. Vegetable Basket
A basket with vegetables spilling out.
Farmers market, fresh produce, gardening.

37. White Picket Fence
A white picket fence.
Rural homes, boundary, garden decoration.

38. Hills and Sun
Green hills with the sun rising or setting.
Scenic views, nature, countryside.

39. Two Trees
Two green trees next to each other.
Nature, forestry, rural landscapes.

40. Well
A traditional water well with a roof.
Water source, rural living, history.

41. Wooden Barrel
A wooden barrel or cask.
Storage, traditional crafts, wine making.

42. Beehive
A beehive with a honeycomb pattern.
Beekeeping, honey production, nature.

43. Jar of Honey
A jar filled with honey.
Farm produce, beekeeping, fresh food.

44. Honeycomb
A honeycomb with visible hexagonal cells.
Beekeeping, honey production, nature’s design.

45. Nose Smelling
A human nose with aromatic squiggles.
Scent, fresh air, natural environment.

46. Cottage House
A cozy country cottage with a picket fence.
Rural homes, cozy living, vacation rentals.

47. Heart in Hand
A hand holding a red heart.
Love for nature, agriculture, nurturing.

48. Hay Bales
Two bales of hay tied with rope.
Farming, harvest, animal feed.

49. Barn
A traditional red barn.
Farming, livestock, rural infrastructure.

50. Farmhouse
A classic farmhouse with a front yard.
Rural homes, agriculture, country living.

51. Weather Vane
A rooster-shaped weather vane.
Weather indicators, barns, traditional objects.

You will download the country living icons set:

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– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Country Living Icons set includes:

Firewood, Axe, Store, Milk, Eggs, Hay, Wind, Sun, Moon, Honey, Fire, Carrot, Vegetables, Fruits, Farm, Stars, Farmer, Salad, Bowl, Tree, Food.

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