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50 Computer Hardware Icons


Computer Hardware icons in flat design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.
Available in PNG, SVG and EPG formats.
Download icons in all formats or edit them for your needs.

Computer Hardware icons png/svg/eps



Common Set
This image depicts a set of 50 vibrant vector icons related to computer hardware. These icons can be used on websites, apps, technical documentation, and educational materials to visually represent various components and accessories associated with computers and networks. Each icon is contained within a circular background of different colors, ensuring easy recognition and appealing visuals.

1. Computer Mouse Icon.
– A mouse with an orange button on a circular orange-red background.
– Peripheral device, user interface, input device.

2. Motherboard Icon.
– A green circuit board with various components, on a light yellow circle.
– Internal computer hardware, mainboard, computer assembly.

3. VGA Connector Icon.
– A large black VGA connector, on a pink-purple background.
– Display interface, video connector, legacy hardware.

4. DB-15 Connector Icon.
– A blue rectangular DB-15 connector with pins, on a purple background.
– Audio/Video connector, computer ports, legacy systems.

5. Graphics Card Icon.
– A green graphics card with a fan, on a light blue circle.
– GPU, video processing, gaming PCs.

6. Wi-Fi Router Icon.
– A router with antennas sticking up, on a purple-grey background.
– Network hardware, wireless internet, home networking.

7. Floppy Disk Icon.
– A classic blue floppy disk, on a red-orange background.
– Data storage, legacy media, retro technology.

8. RAM Memory Stick Icon.
– Green RAM sticks with chips, on a teal background.
– Computer memory, system performance, hardware upgrades.

9. USB Flash Drive Icon.
– A purple USB flash drive, on a purple-black background.
– Portable storage, data transfer, external storage device.

10. SD Card Icon.
– A green and yellow SD card, on a dark purple background.
– Flash storage, mobile devices, cameras.

11. Graphics Card Icon.
– Red graphics card with a black fan, on a purple background.
– GPU, video processors, gaming hardware.

12. Cooling Fan Icon.
– A black and grey cooling fan, on a light purple background.
– Thermal management, computer cooling, PC builds.

13. RAM Icon.
– Green RAM stick with multiple chips, on a green background.
– Computer memory, upgrades, performance enhancement.

14. USB Connector Icon.
– A USB connector with colored wires, on a dark blue background.
– Peripheral connection, data transfer, computer cables.

15. SSD Drive Icon.
– A solid-state drive labeled ‘SSD’, on a purple background.
– Fast storage, data drives, computer performance.

16. Network Switch Icon.
– Network switch with multiple ports, on a light blue background.
– Networking hardware, local area network, data management.

17. Processor Icon.
– A CPU with labeled “CPU,” on a green background.
– Central processing unit, computer performance, hardware.

18. HDMI Connector Icon.
– Black HDMI connector with labeled “HDMI,” on a dark blue background.
– Display interface, multimedia, modern connectivity.

19. Hard Disk Drive Icon.
– Orange and grey hard disk drive, on a light orange background.
– Data storage, internal hardware, computer data.

20. Network Circuit Icon.
– Green circuit with networking connections, on a green background.
– Data transfer, computer networks, technology infrastructure.

21. External HDD Icon.
– A hard disk labeled ‘1TB’ with a connection cable, on a light grey background.
– Portable storage, backups, data transport.

22. Microphone Icon.
– Black and red microphone, on a purple circle.
– Audio recording, podcasting, streaming hardware.

23. Monitor Icon.
– Blue desktop monitor, on a light blue background.
– Visual display unit, computer desktop, screens.

24. RCA Connectors Icon.
– Red and yellow RCA connectors, on a dark navy background.
– Audio/Video connections, legacy media, home entertainment.

25. RAM Sticks Icon.
– Green RAM modules, on a light blue background.
– Memory upgrade, system performance, hardware components.

26. SD Card Icon.
– Blue SD card, on a purple background.
– Storage devices, media cards, data transfer.

27. Router Icon.
– Router with multiple antennas, on a purple background.
– Network devices, internet connectivity, home networking.

28. Power Supply Icon.
– Black and yellow power supply unit, on a green background.
– Computer power, energy management, PSU.

29. Server Rack Icon.
– Blue server racks, on a blue-grey background.
– Data centers, server management, IT infrastructure.

30. Data Cable Icon.
– Black and red data transfer cable, on a red background.
– Connectivity, data transfer, peripheral devices.

31. Monitor Icon.
– A blue monitor beside a computer case, on a light blue background.
– Desktop setup, visual display, computing hardware.

32. Motherboard Icon.
– Green motherboard with connectors, on a red background.
– Main system board, computer architecture, electronics.

33. CD Drive Icon.
– Grey CD/DVD in a drive, on a light blue background.
– Optical drives, data disks, media playback.

34. Webcam Icon.
– A purple and blue webcam, on a yellow background.
– Video calls, streaming, conferencing equipment.

35. Desktop Case Icon.
– A black and grey desktop tower case, on a purple background.
– Computer case, PC builds, hardware assembly.

36. Server Icon.
– Pink and blue server racks, on a light blue background.
– Data servers, IT solutions, hardware management.

37. Keyboard Icon.
– White keyboard with grey keys, on a white background.
– Input device, typing, computing peripherals.

38. USB Cable Icon.
– White USB cable with a coiled yellow background.
– Connectivity, data cables, peripheral connection.

39. RAM Module Icon.
– A motherboard with RAM slots, on a grey background.
– Computer memory, hardware upgrades, system performance.

40. CD Drive Icon.
– Black and grey CD with flames, on a grey background.
– Data disks, optical media, computer peripherals.

41. Server Tower Icon.
– Red server tower, on a red background.
– Data servers, hosting, IT infrastructure.

42. USB Cable Icon.
– White USB cable with connectors on both ends, on a dark grey background.
– Peripheral connections, data transfer, charging cables.

43. Printer Icon.
– Grey and black printer with paper output, on a white background.
– Printing devices, office equipment, output peripherals.

44. Data Cable Icon.
– Red data transfer cable with connectors on both ends, on a red background.
– Connectivity, data cables, tech accessories.

45. Server Icon.
– A red and grey server stack, on a light red background.
– Data management, IT servers, data storage.

46. HDMI Cable Icon.
– Black HDMI cable with connectors on both ends, on a light yellow background.
– Display connection, media cables, high-definition connections.

47. Power Connector Icon.
– Black and red power connector cable, on a orange background.
– Electrical plugs, power management, peripheral power.

48. Motherboard Icon.
– Grey and black motherboard tray, on a light blue background.
– Computer builds, internal hardware, system assembly.

49. Optical Drive Icon.
– Grey optical disk drive, on a light grey background.
– Optical media, CD/DVD drives, data disks.

50. Webcam Icon.
– Blue and purple webcam, on a yellow background.
– Video conferencing, webcam hardware, online communication.

Computer Hardware icon pack


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– 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs
– EPS, 50 files separate icons
– SVG, 50 files separate icons
– PNG, 50 files separate icons

50 Computer Hardware Icons set includes:

Mouse, motherboard, HDMI port, HDMI cable, receiver, disk, ssd card, computer fan, CPU, loudspeaker, monitor, screen, hard disk,  USB cable, microphone, TV cables, keyboard, camera.

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